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My First Electric Skateboard…

My First Electric Skateboard…

So if you guys have been around youtube You’ve probably seen all kinds of videos about Electric skateboards It seem like they’re the hottest thing right now But believe it or not, I have not done a video on An electric skateboard At all, yeah. But that’s changing right now because I’ve got the carbon series from Evolve Skateboards And I’ve been pumped up to receive this thing It’s made out of carbon fiber It’s super cool looking It’s fast And it can even be transformed from a street version With street tires to an actual off road verison So I’m definitely going to injure myself I don’t know which configuration they’ve sent It’s kind of a surprise That’s the cool part You can tell it’s a pretty big box But let’s crack it open, charge it up And get into some trouble Now keep in mind, my experience level With electric skateboards is limited Woah This thing is serious Wow That’s like an actual transportation device You got the grip tape with the cutouts so you can see the carbon fiber the whole way through Look at the size of these tires If you’ve ever rode any kind of electric transportation in the past You know that when you’re going on a sidewalk for example or over some bumps Having a small street tire makes it a little bit more difficult So, a tire like this is gonna roll right over that You’ll hardly even notice it Woah On the back, where the drive train is, that’s pretty wild And the belt goes around here It’s cool because I guess the battery unit is all enclosed in here Man, that carbon fiber looks nice And over here we have a power switch And this is the charge port, it looks like I’ve got the street conversion kit Allen wrench Probably for the wheels tires And here’s the remote Woah It’s got like a screen on it So this is how you’re gonna accelerate, slow down Charges over micro-usb And it even has a screen on it, that’s pretty wild Let’s see If it has some power It’ll tell you how fast you’re going, wow How far you’ve traveled, how fast you’re going, and a precentange of battery life All on this display right here, that is pretty sweet A charge brick, extension cable, and here’s the conversion kit, street conversion kit Since, you can tell it’s got the off road tires already on it Some road-ready, street, wheels I’m a be learning as we go, As we go ride this thing,along with you So let’s take this over to the new studio where we have a lot of space And let’s see if I can stand up straight or not So, the thing has some charge in it In fact, what I like is the remote is actually telling me 91% charged over here And another thing I noticed, Just an experiment, If you tap this button here You can put it into reverse mode Now, keep in mind it has the off road tires on So the center of gravity is up a little higher I feel like I have a lot of control over it, a surprising amount of control And can make pretty tight turns too Now keep in mind guys, I’m not like a skateboarder at all I got no skills What do you say Tom, you ready? Whats your experience level? Skateboarding? Not great You’re gonna feel it in a second You’ll feel more comfortable Ooooh, little more juice Alright give the people some feedback, what do you think? Pretty amazing I would imagine it goes a lot faster in a straight line Yeah definitely, in a straight line. It’s on Eco mode right now as well Oh no, you put it on GT mode? Yeah I hit a button right before I got on You put it on GT mode! Yeah it’s going pretty fast Oh let me try I was on Eco mode Whoa, that’s the difference Whoa baby, wow I think Eco mode, for the record, is perfectly fine for most people Like I felt breezy enough on the Eco, which is also gonna give you a bit better battery life I assume based on the name But this GT You wanna get crazy? We did the conversion on it It’s now got the street wheels If you’ve ever messed around with a skateboard If you’ve put new wheels, new trucks on a skateboard, you can handle a Allen wrench You’re pretty much good to go But it’s a much smoother ride Then the other, off road tires Having the lower center of gravity Just being closer to the floor Whoa If you’re riding around on the street, or on flat surfaces or whatever You’re not planning on going off road this is probably the better bet for you But the best thing about this skateboard, is that it can do both So this unit also has regenerative braking so It can actually charge up it’s own battery If you use the braking system on here So it’ll give you a little bit more juice In the entire time we’ve been riding it, we’re down to about 80% battery life And I think we started around 87% So either way, this thing is a ton of fun, and it does both. Off road, street, indoor, outdoor It’s a versatile unit and it’s a ton of fun And tom agrees with me Tom? There you go, tom had fun Give tom a thumbs up, Ok? I’m out


When you could spend over $1500, or like $270-360 or something for the meepo, its not offroad. more of a cruiser. but still. id rather spend the $270-360

HEY LEW! HELP ME PLEASE! SERIOUS QUESTION! I am the biggest Evolve fan (electric longboards) and I have been watching your channel for a few years now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesnt seem like you like it that much/use it at all. My reasoning is that I always see it in the same spot in the background… Long story long, I have been trying to save up for months now, but something always comes up i.e. dog emergencies, car breaking down, medical stuff.. I dont have any kind of toy yet except a $30 penny board from amazon. I have size 13.5 feet…. Lets just say it doesnt work too well. So, I would like to offer to buy your Evolve Carbon Gt from you. I am pretty poor though, so please dont ask alot from me. Can I buy it from you for a decent price? I am seriously drooling over there website every day, but it is just too expensive. You probably wont ever read this, but maybe your amazing viewers (Lew's Fam) can help me out by liking this so it raises up to the top?(if thats even how it works…). PLEASE! Out of ALL the creators on YouTube, you are my favorite, in second is Casey N, but you are the best person on YouTube and you are hilariously hilarious! Not trying to suck up… Ok maybe. Help a brother out! I will even come work for you as an adsistant if you want! I am extremly tech savy and love to have fun, mess around, and work hard. You have my type of personality and i think we would be good friends, not sexually…. ANYWAYS! I can send you my address, and I have PayPal. I wouldnt waist it! It would literally help me get to work and be my daily driver! 🙂 Thanks man! I hope you have a wonderful life, and I hope to meet you someday! C-Los. PS: PLEASE LIKE SO HE SEES IT!

HA HA when u said at the beginning of the video "we have never unboxed a electrical skateboard." Thats like saying we have never unboxed a Phone before Heh Heh THATS GONNA CHANGE! :D:D:D:D

I really want a electric skateboard thats not overpriced and not to big make you make a video of your suggestions?

I really want a electric skateboard thats not overpriced and not to big make you make a video of your suggestions?

Has anyone bought one? I'm thinking about buying one since I ordered a boosted board like 6 months ago and I still haven't received it… I'm curious what they're shipping times are like I carbon GT

CAN YOU FIND a Electric skate, that I can buy in europe, that can stand 360 lbs weight of a human plus a maybe 2kg backpack ?

I have the bamboo gtx, its on sale now i think the offroad version u can buy for 1200, which is a good price. Yeah its expensive but its worth investing into it because its so f…n awesome. I use it for commuting. And im going offroad a lot too. Buy it! Wont regret

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