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hey guys it’s me Tiago inline skater
and welcome to take a seventeen and today I’ll show you my first ice skates
realism paced the Bauer Vapor X 500 so let me explain you why I chose both
skates I am an inland skittered who uses high-end and very responsive inline
skates with carbon fiber and amazing power transom and oh boy a lot of school
stuff and I wanted something similar to these the sad thing about ice skating is
that we don’t really have too much option for skate the closest to my
freestyle landscapes are hockey skates carbon fiber inline skates are very
stiff and I really like this so I was first going to take the paper 200 but
people say were more forgiving very less stiff and but the real reason why I took
both kids is because of this it has removable blaze thanks to this mechanism
I’m planning to keep both skates for a long time so it’s a good option
I guess because maybe I will break the damage these blades I don’t know I’m not
a nice care but I think it’s a good feature to have the only thing I’ve
changed about these skates are the laces I’ve put some wax laces but yeah I’d
really really not like lacing my skates and with hockey skates we only have
laces ah let me explain you with freestyle and skates you have one two
three four locking mechanisms to lock your skates and the most important to me
are the 45 degree buckle to strap and the aluminum buckle in the top and
lastly laces the least important and that’s why I’ve put some elastic laces
so I don’t have to lace them ever again and it works very well because we have
those over locking mechanisms and your feet really do not move inside our
skates but with those keys I only have laces my nightmare okay but I can’t wait
to test them out oh God they’re very really good laces oh and another thing
I’m quite concerned about is the ankle guard because with my inline skates you
have a v cut here that increases your mobility but this is kind of restricting
iron I’ll have to to see this one on the ice I wish this was removable but yeah
it’s a hockey skate it’s here for a reason I know but still
but yeah the blade is finally sharpen I hope I won’t keep drifting around on the
ice I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to check out my other video when
I went to the ice skate rink with rental skates it was horrible I was drifting
around with this my struggle yeah see you in
the next episode buff away thank you for watching you guys are awesome


Nice intro/commentary to your new ice skates. In the ice skate vid you mentioned you were thinking about getting ice blades for your freestyle skates, what made you decide against them? I've been thinking about getting them myself.

Nice skates, I think I'm gonna go with the Bauer Supreme S160's but i'm not sure if they have the removable blade… I hope your skating goes well!

Nice skates. I'm from Canada and I play hockey but I'm not great by Canadian standards. Still, I like the Vapor line. All good freestyle ice dance skaters use hockey skates. You'll be good on these based on what I've seen of your inline freestyle skating. Enjoy!

I really enjoy these small short vlogs if you find them easy please can you make more, thanks. I love how fast and efficient you reply to your subscribers 😀

so I was thinking about you. And here is one of the videos I came across that might be motivating. They are called the Toronto ice skating group. here is the link. It seems like it would be more your style. They are awesome! 🙂

If you go ice skating regularly then try the higher end skates.
In your size shoe you could get a pair of box sized bauer vapour x700 for around 200 euros.
These are carbon fibre too, as a carbon guy also I like the stiffness that they give and these ice skates may be better.

You also mentioned the laces, look for Blue Sports titanium laces, they come in different colours and sizes, I wear red on my right and white on my left

Hey, the Vapor X500 are also my first ice hockey skates 🙂 . I am a beginner ice hockey skater, also looking forward to learn inline skating.

Hey Bro. I found the solution to your problem, Ice Blades! (:

I played roller hockey. you did the right thing using waxed laces they stay in place a lot better. you bend forward a lot in hockey which is why they're made like that. you also made a good choice with Bauer.

I'm a hockey player and I haven't really been inline skating much. I'm trying to get back into it because its summertime soon. Do you know any inline skates that are not too expensive? I would want to get into freestyle skating.

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