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My Life As Beach Vacationer Boy Doll with American Girl

My Life As Beach Vacationer Boy Doll with American Girl

well I sure miss you grace but I’m glad
you’re enjoying your summer yeah I miss you too Luciana
it has been awesome we’ve totally enjoyed our getaway hey I wanted to tell
you before we hang up real quick that somebody bought the old fielder place
wait what somebody’s moving into that old place
yeah I just hope somebody interesting moves in that place is so mysterious
I hope it’s somebody awesome too I know I kind of like to get a look at the old
place inside too well I’ll see you in a couple of weeks hey just a second wait a
minute there’s activity over there let me look out the window and see oh all right
wait what who is it who is it tell me grace grace I don’t know who it is yet
grace but I actually saw a bicycle and I saw a telescope getting moved in by the
movers those both look like good signs that it is gonna be somebody interesting
oh cool we’ll do some more investigating and let me
know what you find out W. I. fans i think that grace and luciana are
going to be thrilled when they find out who’s moving in to the old fielder place
Oh new friends that’s right we have a new friend to be introducing to you it is
the my life as Beach vacationer we got him online from he was at a
great sale price whoo I love a bargain we couldn’t wait to snatch him up let’s get him
out of a box well there he is out of the box we were
wanting to add a boy to our collection for some time now we think this guy is
absolutely perfect to join us on our adventures Oh his hair is so soft it’s
so curly isn’t he cute now he has the pretty brown eyes that stay open
they aren’t sleep eyes and he has on a very nice it’s actually really nice
material for the rash guard top and the swim trunks and he can you hear that
they actually have the kind of a crinkly crisp nylon sound perfect for water they
are an elastic waist hmm what is this little wrap here on our little friend I don’t know if that’s to protect his skin
or to keep the swim trunks from they don’t feel like they would fall down
we’re gonna remove that having that removed has to feel so much better
so he is ready for fun in the Sun and then he has on these these rubber slide
sandals that have a little imprint looks like kind of he could leave wave marks
in the sand and they are a flexible rubber so snazzy now he is all a
hard body there isn’t any cloth on him and he does
stand on his own I am very happy to say some of our other citi toy dolls don’t
always stand on their own but he is standing just nicely
he has articulation in the shoulders and in the head and in the hips and there he is in the seated position
looks like he’s ready to build some sandcastles and speaking of sandcastles
he comes with his own terry cloth towel and some mirrored sunglasses they
actually made them to make them mirrored they aren’t glasses that you can look
through there he is his future looks bright Ready for those sunny days or
let’s go ahead and put them on top of his head that way we can see those pretty
peepers so anticipating his arrival we had to
pick up some clothes that we thought would absolutely suit him we got this
3-piece my life set to give him some clothes besides his beach wear let’s try
them on him shall we he is in his special outfit that we bought just for
him it is a three-piece outfit with the over shirt the tank and the jeans the
jeans have cuffing on the bottom they’re elasticized waist with little faux
pockets and a faux fly front and the shirt actually has real buttons however
no buttonholes or way to fasten it we have tossed around the idea of making
some of our own buttonholes so that way he could wear the shirt as another
outfit by itself so we might just do a little customizing of our own and it
does have a working flat pocket up here at the top
and here is the tank which it has this spaceship and earth in its background as
it looks like it’s launching off and swinging into space ready for adventure
here you can see the velcro in the back for easy on Easy Off
now this outfit didn’t come with any shoes but he had his beach vacationers
sandals that we got him in so those will work just fine for now well there you
have it meet Noah our latest addition what do you think I’m sure the old
Fielder place is gonna be much more exciting with Noah there and Grace and
Luciana and the rest of the group are gonna be very happy to have him there
well that’s our collection for now until next time thank you for watching subscribe it’s
free! what can you imagine?

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