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My New Favourite Bowl

My New Favourite Bowl

ola Youtube
my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict this is Janice and we are in
Zarautz in the north of Spain after the last video that you saw where we
were in we were supposed to go to a place called San Sebastian but we met a
local market so there was a cool skate park in the surf town that you can sit
back hold on so we just google it and check this off the skatepark is actually but if you
want to see the skatepark first you gotta come there with us we
got the full team here but since me
I just laugh and this is one of my favorite balls just accrues it’s really
in love but curves is actually quite tight and like toss them check this out they stop
when swag a man in there we have dreadful
you see my hands attack yes strange it’s my till t-shirt my straight down
you see my mom I still think about the park it’s not backyard the story picture the night is very high
meanwhile baby wine and baby to flexure aid the pond my palate rising from the coast if the
story stay stories Am I and just like that we say goodbye to the
roads I think that’s the name of it yeah hopefully there will be good weather on
the way to Berlin so that we can still skate but I have to admit that I don’t
know if it seemed to you but to me that thing right there it’s probably my
favorite ball ever it might seem where it might seem stupid it’s a really low
bull but you can get so much speed out of those when you turn on that line when
you park on those curves you can get so much speed it’s probably one of my
favorite balls ever so with that being said and we Jen is going downhill
extreme and me and jail in downhill slipping I do down hill while sleeping
anyway with that being said we hope you guys enjoyed this video do not forget to
subscribe the channel make sure that you click on that Bell button so you get
notifications every time we upload one of these and if you like it well give it
a thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs down let us know what you didn’t like
about this video check this rail and just like I always say just don’t forget
why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun Cheers seems


Epic! You look like you enjoy the bowl more than the ones before, or is it because of the angle of the camera…
You nailed it again, many beginner will decide to try aggressive skating after watching this lol

Hey ricardo so I've been riding the usd sways for about a year now and I just wanted your advice on riding bowls I seem to slip out allot on the soul plate any tips are greatly appreciated

Oh man you’re living life the right way. Skating with the family by the ocean doing what you love. I wish to have a life like this one day. Btw that rail going into the sand towards the end of the video looked like fun. It would’ve been nice to see you do some tricks on that rail! ✌️

Hello Ricardo, my name is Jos and I'm from mexico, I've been freeskating for 2 years and recently got into aggressive skating for a street proyect with my friends. I want to thank you for having so much creative and interesting material cause it has been very helpful to me and also for having the passion and dedication to the sport you love and I hope you can continue doing this until u want. I know now we are nobody but our video releases as soon as I can do tricks so Ill let you know how we did, obrigado Ricardo y buem dia

I just started skating again it was hard cause I haven't been on skates since I was like 14 and I'm now 31 I fell once but it was still fun .

what is the name of this town? looks super rad!! planning a euro skate/surf trip and wound love to hit this place up!! thanks for the inspiring content bro- from a fellow wheel addict in California 🙂

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