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hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater
welcome to today’s video today I’m gonna talk about my favorite Elaine skaters
aka for people who inspired me to go upside the people who inspire me to do
new tricks aka for people who inspire me to do my
best in general yes today I’m going to talk about my heroes sort of there are a
lot of feline skater to do amazing stuff but these are the ones who inspired me
the most this list doesn’t mean that one scary better than another I’m just
showing you four people have who inspire me the most like every time I see very
content I want to go outside and do my best
so I’ll pretty play this with some videos about every night scary I was
gonna talk about in this video so check that out so much amazing
content number 10 Greg knows well he’s a French line skater who skates for roller
blade raw rollers I really like the way he skates on the city it’s very funny
and he’s the one who made me discover the world of real free writing and he’s
also a photographer which is a big plus for me because I must I mean I am in the
last year of a photography school so it’s very sparing to see any line skater
who is also a pro photographer can you see the struggle I’m trying my best
speaking English I’m dry my best to be understandable I’m not doing a go super
voiceover I’m talking light on to the camera so every time I make a mistake
you can see it by my face and by the sound of it number 9 pre Kathleen
richelene is a portuguese hola hola hola hi Kathleen is a Portuguese in educator
her sketchbook powerslide and I love like I really love his creativity yet
imagine that he’s been skating for 25 years
SiC 35 years 35 years of experience he lives in South Africa but sometimes goes
up to Angola I am how French often gone yeah
Vivaan good now one day I was chatting with him and we both can downscaling
together but he told me it may be difficult because we will have to catch
a plane like one or two days later I don’t remember so the next morning I
want I went to him again trying to know if it’s still okay to get together and
he did he didn’t answer me back they asked me how are you maybe you’re fine
we’re not really watch it it was a long time ago like one year one year at a
house it’s ok but he has a YouTube channel about the landscape and you
definitely check you should check that out like for real it’s very good content
number 8 of the book the Nova she’s a very young girl and skier from Russia
who skates for seven and I consider her as the queen of willing right number
seven join McGary he’s a Canadian lunch killer and also the member of the
mushroom blading crew he and his friends have a very very special style of skate
every time I watch their videos I’m like oh and he likes to skate to say very
special set up I recommend you to watch his videos I mean we mushroom blading
beaters because they’re all awesome number six
Fang Hui she’s a Chinese in on skater who skates for seven and I really like
her style and precision sadly we don’t have too much content about her on
YouTube but I’ve recently seen that she likes to dance on alleged case while
doing slalom at the same time and we this is really really cool
you definitely have to check number five Nick Lomax he’s an ice
skater based in Barcelona I wonder why there’s a lot of line skaters going to
Barcelona nowadays I want to go to Barcelona now the way his case is just
mind-blowing yeah but it was just a whole city he
does amazing tricks but you want to inspire me the most are not the most
technical tricks and they remind me of a certain manga or anime try to get it in
the comment number for Ritchie either now reach later yes yes yes yes
this is pure talent mind bill apart from his amazing scaling he’s always smiling
and goofing around he seems to be a very cool person number three Sergey
panchenko and I’m really hoping Spelling’s right
because of her wife I will feel very bad I’m sorry if I misspelled your name
so Sergey is a rational and skater who writes first ever and he’s a beast when
it comes to piss off love he’s their real reeling specialist and I love to
watch him skate because there’s a lot of things to learn
keep up the good work man number two montre Livingston an upset in effect
comes on a nothing he is my favorite aggressive skater ever like are you even
human how can a man do all of that have you
ever watched a winter crash contest or he’s over videos because if you haven’t
watch it watch it right now because you won’t be disappointed at all anyway he
seems to be a very cool person I would love to skate with him but I’m
not an aggressive scare anyway montre you rock keep up the good work
this one is very special to me he’s my favorite he lands here ever he got to me
he’s the living legend of freestyle slalom I have a lot of respect for him
he’s he’s very creative inline skater he’s also very precise with his tricks
and also seems to be a very cool person he’s the one we’re fated me to improve
and have fun at the same time my first slalom setup has the Igor frames inside
and they really helped me keep trying until I managed to do something you know
these frames are very special to me I don’t use them anymore because I am now
using smaller frames this one is 233 millimeter size and I’m
now using with 231 millimetres frames but yeah I’ll keep it I’ll keep it for
me I would love to skate with you go it will be a dream come true
actually this vid gags these are my favourite inline skaters who are yours
please tell me in the comment section below also don’t forget subscribe and
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you can change everything think about it thank you for watching
and see you in the next episode


hey man i hope you see this comment… i actually started skating like a week ago but i have a problem with going backwards… plz if its possible that you make a tutorial on how to go backwards it would be soooo helpful for me…
thx ( I just dont see why you replied to everyone before me and after me… thx so much dude you were one of my best youtubers I watched all you vids and then get this…)

Muito Obrigao Tiago!! I'm really sorry about not getting back to you.. my stays in angola used to be quite hectic … love your content and I'm sure we will skate again! World is too small Meu irmão

English is just fine, so you can stop worrying about that. Can you please provide links to these folks in the description like Lino did? (I just realized you put a list of the videos at the end, but links would still be nice…)
I appreciate both your videos, because I have some new stuff to look at. Keep up the good work. Oh, how's the knee?

No KSJ? Shame! But I've discovered some interesting inline skaters I didn't know with this video. So Thank you. By the way check out KSJ if you don't know him. And as always, keep rolling! Nice video! Cheers from Brazil!

Greg mirzoyan.. inspires all my videos and style.. the skates I ride are the fusion gm84.. they too are very special to me. great video Tiago 🤙🖒✊

I have only just started and i do not know many people who inspire me other then my girlfriend and you, I also wanted to thank you.

nice vlog Tiago…i prefer Ricardo Lino one cause i'm in his top 6 ahahahaha …just joking. I love your content….i will let you know when i come around Paris ^^

Every skater making this video today….. Nice to see you guys are connected, make skating great again…. ✌

My favourite one is Bill Stoppard 🙂 He inspired me to skate again. I played ice hockey for 7 years and after I quit. I never even tought about inline skates before I saw his videos and I was like "OMG, it looks so cool and free, I definitely have to try this!" 🙂

The list that he mentions in the video (which I noted down for my reference). It might help some of you in searching quickly –

greg mirzoyan
ricardo lino
sofia bogdanova
joey mcgarry
feng hui
nick lomax
richie eisler
sergei timchenko
montre livingston
igor cheremetieff

It's great to be exposed to so many new names of amazing skaters. Thanks for the video, Tiago!

So many great skaters I didn't know about hehe! Actually I think my favourite of these was Joey McGarry, Some of the things he does was just so creative and fun to watch, made me smile 😀
Thanks for another great video Tiago, I'll admit when I saw you uploaded a new video I first thought "oh no it's just talk and no skating… :(" but it turned out to be "wow so much inspiration!! :)". I'm really happy for this one!

This guy called Leon Basin really gets me inspired, he made this video with Mike Torres called The Wizard of Wall Street[1].
I got to know him throug youitubers like you Tiago… keep up your good work.
[1] – Link

You inspired me to practie skateing, now i need to learn freestyle, a good channel with tutorials? Or you would make some? i lie how you explain 😀

At 6:38 I kept saying please say Igor, because I like made a video about him, because yeah he's favorite. The moment you answered was moment I roared my room down, lol.

not even an honorable mention of Bill Stoppard — that hurts! but Bill is much more instructional and inspires more flow-like skating as opposed to trick/slalom/slides

Hello Tiago, est-ce que tu peux faire une vidéo où tu présentes quelques tricks ? Pas forcément un tuto mais plus une vue d'ensemble, histoire de voir ce que je peux tester, pratiquer et m'approprier. 🙂 Thanks, keep up the great work

Yeahhh !!! I am N°1 🙂 🙂 🙂
Thanks dude… i'm glad to see i still share good vibes with skaters !
I think you are somewhere in Paris. I don't have so much time to skate at the moment… but for sure we can share a session some day.
keep posting videos you're great!

Eyyy, Ouvi o sotaque português aparece! I can relate with your struggle in English as I learn Portuguese but you're doing great! Keep it up, and keep up the great content. Excelente vídeo, muito obrigado pelo vídeo.

Salut Tiago

J'ai découvert des riders que je connaissais pas dans la liste. Ceci dit, dans ma propre liste, j'aurais listé le pro team rollerblade Sven Boekhorst. Ce que j'aime beaucoup chez lui est qu'il est aussi à l'aise en agressif qu'en freeride.

Dans ta première vidéo tu expliques que tu aimes souvent rider sur la défense. Quand les beaux jours sont au rendez-vous, je ride souvent entre Nanterre et l'est parisien. Si t'as du temps un jour, j'aimerais bien que tu me montres des itinéraires sympas pour zapper la défense parce que je trouve le parvis calamiteux avec ses grosses dalles en béton.

A une prochaine 😉

Do you ever get this feeling of happiness when you listen to a particular someone? that's how I feel when I watch master Tiago. His humor is %100 perfect!!!

Hey Tiago! No worries as your English is definitely better than my French! 😛

From your list, I'd stick with Nick Lomax! Thanks to him, I decided to buy my pair of freeskates. His video edit of the Imperial skates in 2014 really encouraged me to start inline skating. I really like the way Nick makes it look soo easy to do tricks on skates (yeah, I'd wish!). I guess it's the way he flows while performing any trick.

If I'm not wrong, Greg Mirzoyan is also living in Barcelona. Looks like there's a lot of great pavement and spots to skate there. Looking forward to a video of yours skating around Barcelona man!

Merci beaucoup for your great videos and keep up the good work dude. Hope you fully recover soon from your knee injury.

Fictional Inspirations for inline skating: Yo-Yo, Cube, Pirahna, Gum and Beat from Jet Set Radio.

Real life inspirations for inline skating, specifically:
1.Aggressive Street Skating: Ryan Jacklone, Arlo Eisenberg, Jasmine Perez, Brian Shima, Andy Kruse, Chris Farmer, Rachard Johnson, and Chris Haffey
2. Vert Skating: Fabiola da Silva, Jeremy Suarez and Rene Hulgreen
3. Hockey: Bill Stoppard.
4. Urban: Greg Mizoryan, Bill Stoppard, Dustin Werbeski and Sven Boekhorst
5. Racing: Yann Guyader, Tamara Llorens, Sofi Carreras, Michel Mulder, and Uber Alex.

Brian Aragon? Is the best!
Franky Morales?
Peter Pank?
Or the best agressive inline girl skater, Mery Muñoz?
Among others…

When you put Mirzoyan on 10th place I thought "you better mention some skate Gods now" 🙂
Good list, if you replace all the slalom skaters with Leon Basin! Just joking 🙂 Nice…

I'm new to skating -but I love Shaun from Shop Task, Mery Muñoz, Bill Stoppard, Ricardo Lino and of course, Tiago! (Finding his vids convinced me that I needed to do this. And his vid helped me choose the right skates, ty Tiago!)

Hi!!! From Tampa-FL. Did you manage to skate with Igor? Thanks for inspiring me to get back on top of wheels. I’m old now. But I don’t care. I hope I manage to get back home in one piece. Hehehehehehehehehehe. By the way. I’m Brazilian.

My top inspirational

5. Sofia Bogdanova
4. Su Fei Qian
3. Jiao Lee
2. Do jee huan
1. KSJ

Now my top cool person I have skated

Jon Larrucea ESP
Igor C. FRA
Gonzalo Cobo ARG
Do jee huan KOR
Cristian Miranda CHILE


Awesome video! For me the list is as follow, only aggressive skaters though:
1. Brian Aragon (my absolute #1)
2. Chris Haffey
3. Alex Broskow
4. Richie Eisler
5. CJ Wellsmore
6. David Sizemore
7. Sven Boekhorst (as a kid looked up to him)
8. Gonzo
9. Murda Johnson
10. Soichiro Kanashima
Keep it up!

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