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ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and
I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to speak about the
Trinity frames and I’m going to speak about my Trinity frame options I do have
a few boots that I can use with Trinity skates and I have one that I can’t
really talk about a lot yet but I have it here so what I’m going to do is right
behind the camera I got my assistant Maury there yeah so what we’re gonna do
is I’m always going to send me a pair of phrase I’m gonna try to catch it without
hitting without having the frame in my face and then I’m going to speak about
it so let’s see how this goes frame number one this is the katana frame the
power socket on the frame it fits 19 millimeters and well these ones are
unused and these ones are unused because these ones come on the power smart art
core Evo 2018 the evil Trinity Pro I think that’s the name of it and I said
before it’s my favorite boot but when I got these ones I asked for a different
frame basically I wanted to try 100 milliliters the good thing about this
frame instead of the 100 milliliters that I got is these ones are rock rubble
I haven’t tried that yet but this is a frame that you use for slaloms and back
wheel and the middle wheel are operable so I can bring the backward the back
wheel and the middle will lower making this skate a lot more maneuverable and
this is basically a small of a frame so I haven’t tried it yet I know that some
of the slalom guys are using it with 84 and some people even with 80 millimeters
main advantage well it’s a 90 but on your feet it’s going to feel like I
would say like an 80 maybe even close like the amount of wheel that comes
above the frame here it’s probably over 1 centimeters so it’s going
feel at least like an 80 probably like even like a 76 I don’t really like it
that much because I’m scared of my booth touching so I’ll test it out this friend
number 2 ah Fred number two this was the frame that I asked for what I got my art
kuribohs and this frame let me tell you this frame is shortened at these this is
a to 35 millimeters let me confirm yeah this is a to 35 millimeters these one
it’s to 31 I at first I thought I could put the 100 millimeters on these other
frame but I couldn’t so I asked for one millimeter frame it does when you look
at it it doesn’t look like it’s shorter because the wheels are bigger but when
you skate they feel super maneuverable I got this frame after speaking with sand
craft and Sam told me that he’s been enjoying a lot to skate with a short
wheelbase and will any millimeters because the acceleration it’s a lot
better on these than on the bigger frame I’ve been used to skating 125 and 110 a
lot more than these but I wanted to try it so I did I do like it a lot I
wouldn’t use it for everything if I would do if I would go downhill or if I
would want to skate a lot faster for a longer distance I wouldn’t use this one
but this is a really good option 3 times 11 is a really good option for urban
skating the wheels that I got here are the most relating wheels from other car
so this is a really really cool option for urban skin I like this this one is I got this frame first about
1 year ago it was still a prototype it says here elite the trinity elite I
know that this is the frame that comes on the swell Road this is basically a
speed skating frame its Trinity again I call the other friends and it’s 12.5
inches light it’s a frame that you if you gotta go for distance yes that’s the
frame that’s the print that I used last year on the Berlin Marathon and if
you’re going to be using these there’s something that you really need and then
it is a good quality will so basically if you have something like this which is
like a speed skating frame we did good 125 millimeter will make this is a speed
skating this is nothing for impact but again this is not really a frame that
you’re gonna be using for urban skating you can of course you can always use it
there’s no barriers there’s no rules against it but it’s obviously not going
to be as strong as a shorter frame and obviously the same with a widow so this
is the the frame that I use on my skills if I want to go for an American and if I
want to keep my favorite boot again which I already say it’s the hardcore
evil I survived okay so this one this is the second frame that I have of this I
haven’t really tested this one because this one actually comes in escape that I
can’t talk yet but I think let me first see the other skate can we see the other
skate that I already have this frame and then I’ve tested because the frame is
the exact same just with different graphics so I’m gonna show you if I
survived to this okay so basically the frame is the same it has a different
look this is the power slash kaze off-road skate some people call it the
tundra I think it’s because of the color of the brown but the name of this skate
is the Kazon 150 off-road skate I’ve skidded it quite a lot and now I’m
excited to have this friend I like the cause I put a lot but I still
think that the gosset boot was a little bit too soft work for such a tall frame
so now having this frame this frame option to go on a carbon boot or on the
new escape coming out which we’ll get there later the new escape coming out is
actually like harder so now I’m actually really excited to give these frame a
better use so I wasn’t really using it that much I never felt that it was
supportive enough for me for the type of staining that I wanted to do if I just
want to cruise on dirt it’s amazing if I want to do a little bit of tricking then
I wouldn’t feel the boot was supported enough for me so yes this is the 150 and
it’s my off-road oops still wrong let’s see well what else we
got here these this is probably my favorite frame because it was my this
was my first 3d skate the constitute I actually feel the huge difference from
125 to 150 especially with this foot and this was my first friend it’s different
than when these borders and then they see why because this one is CMC it’s a
much stronger frame this one is I think it used to be called the Trinity triple
axel double X Pro something like that I do know that this is a CNC frame it’s a
much stiffer frame there’s no rock rough rocking options on this frame
it’s the 255 millimeter it’s just like the first manga cruiser is it 2255 and
then the one that comes on the powers like Imperial probe was it 2 CC so I
guess this is one of the shortest frames for 125 millimeter wheels and I do love
this frame is just like I do love 125 millimeter wheels
and I love this length I don’t really feel like I need a shorter frame yes I
did try the three 100 millimeters the 231 but I would say for me this is
probably my favorite train when it comes to Trinity 3e 125 250 5 millimeters so
let’s see what else ok so something that you should know these frame is that 4
times 110 and this is a frame that you should use for speed skating basically
speed skiers cannot choose 125 if they stayed on the track also on one day of
like when they race on road not like an open road but like on the closed road
like a circuit they cannot use 125 the 125
it’s mainly for marathons and it’s for all of us that want to go up and do some
distance I think then is going to change but until they’re the best option that
you have it’s the for 110 frame for when that
frame or Billy if you have a Trinity skate you also wanna for 110 Trinity
option and that’s what this is it’s a way longer frame than all the other
urban frames that I have I would compare it more with something like this this is
a 13-point 2 which means that this one the 4 times what ends is longer than the
3 125 it’s also cnc’d which means that it’s a stiffer frame and I’ve been
trying to play around with it I did this African rock ring if you haven’t seen
the video of me playing with this just go under the video that will pop up
right now a little card but the reason why they did is because this frame is
actually super super stable with such a long distance from the front wheel to
the back well if you don’t do anything like that you won’t be able to play
around the same way as I wanted that’s why I did this but
this is a really good option if you want to do down in skating with Trinity we
didn’t really put this is all I would say that this is your best option if you
want to do downhill with the Trinity but even with these good so again my
favourite boot art core evil Trinity Pro that’s it what else do we have no okay
what’s coming next next is coming next so I can’t really show the hood yes by
next week I should have I should be able maybe not by next week soon really soon
I’ll be able to do a review of this gate and feel there I can’t but I can tell
you what frames have been skating on my legs and the frame time skating on these
is a this is a as you check the distance I don’t want to say anything wrong yeah
this is 255 but it’s not this one is C and C this one is constant so this is a
different frame from that one it’s not supposed to be as strong but I guess
it’s lighter I don’t really feel a huge difference from this frame to that one
but if you look here I’m skating this frame with 110 millimeter wheels and why
is that I told you before that I do like that wheelbase the 255 so I can go a
little bit lower when I use 110 millimeter wheels but I don’t feel the
need to go shorter on the wheelbase so I rather skate these weigh like 3 or 100
tents in a frame which is for 125 then going for a fool whatever didn’t at
frame if I want a short distance then I would go for one option
like this which is a really short training but obviously that’s me and I
totally understand when someone wants to go for fully 110 setup obviously again I
said this before it has to do with your food size it has to do with the way you
skate it has to do with what you want to do with your skate so for me I find out
that this is the best better than going 110 frame which is around 243 million
meters I’d rather go to 155 a little bit longer a little bit more stable but
still three wheels which make it super maneuverable for me to do the up of
tricks that I want and that’s it if you guys want to see what’s coming next and
if you want to know more about all these skates or any other skill that I ever
run but if you have any doubt well leave me come and drop me a comment do not
forget to subscribe to this channel I usually upload as often as I can so drop
me a comment saying what you want to tell the next video and if you’re
subscribing and if you press on that bell you will get the notification every
time I upload one of these videos so you know what’s coming next and now more
important than anything else just don’t forget what I always say and then is
don’t forget why we all started skating no matter if you have these or not the
most important thing is to never forget and we all started because it cheers
guys and see you soon ah like who’s gonna take the shirt off his coldly no and get 10% discount on
all the products that you want related to skating you can go on Blake Viacom or
Aaron skate calm Cheers


Dont switch the view between cameras so often. I would recommend to do that before you catch new frames from Mo. but its only opinion of a person who never created any content in youtube

Nice نايس
You skills أنت مهارات
I love the channel this أنا احب هذه القناة
Bye بأي


Wanna skate, too. But I broke my collarbone today. 😂 Surgery will be on monday. At least time to Watch your videos. All the best to Moe, you and your's.

E ai Ricardo!! Estou muito feliz de ter achado seu canal. Primeiro, eu morei por 3 meses em Cape Town em 2013 e desde então, adoro essa cidade, e com seu canal consigo matar um poco a saudade. Segundo, minha vontade de patinar voltou, graças a você, mas agora estou procurando por um patins pro dia a dia, ir pro trabalho e voltar, uma distância de 5.3KM ida e 5.3KM volta, me sugere algum?
Abraço e continue o trabalho!

I’m skating the Kaze 110 trinity 2018 setup and really like it. But when I switched to 100mm wheels the skate just came alive for me. It just clicked and I’ve been skating every day like a psychopath ever since.

So when’s PS coming out with a trinity aggressive/powerskate frame? 🙂

Im totally with you on the 110mm wheels on 125mm frames, makes a big difference. 255mm is a short enough frame length for most of the stuff I do. Are you gunna take your African rockered setup into the streets?

i really love trinity frames, and because of them i hv become a powerslide fan! i hv the TAU 3×90, Kaze 3×110 and Swell 3×100, also have the trinity 4×80, 3×125 frames, loving everything! my personal favourite would be, when practising tricks and sliders, use 4×80, and when street skating, use 3×100.

I purchased the Hardcore EVO Pro trinity recently. The 3 x 90 frames were just too short for the urban/trail skating I do so I swapped them for the 3 x 100 231 mm frame. They are awesome! However I find at speeds above 18 mph they feel a bit unstable. So I plan on swapping them for the 243 mm 3 X 110 frames and perhaps using 100 mm wheels. A bit more stability on the longer trails I do. Although I have skated on longer speed frames ( 12+ inches) on the trails i tend to enjoy frames that offer compromise, slightly less speed but more maneuverability. I am not a speed skater although I enjoy playing with cyclists on the trails now and then.

Is the difference between a 243 and a 255mm frame noticeable talking about manoeuvrability? I want to go into urban skating but can't decide between the two.

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