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Namaste Nepal -The Beast Lamborghini Huracán lP 610 HP( Fun In Frankfurt ) – Vlog 1

Namaste Nepal -The Beast Lamborghini Huracán lP 610 HP( Fun In Frankfurt ) – Vlog 1

Yo guys wad up ? Namaste . It’s me Anup . This is my first YouTube video so please forgive me if it’s not so good . I’m here with my friend Nico What’s up Nico ? What’s up Bro ? Today we came here to visit Frankfurt City . Check this out . That’s my friend Nico . Guys listen to its power . Commonnn ! Yo bro what’s up ? I got the keys . Leave my glasses somewhere around here . Yes just throw it somewhere . Let’s go Frankfurt City . Here we go . I would say you can start the Beast now. I think you always have a right as a Lamborghini Pilot . Haha that’s true Bro . Brrooo….. Frankfurt City! In 600-700 Meter take the right lane. Traffic Jam . In 600 Meter take the right-hand lane . Then it’s all good. Frankfurt City ! Right turn ? No still 400 Meter . 200 Meter . Just hold on to the right
and simply continue on the right track . What’s up Lamborghini … 610 hp ! Let’s Fuel up the car . So guys we drove almost 4 hours . We arn’t there yet in the City , but it isn’t so far now . Maybe an hour . We’ll get something to eat now . I won’t find Nepali food here so I guess we’ll get some fast food . Drive straight ahead . Straight ? Yes just go straight ahead Finally, Frankfurt exit . So guys we’ve decided to get some Chinese food. Restaurant is right there . Let’s see how the food tastes . So guys this is our food . Nico my friend . What’s up ? Let’s go bro . Let’s gooooo . Driving on full belly feels good 😉 Oh Holy Lord !!! LAMBORGHINI !!!! All the best iinniiii . All the best . Yo what’s up ? The children are going nuts . Finally, we reached our destination . Frankfurt City So guys this is it for today . Please like share and subscribe my channel . Thank you very much .


this is why i don't mind Nepal to become part of Germany. Nepal has fail under bahunbadi sarkar.
Nepali people would have better lives under german rule. I too want to drive porsche and lamborghini.
i am sure many nepali people are too. But as long as Bahunbadi control Nepal, no nepali can drive lamborghini in Nepal.
we simply can't afford it. This is why Nepal should become part of germany.

kasto chalaakh yaar thokinxa bhanera slow ma kudaidira ehhehe tirauxa bhanerata hainani hahaha UAE ma fyaala faal lamborghini.

Loved it bro. Hope you'll reach to that level when you'll upgrade from Huracan to Centenario! 😉 ta hagne padhne le kudauxa ni ,NEPAL ma Lamborghini Ko k kura kudayera dekhaosna masarati kudayerai dekhawosna.kasko aaukat

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