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Neo Geo Mini Review & Gameplay Vol. 2 (Japanese Version)

Neo Geo Mini Review & Gameplay Vol. 2 (Japanese Version)

What’s up dudes? I just got a NeoGeo Mini
and I want you to play the next five games with me. No chicks allowed you know
what I mean? Chicks are losers. Hey what are you doing? *Crash* Max: Hey I’m trying to make a video.
Meow: Oh hey…. King of Fighters 95. Nice! King of Fighters 95 continues to evolve
the series featuring new characters, new moves, and begins a storyline spanning
the next two King of Fighters games known as the Oriichi Saga.
This is also the first King of Fighters to be ported over to the PlayStation,
Sega Saturn, and even Game Boy after its release. Seven teams return from King
of Fighters 94, with the American sports team being replaced by the rival team,
which introduced one new character exclusive to King of Fighters, Ioro Yagami. Thankfully, there is now a team edit mode
that allows you to choose your own fighters as opposed to the preset teams. Both the final boss and the sub boss are
lethal but playable with the original cheat code. Life bars seem to deplete
faster when compared to King of Fighters 94 making for quick matches, probably to
drain your quarters in the arcade. Backgrounds continue to impress
remaining detailed and active with the solid soundtrack to accompany them. The
characters and animations have a slight improvement, performing smoothly with
responsive controls. King of Fighters 95 overall accomplishes what a good sequel
should do and further cements this legacy in fighting game history. Alpha Mission 2: The Last Guardian is a
top-down vertical scrolling space shooter that demands the attention of
all your senses. This is a tough game with enemies and bullets coming from
every direction while requiring you to watch out for power-ups. Once you shoot
the powerup to open it, you have to shoot it again to change it to the desired
upgrade. S for Speed, L for Laser M for Missile. K allows you to keep your
upgrades if you die. and G for money. If this wasn’t enough to keep your eyes on,
these letters also come in reverse options
powering down your abilities. W will fast forward you through the
level, but watch out for R as it will send your ships flying in Reverse. G money is used for purchasing armor
upgrades between stages. There are eleven armor sets that are acquired through
purchases or collecting three pieces of the same armor type within the level. Once you’ve armored, up there’s an energy
gauge that depletes as you fire which can be refilled with E power-ups and
removed with the C icon. Dazzling sound effects, music, and backgrounds will keep your
eyes and ears busy along with tracking enemy fire and
hunting for desired upgrades. Alpha Mission 2 may take some time learning
it’s interesting take on the shooter genre, though it’s worth playing if you’re
looking for a fresh challenge. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Top Hunter is a fantastic side-scrolling
beat-em-up platformer with a twist. You can jump from foreground to background
throughout the levels and in boss battles. Stylized art design is full of bright
colors with animations and expressions that fit the comedic tone while still
giving enough challenge to sweat over. There are four planets to choose from loosely
based around elements: Ice, wind, fire, and forrest. Completing each world has an
effect on the layout of others, providing a nice bonus to replay-ability. The worlds have uniquely arranged
environments with wacky enemies and bizarre bosses with a whimsical soundtrack
to measure. Interestingly, the arcade version has two levels per planet for a
total of nine levels in the game. The NeoGeo home console has all three levels per
planet giving us 13 levels in the game. Rather than focusing on just shooting,
your character can punch, jump, throw, and even perform a few special attacks like
a fighting game. The long arm punch is very useful for striking at a distance,
grabbing items, and interacting with switches, lever,s and other environmental
objects. You can even jump in big punching mechs and ride hoverboards in bonus stages. Distinct worlds, enemies, bosses, power-ups,
and bonus stages combined with great graphics and sound design make for an
incredible display of a platformer game in 1994 and today.
What a charming game! The Last Blade is known as the spiritual successor to
Samurai Shodown series that continues the 2D weapon based fighting game
tradition and does it very well. Set around 19th century Japan,
with a musical score to match, some characters take inspiration from
historical or legendary figures and even the manga Rurouni Kenshin, known as
Samurai X in the West. Character sprites and animations are impressively polished
and designed, matching their unique personalities and movesets. Pre-match
sequences and stage backgrounds also set the tone with great attention to detail
and unobtrusive weather effects. There are 14 fighters with diverse design and
attacks, each feeling balanced and different from each other. Features like rappel, perry, and counter
help separate from other fighting games while keeping up with SNK’s other
flagship series Samurai Shodown. Additionally, once you choose a character
you can select a speed or power mode. Speed allows you to chain multiple
normal moves but does less damage, while power provides the inverse, along with
other nuances to both modes further deepening the strategy to tailor your
gameplay style. Battling with this cast of quirky one-of-a-kind characters is
very entertaining and won’t disappoint any newcomers. The Last Blade truly
deserves its own pedestal in fighting game history. Top Players Golf is 62 megabytes of
simple golfing fun full of digitized voices and great sound effects. Launching
with the NeoGeo home console in 1990, this was the only golf game NeoGeo
owners had for six years until Big Tournament Golf in 1996. There’s only two,
but entertaining, courses with hilariously voiced caddies and
easy-to-understand controls. Three modes are available. The stroke play has you
face off against all other golfers where the best final score after 18 holes wins.
Match play pits you against another golfer hole by hole. The Nassau game
has two players compete over nine holes to win with two additional contests: the
longest drive and closest to the pin. The interface may be simple but it provides
everything you need. Each course is available to browse completely, and the
green in detail. All possible clubs are available with
their stats on display along with windage and the ability to hook and
slice your shots. If you need help, you can consult your
caddy before taking a swing. However, the yardage to the hole never changes beyond the first shot making it
difficult to gauge how much distance is needed to drive to the green after a few
strokes. Being one of two sports titles on the
NeoGeo Mini, Top Players Golf adds some contrast among the other genres featured
amusing any golf gamer and a good way to get your dad to play games. Oh man,
that was fun but we need your help. In the comments below I want you to let us
know five more games you want to see us play on the Neo Geo mini and then…
Max: There’s 30 left. Go ahead and pick from this list. Meow: Like and subscribe and watch
us play the next five games or you could go ahead and watch our previous videos
where we unbox the NeoGeo Mini and play through the first set of games.
If you made it this far you and we are… Bit War Veterans! Flying Pancake.


Samurai Shodown V special
The king of fighters 94
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 THE NEWCOMERS
World Heroes Perfect

Sorry, the last time I forgot to tell you 5 games 🙂

So would you recommend this because a lot of reviewers say it's not worth the money? Is the HDMI tv picture like av out?

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