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Nerd³’s Hell… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Nerd³’s Hell… Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Such a shame if this game becomes the series' kiss of death. The competitive skating games are such a popular genre a gen or two ago that an extremely well designed one would be a breath of fresh air. Sadly, EA seems to have no interest in a new Skate game and Tony Hawk wants the next one to be a dodgy VR experience.

This game isn't that bad I think people misunderstood the title to be Skate 5 instead ! Only needs better graphics and better maps

if you think that update is big call of duty modern warfare remastered needs 63GB updateFOR A 100 MB game

No joke, American Wasteland for the DS was better than this (It was actually really good literally just the ps2 version with bad graphics and no bikes or parkour)

The reason this game has a 7 gigabyte patch is because literally the only thing on the disc is the demo. I'm not joking.

I am a Newbie to THP and this is shockingly terrible.
Just so you know (for context of how new i am) my highest combos would be around 70 – 120 thousand points and average would be 20 thousand and i don't even know how to change tricks while grinding.

this is objectively worse than skate 3 from both a skate game perspective and a "shitty physics are funny" perspective

I was half hoping he would have legit just ended the video with the theme playing for like 24 mins.

I still blame Robomodo on this more than anyone else… they’re more responsible for the bad TH games, after all. Activision just held the name and publishing rights. But they should have known better.

I bought this just after release for a very discounted price in game and the casher asked me if I was really sure that I wanted to buy the game and that if I was fan of the series do not buy it.

I would even venture to say that Skate 3 is better than this. Yes they aren't really the same type of game but, in skate 3 you can at least skateboard well, the maps are large and beautiful and it has the bonus of being completely hilarious. Go buy skate 3 if you haven't. It's better than this pile of flaming shit.

This is 60 dollars I just thought it was a 10 dollar pro skater game cause activision knew how crappy it is.

Tony hawk turned into a big ass jew sware you should see some of the actual skate parks he built and just abandoned to fall apart he's a peace of shit witch is sad because as a kid he was my hero

christ ive never even played a skating game and from a developers point of view this is utter unfinished garbage

Out of everything i've seen in this. If i had to pick two ideas worth saving for a new better tont hawk game. Freeskate lobby is a cool idea in concept, but it needs improovement. Ragdolls, but that too needs improvement. Everything else in this game is dog s***

OMG switching during grinding and manuals are GONE WTF! yup right there would have me not get this game.

Didn't the reasoning behind the update end up being that their rights to Tony Hawk was running out, so they rushed out the release with only the tutorial and create a park before their copyright ran out. Then, even if the copyright ran out, they could still release updates. So they released the entire game as an update to the unfinished basement game.

Gonna suck when someone goes to buy THPS5 after the update servers are down and shit.

Oh Dan of the past, rejoice with your 7GB patch while you can. For a certain future fallout game will have two 50 GB patches and still be an absolute pile of arse!

3:50 “god I wish they were banned-that box says swag *ponders on box saying swag*…..Jesus..Um it’s got this cel shaded look!!…..”

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