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New 3D printer makes multi-material robots

New 3D printer makes multi-material robots

This little millipede-like robot
is made of plastic and powered by air. It’s a simple design, but the surprising
thing about it is how it was made. This robot was printed,
using new kind of 3D printer. One that can print objects using
multiple different materials, with a speed and level of detail
that was previously impossible. Conventional 3D printers usually build
up objects in one material, bit by bit. But this printer can deposit two, four,
or even eight different materials from one nozzle. And it can do it at high resolution. Each of these tiny 3D pixels
is about the width of a human hair. To print complex patterns
in a short space of time, the nozzles have to be able to switch
quickly between materials. Very quickly. And it doesn’t end there. The new design can print with
multiple nozzles at the same time. For some projects this makes printing much faster, although at the moment every nozzle
has to be printing the same thing. To demonstrate the benefits of
combining different materials, researchers made this origami sheet which has flexible, folding edges
in between rigid areas. The same principle applies
to this beaker-carrying soft robot. The tubes create a vacuum that crumples
the soft parts of the legs, allowing them to bend and walk. This printer can also deposit a wide variety
of materials: wax, silicon and gelatin inks were all used. And the researchers hope this technology
could be used to print things like flexible electronics,
rechargeable batteries and even materials
containing human cells. For now though, if you need a conical flask
delivered, you know who to call.


Это очень круто, такие материалы можно использовать на космических станциях, где важна скорость печати и материал печати. Также можно оборудовать механизм(который был показан в видео) вакуумным насосом и тогда система будет мобильной. Это очень интересно, ведь по сути у него нет частей, которые вращаются вокруг какой-либо оси и это явно даст прирост долговечности работы. Очень интересно

sweet stuff dudes, can i get a 3d printed bong now? i need it for the bragging rights, also you can research its effects on my lungs or whatever

Wow, back when I was in school, I and my friend had to babysit the school's 3D printer since it kept messing up our group project prototype

This is interesting — but the concept is unlikely to work for anything but rudimentary structures. This layering is unacceptable for any kind of long term use.
It's basically a dead end.

What kind of plastic is that? Conventional plastics use thermal melting and fusing. This looks like it is using air hardening? Or some post printing chemical process? how long does it take?

That, is very groovy, very groovy indeed. It's very 3d printed groovy.
Thankyou for sharing that. Now pressing that Subscribe button.
Will A.I. use that to enact the automation the makes sure everyone gets to be unemployed?
Let's hope so, because we've been plasticizing our only viable planets oceans for stupid bank notes that keep wiping out other species including our own, for those stupid stupid bank notes that keep holding people in cyclical patterns chasing after, the industrial disease.
[[[Follow the money]]]
#TheStatueOfLiberty full motto
The #DigitalLifeguardProject -_-

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