NEW FAMILY TOY!! the ultimate surprise for mom and adley!

– [Narrator] Previously
on the Best Day Ever. – What did you do?
– [Dad] When we get home, I forgot to tell you there’s a surprise. – Oh my gosh! What’s that doing here? What the crap! Is that yours? – [Dad] Yeah. – That’s so crazy. – [Dad] Do you wanna
end the best day ever? – You’re gonna leave
it on the cliffhanger? – Yep. – Okay, bye. – [Dad] Introducing the princess, Adley! Look at these shoes. Woo! Beautiful girlfriend! And she’s home, and I
missed her guts so much. How much did you miss me? – More than all the horses in the sky! – [Dad] More than all the horses (horse whinnies)
in the sky? Oh, I love that! I missed you more than
all the stars in the sky. Score! – Right here now! – [Dad] Oh, and right here now? – Score! – [Dad] Score! Did you have a really fun trip?
– I want a big spoon like you. – [Dad] Like this big? That’s bigger than your whole mouth. Oh!
– Oh my gosh! I almost spilled this. – [Dad] That spoon’s bigger
than your whole mouth! – [Nico] Daddy! (gasp) – [Dad] I think Nico’s
awake, I just heard him. Should we go see him? Hey, spoon-nose. (laughing) – [Mom] What are we doing? – We’re gonna have a present for daddy. – [Mom] We’re gettin’ the surprises? We put ’em in here. You can see ’em, you need to wrap ’em up. What should we wrap ’em up in, a blanket? Oh yeah! Should you do one, one blanket
at a time, or together? – I do this one. Dad, got you a surprise! – You got me a surprise? (gasps) Is this my surprise from the airplane? Do we open it and go? – Yeah! – Where is it? I’ve been trying to– (Nico yelling) (dad yelling) – This is my pony. – What! – I’ll show you how I–
– Bowling! – I wanna show you how this part. – You got me bowling?
– Yeah. Dad, stand right there.
– Oh let’s see. – Weeee! (Nico yelling)
– This is so cool! Get it Nico! (Adley yelling)
(dad laughing) Can I see how my toy works? – Yeah. Whoa!
– Oh yeah! This is the coolest surprise Adley. (mom laughing) I got an idea.
– What? – Watch this. Where’s your horse?
– [Mom] Rico back. – [Dad] Have your horse go through it. Horse bowling! (dad yelling) (dad cheering) Did you try the ball? – Nico don’t get these little pieces! – This is so fun, I’m so
glad you guys are home! Okay, ready? – Ready. – Whoa. Whoa, try again.
(mom laughing) (parents cheering)
(Nico yelling) (laughing) – Should we do baby bowling? Okay Nico, get ’em. (Nico panting) (cheering) [Dad] The floor is lava, get on the couch! – Oh my goodness!
– [Dad] Okay. This is the surprise
couch, nobody move. Deal? No moving. No moving. No moving. No moving. I gotta go get the surprise, you guys stay right here. Promise? – Where is the surprise?
– Yeah. – [Dad] Don’t worry about it. Promise?
– Yep. – I promise I won’t worry. – [Dad] Promise?
– Promise. Gonna stay here. – [Dad] Brb. – Dad is it gonna ruin the house? – [Dad] It won’t ruin the house! Okay Adley you hold the vlog. – Uh oh, you’re in charge of the vlog? – I’m in charge of the vlog!
– Whoa! Oh, monk. – [Dad] Okay it’s set up, c’mon guys! C’mon, c’mon. Come here, c’mon, keep going, keep going. (electronic beeping) We’re gonna go all the way out and stand in front of
the garage, right here. Hiyah! hiyah! hiyah! Hey, where’s my car?
– What? – [Dad] You guys stand right there. Okay you guys ready? – Yeah!
– [Dad] What’s the password? – Open sesame! – What is it? What is it?
(door creaking) – Wow!
– Holy cow! – Surprise! Yeah! – Can I ride it dad?
– You can ride it yeah hop on! – Whoa!
– Holy cow, hey Adley! – Good job!
– Is that your brake? – [Dad] Oh yeah! – Now we put Nico on the back.
– [Dad] That’s so cool! Oh and Nico on the back, you
wanna take him for a ride? (laughing) – That’s so cute! – Adley look I can drive this on the road! I think mommy can drive it on the road. – Me?
– Yeah. (Adley shouting) – Oh my gosh!
– Come here. – This is cool. – You want me to show you how it works? First you need a helmet. You think it’s gonna be loud? (laughing) (popping) – Whoa! Look at your daddy.
– He’s safe huh? (dad roars)
(laughing) (engine starts) – Oh yeah. – That’s not loud. – See, it’s not loud. – Cool! – Cool huh? – That is cool.
– Dad! – I’ll drive it first and
then mom can drive it, okay? (tires screech)
(intense music) – Holy cow. – Oh my gosh, Adley look
he left a tire mark. – Holy cow! (engine roars) (tires screech) – Wow look at that turn. (engine rumbles) – Alright I think it’s mom’s turn. – Thank you!
– Good luck! – Can I have a kiss?
– Kiss her helmet. Good luck! (tires screech) (dad cheering) I got the coolest
wife in the entire world! That’s the opening for
Easter, I’m just kidding it would ruin the surprise
but I am excited about it. Go mom go! Go mom go! (cheering) – She’s faster than daddy. – She’s faster than me? – She got away. – She’s goin’ all the way over there? Here she comes again let’s
see how fast she goes. – Go fast go!
– Go mom! Go mom! (cheering) – Follow her! Follow her!
– I can’t run that fast! This is so cool. So guys, I went to Atlanta a week ago and I didn’t vlog it
’cause it was a surprise. – Welcome home!
– That is such a cool sign! (mom laughing) Congrats on your new butt implants. (laughing) I took these on a road trip and it was so much fun
I was addicted, so uh. We kinda got one. (engine rumbles) Oh yeah you look awesome! Fun toy. We gotta show the
space station crew, yes! Next stop, the space station. The only thing more exciting
than showing my family might be showing the space station crew. – Oh but we are family. – These guys are gonna love it! Especially Halliday. Halliday is a die hard motorcycle guy. He’s gonna have to teach me
how to shred on this thing. Let’s surprise the crew.
(bang) Actually, idea. Drop the gate, yep. That’s the whole reason
I parked that there, it was to drop the gate. Surprise reveal. I love you bye. (door banging) Let’s go surprise the boys. Also, look how good this is looking. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing, I love it. Let’s run up the slide! Whoa, that’s harder than I thought. (grunting) That had some dust on it. Gentlemen of the space station. – [Man] Yes?
– Hi, how is everyone? I have a very important surprise, come back out to the warehouse. (heavy breathing) Now we gotta go get the other boys. Boys, I’ve got a surprise. Alex, you probably know what it is but everyone else get
ready to get surprised. (door clicks) – Yep?
– Surprise. Halliday I’m looking at you. This is your kinda surprise, get out here. Just be excited, be excited, let’s go! Chop chop. Woo! – What’s happening?
– Are you ready? (background chatter) This is cool I promise.
– Let’s get it dude. – I’ve gathered you all
here to look at this metal. – What?
– Sick. – You’re having us pick it up, right? – Yeah. So here’s the challenge, first person, I’m just kidding I’m making all of this up it has nothing to do with the metal. Everyone stand right here
and look out this door. Closer, c’mon. I’m like that teacher like, “Okay fill in the empty seats
at the front of the class.” Okay we got a straggler back there, c’mon. Gill this is your kind of surprise I need you front and center. I need Gill right here. I need Halliday up here. Everyone else can just
go wherever they want. Boys, which one is up?
– Okay. – This way? No, no, this one.
(background chatter) Prepare yourselves.
– I’m ready. – For a best day ever mobile. (door rattling)
– [Group] Whoa! (cheering) – Woo! – You guys liking this?
– Dude, dude! – I’ve never felt more– – Brendan! Callin’ it, Halliday’s
got first ride right now. All you guys need to know is.
– This is sick. – This is amazing. I haven’t named it yet,
and it’s super simple. Gas, throttle right here. Brake, brake all three tires same time. It’s got some go to it and
that’s all you need to know. Easy, and helmet’s required.
– You ready? (engine starts) – Okay.
– [Group] Ooo! – And then this is the lock, so to ride it like that. Get ready to rip. I would just push the throttle
really hard and go have fun. Watch out everyone, safety
first, safety first. (engine roars) (group cheering) (engine roars) Oh man! He’s already better at it than I am! Look at that dust he kicked up! Yo this is dirty. – [Man] John please throwback to the photo of Halliday next to his motorcycle. – Yes! Throwing back to the photo of Halliday by his motorcycle right now! Yep, that’s why he’s so good. (cheering) Let’s go bro!
– Okay! – Alright, alright. What are your thoughts? – (laughing) It is quick man. Comfortable though, you never feel scared
cuz it’s so balanced. – Who’s up next? Gill. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gill.
– Where’s Gilford? – Where’s Gill? Gill you’re next dog. My car guys. Yep, yep, throw that in park. Guys.
– [Man] It looks like a beetle It looks like a face. Oh it’s mean, it’s tough. We still need to name this guy, uh, drop some names in the comments. Space Shuttle, Space Cruiser. What are the fighter
jets in Star Wars called? Tie Fighter, I don’t like that, but just keep keep thinking of names. (engine rumbles)
Alright Gill. (tires screech) Woo! (engine roars)
(group cheering) Gill already knows what’s up!
(laughing) (tires screech) What!
– Whoa! – See that’s traction control. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! There’s a sport mode, hold on! (engine rumbles)
(laughing) Oh! It’s about to get real over here! (tires screech)
I’m all sorts of excited! (engine roars) Woo! – [Man] Is that a sport mode? – That’s called sport mode baby! I don’t even know what that means but Gill’s tearing it up! – Well sport mode means
there’s no traction control so it’ll just spin.
– Ooo! (tires screech)
(group cheering) – Yo! Yo!
(engine roars) Woo! (cheering) Oh my gosh! Well good luck whoever rides it next. Yo, I freakin’ love you man!
(laughing) You’re so cool! You’re everything I wanna be some day. – I had traction control, I was like man it keeps catching. (muffled chatter) – Gill what’s your rating? Give me a breakdown here.
– Oh I freakin’ love it. I think it’s fun.
(laughing) – Yeah? Funner than you thought? – Oh yeah!
– Woohoo! Look at this Gill! Look at that, I’m pretty sure you made a divot in the asphalt bro. Alright, who’s next?
(laughing) Someone, someone?
– I’m in. I’m going. – You’re in? Go for it. Aight. Keep in mind this is
gonna be way different than your bicycle, okay?
– Is it?– – Yeah. – Okay. I should be prepared for that. (electronic beeping) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, there we go.
– [Group] C’mon! – Like I said, its like you’re bike. You got your kick stand on, c’mon Alex. (engine roars) Okay! (clapping) – [Group] Bye! (laughing) – He’s just taking it for a cruise. (engine roars)
(group cheering) – [Man] It stops good.
– Albatross! My boy. Okay! – This thing is fast dude! – Yeah? – Oh my gosh.
– Is it Alex approved? – Yes. (group laughing)
– What is it? – Halliday picture!
– Oh my gosh! – Haven’t seen that in forever. – So you guys gotta see it twice. We know what we’re doing over here. Bird you got this?
(background chatter) Alright, well we’re doing
some laps on the Ryker here. You guys don’t have to watch
all of them, just know. This is best day ever stuff. (intense music) Go for it? Aight. (stone cracking) – Hot guy.
– Woo! Hot guy.

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