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New Skateboard Safety Requirement

New Skateboard Safety Requirement

– Hello, I’m Chief Sean Brammer with Florida Atlantic
University Police Department. It’s been brought to the
attention of the university that the numbers of
skateboarders on campus has drastically increased. These skateboarders are
failing to abide by rules set in place to protect pedestrians. Therefore, starting summer 2019, students must pass FAU’s Skateboard Operations License Course to skateboard on campus. For those who wish to continue
skateboarding on campus, Sergeant Marze Diana will
be conducting courses the first Saturday every month in Lot Five starting at eight AM. Here’s what to expect. – You need to be able to
maneuver through all obstacles without touching any cones or falling. Good, very nice Carl. Are you rushing or are you dragging? – Dragging. – You’re dragging. This next task is to
be able to demonstrate that you can ride your skateboards at exactly eight miles an hour. You’re only traveling
four miles an hour Liz. Ten miles an hour Steve. Final task of the day, to be able to stop on a dime. Very nice Carl. – The FAU PD skateboarding class was extremely helpful in teaching me what I should and shouldn’t do on campus on a skateboard. Officer M was pretty strict, but at the end of the day I’m
glad that I was able to pass and get my license. Now I don’t have to worry
about tickets on campus. Hey you’re not supposed to ride your skateboard on the breezeway. – [Sean] To sign up for skateboarding safety skills course, visit (calm music)


You might as well just ban them half the kids that have one dont know how to maintain them let alone have any true coordination we didnt have these problems too years ago if they look stupid they shouldn't even touch a board

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