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Ninebot One Z Models – All YOU need to know – NEW Segway models

Ninebot One Z Models – All YOU need to know – NEW Segway models

Ninebot One Z – One wheel to rule them
all. I’m pretty pumped to share this information with you through different
sources on the Internet I picked up that Segway the current owner of the
Ninebot brand (other way around, sorry) is about to release a new electric unicycle. This video has been
brought to you in cooperation with EvNerds EvNerds is a cool online
magazine that is dedicated to electric vehicles, unicycles and bikes. EvNerds magazine is made for the community and driven by the community. I will leave
a link in the description below if you want to check out EvNerds. When I
first started riding the electric unicycle I quickly fall in love with the
NineBot One design. I purchased the model E and I had a lot of fun with that for
a while. Eventually I sold it because I needed more range and more speed.
There’s been a few attempts from Ninebot/Segway over the years to innovate and to bring
some new stuff to the table. But none of the attempts really panned out to be
appealing to the hardcore unicycle community. The Ninebot One design even
though it looked very cool when it came out it, seems a bit outdated by now. This
is about to change with the Ninebot One Z They seem to have taken the
best from all the other brands and then added their own twist to it to make the
design stand out even more. The model Z is rumoured to be crafted in the caves
below Gotham City with the Batman inspired design. You can see what I’m
talking about from the picture said that a leak from a Chinese source. Model Z is an 18-inch wheel equipped with a fat tire making it ideal for off-road
riding. I really like the look, it does look like it’s something from the future. I did notice that the pedal height is not as high as I would
have wanted it to be. It does seem to cause a bit of a problem when turning it will be
interesting to see how this turns out in conjunction with the fat tire. What’s
pretty nice is that it seems to have an integrated mudguard and that could be
really useful when you’re riding off-road The model Z comes in three
different variants Z6, Z8 and Z10 and these
are the specs that I’ve been able to pick up so far. I’m really happy to see that Segway has upped the game and provided some extended range and some
upgraded motor power The weakest model starts at 1200 watts
which is quite a lot of power even by today’s standard. Getting a wheel with
1800 watts and 45 kph as maximum speed should be more than
enough for the most power hungry riders I hope they can keep a decent torque on this wheel because a higher torque is preferred over higher top speed at least in
my point of view. The maximum battery size of 1000wh seems a bit low compared to the other 18 inch competitors. As reference I can
tell you with 840wh and 1500 watt motor on my MSuper I’m capable of
cranking out around 40 km at full challenge, so the 80-100km on the big model it seems pretty optimistic to me
Price-wise we are in the 750 to 1500 US dollar range, which seems reasonable to
me. But remember these are Chinese price tags so the prices might differ once the wheels hit Europe and US. According to another source Simin Tay a
well known member of the unicycle community, there should be some sort of
redundancy built into the wheel that should help or minimize the risk of
power cut outs. It’s about time that the the manufactures start looking into some
sort of redundancy to help protect the rider on these wheels. If you don’t know
Simon Tay, he produces some pretty cool videos and I will leave a link in
the description below so you can go and check out his YouTube channel. Model Z has front and back light which is pretty much standard by the competition as well. Ninebot/Segway has also added a wheel lights to make the design there even more stunning. It looks really dope and it seems you can adjust the colour. It doesn’t seem
that it will come with a handle as standard. It seems like it’s something
that you need to buy and mount afterwards. Trolley handle also act as a parking stand. I personally think it’s a shame that the Segway didn’t find a way to integrate the trolley into the design. I
want to add that all of this is rumours so far and has not been confirmed by Segway. To get the real information you need to go to the Segway website after the
product has been released. Finally, if you haven’t seen it in full yet they an full advert has leaked from Segway that shows the model Z in action. Enjoy it and let
me know in the comment section below what you think about the new Ninebot One Z. thank you and see you in the next one you


Thank you sir! I hope this is true because this would be the best wheel ever:
My reasons:I Ninebot is great for tricks,realiability, great design, and now the monster off-road wheel, I bet it will do well in cobbled roads and eat potholes and humps for breakfast, the range the speed, my only worry might be the price! Well done SEGBOT!!!!

Excellent coverage and analysis of the new Z10! 🙂
I, too, liked everything about it except the low pedals and external trolley.

After the bad experiences with the Ninebot Mini Street (legal in Germany) which always has had the intention to educate me how agressive I should ride and his less power and his "piep-piep-piep", I sweared, never to buy a ninebot product again.
But maybe, I have to withdraw this statement.
The look/design is awsome, and the powerspecs – no one needs more speed as 45km/h – are good.
As I living in Germany, the legal aspect is a big thing. If ninebot are able to integrate some redundancy, maybe this model is able to pass future legal requirements, so we are able to have fun with our wheel without annoying the cops. 🙂

Until that, I ride my great INMOTION V5F and V8…cya next year, maybe on a Ninebot 😀

Enjoyed your video thanks. I agree about the integrated handle – would have been the cherry on what looks like a beautiful cake……

By the time it's available for purchase, who knows what the market will look like. There might be some other cool designs out there by then.
Still, I'd love one, but I agree on the pedal business; it looks low compared to a V8.

Is there any consensus concerning the current state of the art for the 800-1500$ range? 210lbs, average fitness, 20mile range, quality product with no weird glitches, reliable, and durable?

gotway super
Ninebot E

or sit back and wait for the Z?

recomendations anyone?

Funny. They put a nice wide tire for off road which is quite good but then they put small footplates and the housing so low over the ground.

Based on complaints on low audio I have uploaded a version with better audio here:

too bad no handle (which is an absolute MUST, its the deal braker) I'm a down-town daily wheeler, and I need to handle my actual wheel at least 10 times daily…to board buses, to use esculators, elevators, to go through extreme crowded streets… I really hope Segway will consider this for their new "Z" models

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