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Nivia Skateboard | Skateboard Review

Nivia Skateboard | Skateboard Review

Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to Info Ocean! Its Malay here. Today I’m very much excited to tell you guys that I will be unboxing Nivia Skate Board which I have ordered from amazon. And I will also be reviewing it. So,without wasting any time, lets get started Lets first Unbox it. So you can see its well packed. The Box contains only one skateboard and nothing much. Well as you can see it, the skateboard is already assembled. So you don’t need to assemble it furthermore Well it’s been a couple of days so I think it is the time to review it I must say Board is pretty hard. I can say because my weight is 95kg and it’s been 15 days I have been continuously skating As I am a beginner, so I just use it like a hell. Well coming to the board size it is 31 x 8 inches. Upper layer is pretty rough which is good for gripping with the shoes As the company says This good-to-ride skateboard from Nivia features artistic and iconic graphics on the board, that’s sure to make an impression while you ride on it But I must tell you, this graphic is a SHIT!!! Only one thing I hate about this skateboard is it’s so called artistic graphic. Coming to wheels, the wheels are soft which are ideal for the streets, skate park High-quality ball-bearings have been used for the wheels to ensure a smooth ride Although wheels weren’t so smooth early, so what I did, I open the wheels and oiled in the bearings with grease. You can also do this thing to boost the speed of your board. After that it will run like a fire. Not really! But you will feel the difference So, Guys you can purchase this product from amazon The Brand Nivia is well popular in India. Nivia is known for making quality skateboards and is highly elemental as far as the make of this board goes. Coming to price which is below 1000 rupees or below 15 dollars. And at this price it’s a great deal. I have also given a link to buy this product. If you are going to purchase this product, then click on the link, in this way you will help me to earn some money. If you want to know more about this product you can raise questions in comment section. I hope this video was helpful, if it helps then press the Like button. And for more videos Subscribe to this channel.


how are the trucks and can you turn around easily? what kind of wood is used for the deck?
can you do tricks and is it good for crusing ?

this is a shit board DON'T BUY …. there a way better boards to learn on plus It doesn't even have proper dimensions of a skateboard !!!!! will brake if try to do any stunts on it and doesn't even have proper barrings .

bro how is the board …. is the deck of the board weak…I mean will the deck break easily is it on Indian roads

Bro I heard that its not for stunts…. But aren't there any stunts that we can perform in this skateboard ….

WHICH SKATEBOARD IS BETTER (XS Kamachi 8 inch x 31 inch Skateboard /Strauss Bronx BT Skateboard OR NIVIA) & WHY FOR BEGINNERS OF 90 KG…6 FEET TALL ?? Kindly do reply means a lot

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