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No one is for sale

No one is for sale

I’m gonna become a cop. Or I mean a spy! I’m gonna be big! I’m gonna become a mum and Sigge a dad! -I’m gonna beco… -You gonna be a dad and I’m gonna be a mom! I’m gonna become.. I’m gonna swim, play football and icehockey! I don’t know.. Contruction worker! No… It would feel really awful.. Because all kids should play! Well then, then I would just give up. Pull my duvet over my head and just give up Then I would want to walk away. I would not want to live with people
who would force me to do things that I wouldn’t want to do. Its like, it’s like When you are free…like. errrm…Whats it called again?! The only thing i can think of is that you’re alone and can do what you want. Flea? Free!? Like a bird. You are like outside, and standing free from annoying things and stuff like that…
That you have experienced I thought of that today. And I came to the conclusion that it’s kinda like.. When you’ve been imprisoned and stuff. And when you’re released…or like you’re free.. Kinda of..
And then you can run away. Just on your own. We can give them teddy bears! Toooyyyys!! Money! And food. Maybe a house. So they have somewhere to live. Or we can borrow money and buy a whole caravan Like. Sharing. Give them pillow and a blankie. I have sooo much money in my piggy-bank. (Do you?) Yeah!, I have money-notes. In there. i have thousands and thousands.
So I could share very very very much. If they don’t have any toys then we can take some toys that we aren’t
using if you have too many and give those to children who need them and kind of say like ”here you have some toys so you can play”. The spy is standing in the front and the police stands behind him. And then, and then, they will get stuck in the net from my net-pistol and
then we will jump them, like the police and the spy. Uhm.. Doctors are pretty good so they could maybe help them.. Eveyone. Anyone can help actually. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity or a famous dancer or a singer or something like that.
It can be anyone! Mom and dad, any parent, any grownup Stop it.. You’re not nice.. and that.. Back in the days they used to punish people like that to death!.. Well bugger off! You shall never be mean to the ones who are younger than your self. Because even if you are a kid who are older and are mean to the ones who are younger.. Then.. Well I mean the older are not allowed to be mean to the younger. And the younger shouldn’t be mean to the ones who’s older.
And you are not allowed to mean to the ones in your own age either. You shouldn’t be mean to anyone! Everyone should try to help kids who suffer That every kid gets freedom and safety And food, and water, so they can live a good life

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