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One Wheel XR – Electric Skateboard On A Farm

One Wheel XR – Electric Skateboard On A Farm

freeze your weight outright yeah this is
a one wheel XR and Dan’s gonna let me ride it he just got it for his birthday
and he uses it to get around his property and so it’s a electric and
we’re gonna try it out we’re just flying up this hill
chief Swissy hey hey crazy about the one wheels you can take it through the grass
you can go off-road little bumpy whoa Dan’s got an amazing
property and he showed me all around yesterday and it’s really cool
he uses his place whoa there’s a local ministry and nonprofits like the food
bank and stuff whoa gee it’s a big turkey right there chief come here chief
here he grows up he grows a bunch of we’re going backwards now he grows a
bunch of chickens every year and donate them to the local food bank
I think it’s multiple times not just once a year
he said he provides him with all of all of the proteins that they need to give
out and then all the honey that they make he used that as a fundraiser to
support a non-profit so it’s really cool to see him have you know all of this
like land and success with this business and to be able to turn around and use it
for something really good in a lot of different ways so now I’m just cruising
around this place on one wheel what’s crazy to me is that I’m getting I’m
going too fast uphill like I haven’t maxed it out going up the hill you can
seriously get hurt on these pretty bad if you fell so what Dan said is he only
rides as fast as he can run that way if the let me show you his driveway that
way if you crash you can hop off and run and kind of save yourself whoa this is
the end of his driveway such a cool place Chiefs having another good time Taylor
we might have to get one of these I’m just saying
one wheel you can send two of these to us whenever we figure out where we’re
gonna be for a little bit we don’t really have an address right now all
right I’m gonna go down this grass hill I was awesome Dan yeah thanks for the
ride they lift up my heel and then it turns off you can lift up your toe
there it goes turned it you kind of feel it click to get off you don’t you have
this awesome static accident that system it could be like tremendous wipeout
standing still how many times have you crashed high-speed three times but I
never hit the ground I ran it out yeah that’s good wanted to tee it wanted to
introduce me to the pavement like you can get leave and it’s like part
wheeling behind me it’s so much fun I haven’t gotten like I thought I’m gonna
take some days off and done yep I am gonna like go into towns
I have Kent Square in Westchester around here mm-hm and it just to be really fun
just to go and have lunch and ride around in town or go hit a state park oh
yeah hey thanks for going on a one wheel ride
with me


Saw a video a while back about how they make them. They’re out of CA if I recall correctly. Neat little things. Nice battery technology. A bit pricey.

I’m just a few weeks from my two year anniversary of a shattered wrist and surgery. It’s still kind enough crooked and limited on full motion. At my sr. age, I will keep my feet on the ground, even though I’d love to ride one.

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