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Onewheel adventure at Deep Creek Lake State Park

Onewheel adventure at Deep Creek Lake State Park

Hey what’s going on? I am here at the State Park. Here at Deep Creek Lake. Kind of got a little bit of a break in the weather. I mean it’s just a few degrees above freezing. I had bought this Onewheel back around Black Friday and I’ve been riding it inside the house. I decided that rather than go snowboarding I’m going to ride my Onewheel today Let’s go on a Onewheel Adventure [music] So yeah it’s not too bad The ground is a little crunchy because it’s frozen And there some ice in spots I’ve never really been here in the winter, ya know? Never really had a reason to come here But yeah, this is fun! It’s a little weird going over the ice Oh, this is where it’s gonna get crazy [ice crunching] Don’t try this at home or at the State Park Wait till you see this ice down here. It’s crazy! [music resumes] [rocks crunching] I feel like this is probably better viewed from a drone, don’t you think? [drone taking off] I just met some nice people who are vacationing That was a lot of fun flying I was trying to stay up high enough that I wouldn’t bother the ice fishermen and I have these new quieter propellers which help a little bit whoa! It’s a little bit slick and muddy in here [motor spinning] So when I was a little kid, my brother and I used to ride our bikes right on this trail, right here. My mom would bring us here every summer Imagine if I would have had a Onewheel back then How much fun that would’ve been No need to peddle all over [tire rolling] I have came to a gate. Can I make it up this hill? Made it. haha You know, it’s like snowboarding without the snow and without the lift You don’t need the lift Cause you can snowboard up hills woo This is like a good place to do this ..honestly Whoa! Little speed bump If you happen to be an introvert, and you want to meet people, get a Onewheel Everyone will come up to you and talk to you It’ll be a good time Deep Creek Lake, guys If you haven’t been here, you should come here especially in the summertime or in the wintertime If you want to snowboard, snow ski, or Onewheel around like me. Perfect place to do this. Nice and cool. Get away from work. Relax. Enjoy yourself. hahaha So for those of you who are interested, I’m actually using my Canon 80d today I decided that since it’s a little bit lighter than my 6D Mark II I would pull it out and I mean I do have a 6D Mark II in my backpack if I wanted Oh man there was a tree that fell down here Must have been some crazy weather here on Friday because a cell tower actually got knocked out and I believe that was because of downed powerline at least that’s what I heard Well guys I think that’s gonna be it for this one If you’re in the area, come to visit Deep Creek Lake State Park there’s a lot of stuff for your kids to get into.. lot of playgrounds There’s 3 or 4 of them. If it’s cold enough, you could walk out on the ice at your own risk of course And in the summer time you can come swimming here Thanks for coming along for the ride Oh oh oh and if you got this far in the video, and you haven’t already, consider subscribing to the channel If you’re watching on Facebook, make sure to click the YouTube link. and subscribe and ring that little bell so that you won’t miss any of these awesome videos that we are doing here at Deep Creek Lake Alright guys. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace! [humming]


Loved the video, the editing (if U edit by yourself, you are a Pro)πŸ‘Œloved how freezing that landscape looks like and also I'm amazed cuz' almost every single time that I've being in Maryland (I've never found such a quiet place to just relax, I guess it's bcuz' of my hectic way of living life) but anyway; I need one of those, it looks funnier than a scooter… God speed!

Great Video! Found you through Rico…love his channel and love that guy. We did sub bc your channel and videos are legit really good! I know you said you do photography too and if you ever have some time I need some help with some features on my canon EOS m-50! I am getting the Hero 7 today from amazon but i also like that 360 that Casey and Peter Mckinnon did with i think Sony? I love the app that makes the selfie stick disappear and in editing the things you can do with it! Insane really…I just wanted you to know that you channel is really good! Love your b-roll the skate boarding (I just bought a skateboard yesterday been looking 4 one for about a week now in thrift stores actually in my last thrift store haul…lol) but i will be mostly picking myself back up off the ground when i am filmingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I've just been binge watching your videos since I commented on that onewheel unboxing, it looks hella fun! You've got some mad skills my man I hope you're still making videos I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for some more πŸ˜›

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