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Onewheel Electric Skateboard Android App Review

Onewheel Electric Skateboard Android App Review

This is Taren from Mobile Nations and Android
Central coming to you from the super fun Onewheel . Future Motion, the California company that
makes the Onewheel just came out with an Android app so they sent us the Onewheel to test out.
Stick around while we put the app and the Onewheel through the paces! There’s a reason that since the Onewheel
launched at CES in 2014 it’s been all over the internet: it’s crazy fun!
The Onewheel was invented by a guy named Kyle Derksen, who’s a mechanical engineer from
Stanford, so there’s a crazy amount of super smart tech in it that makes it work really
well. The Onewheel is shockingly easy to ride once
you get the hang of it. If you’ve ever snowboarded, skateboarded, or even ridden a bike you’ll
probably get the hang of it pretty quick It balances and drives itself through a 2
horsepower motor paired with a gyroscope inside the wheel that controls everything for you.
You lean forward, it goes forward, you lean back it either goes back or stops put one foot on one of the blue pads right
in the middle of the grip tape. Then put your front foot on the other blue pad, then just
stand up and lean forward which will instantly engage the motor.
After you get up you’ll want to just stand up tall without bending your knees because
that’ll make you really unsteady, think of it like riding a bike. If you want to move
forward just look forward, want to turn right or left just lean into it slightly. What I
found is that less is more on the onewheel The go-kart racing wheel is treadless and
it takes dirt, grass, and gravel, single track trail bumps and drops like nothing.
It carves and moves side to side like a skateboard, and goes as fast as 16MPH.
With just a 20 minute charge it has a 6-7 mile range so this could be actually the funnest
possible way for you to commute Turning can be a bit sketchy at the start,
especially if you’re going fast and not quite comfortable yet, so I would definitely
recommend booting around really slowly as you get used to using your hips and feet to
turn without thinking about it much I found that that the less I thought about
balancing and turning or riding the better I did. The more I thought about it the more
I chickened out and started getting wobbly ankles and bent knees. So just start slow
and gradually build up speed as you get more comfortable
Stopping takes a little bit of a sneaky manuever but it doesn’t take much to get the hang
of. start by slowing down by leaning back, scootch your foot forward off the blue strip
in the center of the grip tape which will disengage the motor and you can kick it back
and and get off. Now to the app
it app pairs by bluetooth almost instantly. Just turn bluetooth on on your phone, or through
the app and hit pair. It worked first time, every time for me. Through the app you can set if the lights
to be on or off, whether your speed and distance is measured in miles or kilometers, track
metrics like a speedometer and odometer on a car, and you can also connect to the @rideonewheel
instagram account Onewheel sells for $1,499 and you can buy
it directly through or at several key retailers which you can find on their
website As always thank you for tuning into Android
Central and make sure to subscribe to us and the Mobile Nations channel to see all the
videos that we crank out as we get more cool toys to share with you


When you said "fourteen ninety nine" as the price, i almost went and bought it outright, until I saw the actual price of 1,499.

If you are going to buy a onewheel, but you think is to expenisve, heres a coupn code that gives you free shipping (50 $ value). That may help you a bit 🙂

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