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Onewheel Electric Skateboard: The Hipster Way to Ride to Work | Plugged In

Onewheel Electric Skateboard: The Hipster Way to Ride to Work | Plugged In

Hey guys, I’m in Riverside Park and I’ve
got the Onewheel with me and I’m gonna go try it out for the first time. So the Onewheel is an electric skateboard with the giant 11.5 inch wheel. It has a max speed
of up to 15 miles per hour. It has a range of 6 to 7 miles and the battery
charges up pretty quickly in about 20 minutes. So mounting and dismounting
is a little bit different. To get onto the Onewheel you have to put your back foot
on top of this blue section on the back of the board called the Motion Pad and
then balanced on top of the wheel in the middle. So you lean forward to accelerate
forward and then you lean back to stop and move backwards and then you can
tilt your body left and right to change directions. Riding it for the first time was a little
bit scary, a little bit terrifying. Your legs are shaky. You’re not balanced. It takes
couple of minutes maybe to get acclimated to balancing on the board. For first-timers you probably
need to hang on to somebody or a rail but once you’re on the board and you
feel comfortable then you can start picking up speed. Getting off is terrifying
the first couple of times. To get off the board you have, kind of lift your
heel off the Motion Pad and then dismount. The Onewheel costs $1,500, which
is quite expensive in my opinion. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s not exactly sleek, 25
pounds and I just can’t imagine myself carrying this thing around ever. If you want something lighter, sleeker you might just want to consider a more
traditional electric skateboard.


have you yet tried the Focus Designs Self-Balancing Unicycle? It will likely take you 20-30 minutes to learn to ride, but it's not even close to scary to learn. A bit more expensive than this abomination, but ten times more fun. Twice the range on a charge too.

I love mine. When they came out with a financing option I was sold. Now I ride the damn thing everywhere I can. Soooooo much fun..

this review is horrible. does not consider a number of different factors and focuses on the hosts inability to figure out how to ride the board and give actual knowledge on a product that didnt come from the company spec page. no knowledge.

You guys suck, you merely tested it for a couple hours and said it was hard, it is not at all hard if you do just about any other board sport, my dad dosent at all and 2 days after we got it he was doing really good, our onewheel is great, it actually goes about 20 mph if you really push it, but they made a new one which I think would be "easier" for you wimps…

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