OneWheel.. FilmMakers Ultimate Sidekick

– Check this thing out. I bought this like five years ago, it’s all jacked up ’cause
I dropped it so many times. It’s an electric unicyle. And originally, I bought
it because I thought it would help me with like film making. I thought it would help
me get like smoother shots when I’m running around
with a camera on this. ‘Cause handheld is so shaky, and if I have a gimble I can
go much faster on this thing. And of course it’s got a nice big tire, and I kinda need it because
I live in LA and our streets are absolutely trash. But when I got it, I realized there’s one big downside of it is that, it’s incredibly hard to use. My hands are always like, whoa, whoa! So I can’t operate cameras
on this thing at all. And I thought maybe I could
use it just for transportation but I realize I never use it, simply because it just looks so goofy. Look at this thing, I look so dumb. Carrie, you wanna try
riding that unicycle? Hop on and then lean forward like that. – This is really hard! – The reason why you
guys have never seen this in my video is because I never use it. It just collects dust
in the corner of my room and I’ve always wanted
one of these. (groans) The OneWheel XR. And the thing is they’re
kind of expensive. Like this one specifically I think is like 17 to 1800 bucks. And I wanted one so bad but I was worried that it was gonna be something just like that electric unicycle, where it would just sit in the corner. But yeah, I’ve had the one
wheel for a couple weeks now and oh my god, I am in love with it. And by the way, this isn’t a
sponsored video or anything. I actually paid full price. Threw it on my credit card and the debt is still
sitting there. (laughs) But I definitely justified
it by saying like, Ooh I’m gonna use it as
film maker equipment. Well my big question right now is how does it do with like a
more professional gimble setup? This MoVI Pro does an excellent job of smoothening everything out, but it would be awesome to
just get that one extra step and just get rid of some of that footstep. Oh my god it’s so windy! And also the ability to go nice and fast without having to sprint
and being all tired, that would be awesome. But again, there is a pretty
big risk in doing this. (upbeat music) Whoo hoo, oh man that
is a little bit sketchy. I should probably practice with a much less expensive gimbal first. My heart’s like pounding. By the way I do not recommend doing this. At least, until you’re like
super super comfortable, but if you carry a red camera
and crash the OneWheel, that’s on you man. But it is feeling really
good, it’s feeling like extra smooth and I’m able
to like very effortlessly move much faster than before. So, very dynamic. Have you guys ever seen
that video of that guy on a Segway who’s holding
the camera, and then he like rolls up on a track and
then trips and then like knocks over that athlete? That would be like worst case scenario. But I gotta say this is
like super convenient. For me, since I’m used to
riding regular like this, meaning my left foot forward, it’s a lot easier for
me to shoot to my right. It’s definitely hard for me
onto shoot on my left like that just because I have to
turn my body all the way. I’m not that comfortable riding goofy yet, so right foot forward. Yeah at slow speeds it’s
still a little bit rough. And I’m like kind of wobbly but I think that just comes with more practice. Whee, Bye Jonathan. One of the things I’m
realizing is, it’s so much fun to just like location scout. I’m always looking for cool spots to film. So instead of like walking
around, driving to places, and looking for parking,
this is so much easier and I feel like I’m gonna
be able to find so many like really cool places. Well I heard that once you get
good enough with this thing you can ride on and off curbs,
so let’s give it a shot. That’s not so bad, let’s
try going up it now. So the theory is that you
have to pick up enough speed to get you going and then you wanna brake to lift up the front end,
have the tire hit the curb and then just push this side
forward to try to get it over. Not happening today. Let’s go to Vegas. The NAB’s about to start so
they should be announcing a bunch of cool tech and
like video related stuff. Should be a good time, let’s go. Looks like Vegas is about 280 miles away, so we could take the Jeep. Or we could take one of the motorcycles. But come on, this is gonna
be the most fun, right? (upbeat music) We were this close to making it, look. Battery on the OneWheel’s dead. Knew this whole thing was a dumb idea. Stupid, stupid! Guess we’ll just go back and get my Jeep. (upbeat music) Alright we have finally
made it to the room. Aputure, you know the
company that makes lights, they’re the ones that
invited me on this trip. And they hooked me up with
this sweet hotel room, and also had this waiting
for me in the room. Yes, this sweet SKB case, look at that. Some hats, I could do some representing. But hold up, what is this? Is this the dog from Up? I will have a little word
with the guys over at Aputure. But you’re adorable, so I shall keep you. (groans) What day is it? So I went around NAB for the last two days and I brought this camera with me. I’m like I’m gonna get so much coverage. I literally hit record
on this camera like once. This is what I recorded. Who put that doll in my case? Who was that? Who the hell was that?
– It would be this guy who’s hosting the panel. – Oh I knew it, that son of a (beeps). Alright so I got that gift package. I loved the hats, I loved the shirts, – Oh did you really? That’s great!
– I loved the light stands I loved the Barndoors.
– I’m glad, I’m really happy. – There was one more thing in there. – Oh what was it?
I was trying to figure out what son of a (beeps) did that? – What piece of (beeps),
thought it might be funny? Are you kidding me?
– I’m gonna have to cut now! – Of course I gotta give this guy.
– I’m gonna have to. I don’t even know what happened. What was announced at NAB? I don’t know it was all like a big blur. So it was super fun but also like crazy. Even if you’re in Las Vegas, the best way to find out all the cool stuff that’s coming out, NAB 2019. Oh SmallHD announced a new monitor. That’s actually kinda cool. You can control the Arri Alexa? Why do I have this here with me? It’s don’t, I don’t know dude. I was actually really stoked
about that because like Arri, great cameras. But they’re very much
designed for use with a crew. So I feel like there’s a
big step of like taking like a cinema camera like
this guy and making it a little bit more
single-operator friendly. Pull this off, just stick
that monitor on there, and almost use it more
like how red is used. Right now what I’m doing is so dumb. Oh my god. I’m back lit, I’m kind of under exposed, I have like one of the best cameras here, I’m a Youtuber talking about
cameras and how to make your footage look good. I’m in my underwear! In Vegas, just on the floor. I can make this video
look so good right now, like I have access to everything here. Propping this camera up with my wallet, so I got, kinda get a little
bit of like a higher angle. Glare on the lens, am I gonna fix it? No, I’m exhausted! Canon Sumire’s on, really cool, they’re like ultra high end lenses. It’s a little bit softer. And that’s the thing with lenses that’s kinda hard to explain is like there’s some lenses that are
designed to be nice and sharp. And then there are a lot of
lenses that look unique in a way and it’s not necessarily sharp or better, it just feels a certain way. Sumire seemed like they kinda
have this like vintage look. They’re full frame and they’re fast. Speaking of Aputure, they
did announce a 300D II, which actually seems really awesome. There’s a lot of features
that they just keep adding onto their lights to make it more versatile and user friendly. And it’s almost like an HMI replacement. It only draws like 300 Watts,
and they did make it brighter by making the LED more efficient. And they just keep stepping
up the game so that’s awesome. And they did give us a sneak peak at some of the new stuff coming out. For example, if you’ve been
wanting an Arri Skypanel S30C, but couldn’t afford it
because they’re expensive, keep an eye out on what
Aputure is rolling out in the near future. Promise you, cool things
coming from Aputure. I’m filming a video with Matti and I’m supposed to meet
with him in five minutes and I’m not ready, I’m on the floor. Oh god this is gonna be so ridiculous, me just like walking down
the hallways with this thing. So check out who I just
bumped into in the elevator. – Hey what’s up everyone? – How much attention do
you think we’re gonna draw just by walking around in
the street with this thing? – A lot, yeah, once you try
shooting a vlog on the red, and everyone looks away like this, and like they’re going places.
(Potato laughs) Yeah the moment your camera gets this big, people get really intimidated by it. – Yeah. – So, you know it’s like
having a giant rocket launcher on your shoulder. – Thanks for carrying my camera, all the way down.
– Great, see ya! – Where are you going? I heard there’s this
restaurant called Subway. – What’s that?
– They have like sandwiches that are like, and they’re pretty big
– Oh Subway! – Subway yeah! – Oh sick!
– Yeah this is so good. It is like–
– Hold on a second. Are you driving and vlogging? – I can’t even see in front of me, this whole camera is too big for that. – I’m not sure how I feel about this. – Did you ever used to be
the type that would take all your luggage and just
like carry it down yourself or do you always just use bell service? – No, I always carry it myself. – You carry it yourself? Oh man.
– Yeah, Finnish men can’t be bothered to bother other people, yeah.
– Really? (Potato laughs) – I used to be the type to
carry all the stuff myself but now I just get bell
service all the time. – Fancy man, fancy man.
– It’s, my life has changed. It’s like the best tip I
ever leave is just like goodbye, here, just take it. – Well that’s cause you
have like a million boxes of gear in the back there. – Look how full it is back there. – [Matti] Oh my gosh. – All right food time. I should probably stop
vlogging before I crash. (Potato laughs) Alright we just finished filming a video for Matti’s
channel with this beast. But yeah make sure you keep
an eye out on his channel to see what we filmed. But it’s just about check out time now, so we gotta pack all this
up and get outta here. (light music) How are you gonna fly that thing? There’s no wind. – [Carrie] Oh my gosh there it goes! – Let there be wind! All right, check out this. Whoo hoo hoo! (Potato laughs) You wanna ride with a friend but you’re too poor to get two OneWheels? All you need is a little dog leash, and you could just ride a skateboard. Here we go! – It was awesome!
– Really? – Can we do another one please? – Haha it’s fun huh? Dylan and I are both
training for the marathon. We’re gonna run it next
year, just kidding. Anyways, I can’t end this video without riding up a curb right? So let’s try again. It actually went up! I almost died though. Alright so this guy is saying, use your back foot to push
it up onto the curb so, let me try that. The curb hop probably needs
to wait for another video. And how about we just read
some comments instead? Our last video was all about hitting that 300,000 subscriber
milestone, so thank you guys. It was generally about what it’s like having 300,00 subscribers,
how it’s affected my life, and how I got here. Top comment was from Slide Wreck Dan. For 500,000 you should
have a green background. Well, it’s not a good idea guys. Putting any footage of yourself online in front of a green
screen is just bad news. Armando says, “Congrats
homie let’s grab some sushi.” You know what Armando? Just because I’m Japanese doesn’t mean all I eat is sushi, okay? I love hamburgers, I love steak. But yeah, you know, sushi
sounds great so let’s do it. Willy The Outlaw Chef says,
“Can you please do a video “on custom PC’s for video editing?” I am a Mac guy but I’m starting to look into the PC platform a little bit, because you are able to
get just so much more bang for the buck. So I’ve been looking at
a couple of PC options. I’ve been talking to Asus about
one of their power computers so we’ll see. Gene says, “I’m not random!” Title of channel is Potato Jet. I guess it is the most random
channel name ever, huh? Irah says, “Gene, now that you are 300k, “are you getting a Jeep Gladiator?” Oh yeah I am! I don’t even care that
it’s so goofy looking. Like I really, really love pickup trucks. Just having that bed is so
useful in so many different ways. I heard they just started
sending their first ones out to the dealers, so I’m excited. I should probably start making my way back before my battery dies. These things suck to carry
around, they’re so heavy. And that’s why I went for
this one, which is the XR because it has so much range. They do have a Pint, which has less range. It’s supposed to be a little
bit more nimble on the streets. And it’s under 1000, so
I think for most people that’s pretty good bet and Carrie really really wants one too. So I might have to get a second one or maybe even a third, I don’t know. And if you’re on the fence
of getting one, like get it. I’d been on the fence of getting one for the longest time and Matti
kept saying like, get one. You’re gonna have a
blast with it, and I am. This thing is so much fun. And I’m actually using it a lot. I already have a hundred miles on it, even though I just got
it not too long ago. And also if you have any tips for me on how to get up a curb,
leave it in the comments. I need all the help I can get. Hold up, hold up. I’m gonna do it, Okay? It’s gonna happen! (upbeat music)

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