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What’s up friends, Welcome to a new Aerial Tv video.. we are in Honolulu Hawaii.. an amazing island. i’m really excited, do you know why? Because, the Surfwheel USA send me this box i know what it is. let’s see it Sufwheel send me this electric skateboard to try it and enjoy it in Hawaii.. so.. let’s try it ! let’s try the Surfwheel that i think its awesome. let’s turn it on, now let’s open the app, here you can see the level of the battery, what the…? i broke the camera with the palmtree the Surfwheel goes to the water… im an axxhole.. With the Surfwheel you can do surfing or snowboarding at the same time you are travelling.. with a lot of fun, with a perfect balance. the police stop me because im using the Surfwheel on the streets ! they are putting me a warning for using the Surfwheel i cant use it in Waikiki. its really weir that i cant skate on the Waikiki street where the surfing starts a long time ago if you like this video you can give us a like send a comment.. and suscribe to see more videos every week in the description you can find the Surfwheel website thans for watching, see you on the next video Here in Aerial Tv


Que locura esos paisajes. Una meta a cumplir conocer Hawaii o Polynesia. Muy bueno el video, aguante Aerial 🤘🏼

Tengo una duda Los manubrios 4 piezas son buenos en si? Pasa q aca en zarate es muy raro de verlos de por si solo lo usan los "Pros" (Por decirlo de una forma)

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