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OneWheel+ Plus – The Truth – What I wish I knew buying the Onewheel+ XR

OneWheel+ Plus – The Truth – What I wish I knew buying the Onewheel+ XR

Here’s the reality of it is it easy no
is it cool yeah but there’s some things you gotta know I’m gonna cover that in
this video so that you’re not blindsided when not saying if when you buy one of
these one wheel plus so I’ve just ridden it for a few miles for the first time
I’ve done it in the driveway before that but this is my first kind of out and
about riding this thing right here hey it’s Michael Mansell what you just saw
there is one of my main first runs that I took on though Onewheel+ this is
something I picked up actually locally here in Tucson from Summit Hut they
carry them and it’s a great choice I did put a link in description of this video
that you can go buy them online great price located there for you so
definitely take a look at the link in this video if you want to pick up one of
these things but the reason I wanted to shoot this video is because there’s very
little videos on YouTube from the perspective of where I’m coming from I
am turning 40 years old this year. Fairly athletic my whole life, haven’t stayed in
the best of shape the whole time, but certainly try to stay in shape for
the most part but I’m coming from the perspective of never having really been
a skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder I tried snowboarding a couple of times
when I was younger I fell flat on my face and just didn’t like it so I went
back to skiing so I have been on skis but outside of that I don’t skateboard I
don’t snowboard I don’t surf and that’s really what these boards were created
from was for surfers skateboarders snowboarders with that being said I’m
coming from that perspective I don’t have the balance of expertise the calf
muscles the core that a lot of other people would normally have if they’re
jumping on a one wheel board like this I did try my nephews hoverboard I actually
tried an epic go I got one for myself I tried it out it was cool but it just and
I got the epic go all-terrain one that you see here in this picture it just I
don’t know it was lacking any type of real excitement so I thought you know I
really need to step on my game saw the one wheel plus I thought I got to try
this so that’s the perspective I’m coming from in this video and there’s a
few things that I want to tell you guys about then
people aren’t talking about that’s why I named this video the truth about the one
wheel board because there are some things that people just aren’t talking
about first of all shoes let’s talk about shoes do not wear cushy shoes
don’t wear your ultra boost don’t wear your Nike Vapor max don’t do it
wear skater shoes now this is the closest thing I got to skaters shoes I’m
gonna pick up another pair of some probably vans at Zumiez just to have
flat bottom shoes I did have this pair of Converse sitting in on my shoe rack
inside so I went ahead and put these on and these are a lot better but they’re
still feeling a little bit loose that’s something that I wanted to kind of give
you guys a warning about do not wear shoes that are loose on your feet just
don’t do it if they’re cushy if they’re soft don’t do it because what happens is
you’re gonna have the sensation of you you think you’re moving the board in
certain way but you’re really just moving your feet inside your shoes
another weird sensation that I felt was the feeling that my feet were slipping
off the board and it’s freaky it’s absolutely freaky because you’re going
you know whatever 11 12 13 miles an hour and say for instance your back foot
feels like it’s slipping off the board but in reality it’s not it’s your foot
slipping inside your shoe you need to have flat bottom shoes that are solid
and you need to have your shoes tied on fairly tight so that your foot isn’t
slipping inside in fact I’ve got some runners socks that have grippy stuff on
the bottom I’m gonna try those next time just to make sure that I don’t feel like
my foot is slipping inside my shoe because that sensation is absolutely
freaky I kept looking down at my feet it felt like my feet were just about to
slip off the board that is one big thing that I wanted to point out another thing
that I wanted to point out and that is when you first start going you want to
just really kind of commit and go with it there’s plenty of videos online about
how to get on these things and go don’t get on without it being on if it’s not
on you’re not gonna go anywhere so let’s put the on button here now you also saw
him a video earlier that I was wearing a helmet I was also wearing wrist guards
I’m not stupid I don’t want to get hurt I’m not out here break my wrist so if
you’re just starting out I do highly recommend that you man up and wear a
helmet and some wrist guards maybe even some knee pads shoulder pads shin guards
whatever you want to do to protect yourself
just don’t be stupid just protect yourself so when you first get on just
commit and go to four it is one of the main advices that I have because when
you’re moving it’s actually easier to control the board our driveway here is
actually kind of a longer driveway and the slower you go the harder it is
really to kind of control your balance I just kind of like it is on a motorcycle
if you’re moving you’re gonna have an easier time on the board so that’s one
thing when you get on just go on and just start moving a little bit you’ll
find it a lot easier the other thing is trust the board you hear this a lot with
hoverboards just trust up trust the board it’s it’s really true in the case
of the one wheel because the one wheel will keep you balanced if you just kind
of get your center of gravity low and trust the board that it’s going to keep
you level and balanced it’s also very true when you’re going across kind of
uneven terrain the more you can just push through it and trust the board the
better off you’re going to be another note here that I want to mention the
idea of the different setting the digital shaping that’s what they call it
it’s called digital shaping 2.0 and the idea of that is that the board is either
more fluid or tighter in terms of its responsiveness its balance and
everything and there’s a mode in there called delirium and it sounds scary but
after just having ridden this one wheel board for you know three or four miles
now I can tell you for a fact that until you go and just put the board on
Delirium you’re gonna be struggling with the board because what I found is the
fact that the board tries to overcorrect your body weight little caution here I
am a big guy I’m six seven 200 and you know 45-ish pounds so I I’m a lot to
keep balanced I’m allowed to keep upright and I’ve found that allowing my
body to do a lot of the balancing and not relying on the board as much in
terms of the mode that you have it in in the digital shaping settings I I had it
on mission mode on my first multi mile run that I did earlier today I found at
times myself fighting with the board like I knew I needed to shift my weight
a different way and it wanted to push me a diff
wait and I think that’s because it was trying to keep me so kind of in my
center of balance which would be fine but I was trying to navigate multiple
terrains and surfaces and that just didn’t work I needed to be able to kind
of shift the board differently almost like if I was writing a skateboarder or
snowboard I need to be able to shift that and I don’t know why my body
instinctively wanted to do that I’m not a surfer I’m not a skateboarder I’m not
a snowboarder I’ve said that multiple times now now that I have it on the
Delirium setting it’s so much easier it is so much easier for me to adjust and
adapt and kind of roll with the punches of the terrain because I can tell the
board what I wanted to do rather than the board trying to force me to do
something that I don’t want it to do so at the end of the day when I say trust
the board trust the board that it can do what you want it to do but if you have
it in say the mission mode you might find yourself fighting with the board if
you’re on uneven terrain now if you’re on just completely smooth pavement
there’s no bumps there’s nothing and yeah put it in one of the the more
Touring modes of the digital shape it’s and it’s great because it keeps you flat
it keeps you level all good so you haven’t tried to lyrium do it try
Delirium okay let’s talk about the dismount the dismount was probably the
thing that I had to get used to the most was stopping and then the dismount
there’s two ways to dismount my video is not really to teach you how to ride it’s
from if it’s for you to hear the things that I wish that I had heard before
purchasing the board and we’re trying it out for the first time so the dismount
two ways to do it jump off the board or lift your heel up is the other method
that they tell you to lift your heel up that deactivates the motor and you can
drop the board this board is weighted heavy on the left side because that’s
the side the battery is so it’s going to naturally fall to that side in fact if I
try to put it to this side and let go see that it just falls to the left side
this is also how you know which side the front is in which side the back is the
side that’s down is your back foot I do ride the board goofy I tried doing it normal but I just I
don’t work the other way my body functions way better riding at goofy
style if you go into your iOS settings in the one-wheel side of the iOS
settings you’ll find the one-wheel app and they’re going the settings and
there’s a little toggle switch for if you ride a goofy again don’t really know
what that does for it but there is a setting in there just so you guys know I
lift my heel deactivates the motor it’ll automatically drop down on the left and
I can very coolly and calmly step off of it that sounds really great in theory
but it’s actually harder to do than you think and this is the reason why when I
went first several times to try to lift my heel up naturally my bodyweight
started falling forward my bodyweight started falling forward and I lost
balance and I couldn’t keep balance anymore and I had to bail on it so this
is what I wish that I would have known counter your weight and bend your right
knee what I mean by that is don’t just try to lean forward instead you can see
both knees here of course I’m in an angled position right now bend your knee
and kind of lift it this way and and push your weight back so you’re kind of
like lifting your heel up and pushing your body weight back that way you can
stay level on the board wait for the motor to deactivate and then go so it
kind of looks something like this heel off down step off we do that one
more time so you guys can see that so you’re going you come to a stop heel up
down step off and that is the cooler way to do it one other way to do it which is
not advised and you might find yourself doing this and it’s okay is if you’re up
in this position and you lose your balance let your feet just slide off the
board and die kind of looks something like this and obviously you do not get
any style points for doing it that way but it works and you end up not falling
on your face when you do it that way so don’t be afraid to just let your feet
slide off get on solid ground don’t worry about the board the board is gonna
get beat up it’s inevitable it’s going to get beat up
I’ve had this board now for just a couple of days you can see here
already it’s I mean it’s getting chewed up on the bottom of course I’m riding on
hand seeded aggregate concrete here but just don’t worry about your board your
board solid it’s gonna handle it it’s gonna get beat up it’s just the nature
of this thing that’s my advice on it super cool devices super cool
hoverboards if you will I don’t really categorize them in hoverboards because
yes it’s a board that’s kind of hovering with the wheel but it’s a one wheel and
I think it’s in its own category obviously the price puts it in its own
category is definitely stepping up but if you want a nice commuter hoverboard
then the one wheel plus is definitely the way to go one other thing that I’m
going to show you here is the hill climbs so this thing climbs up hills
like nothing and as you can see here on my driveway I’ve got a pretty steep
driveway going on here I haven’t measured this to actually see
what the grade is but my guess is probably about seven or eight percent
actually probably closer at about ten percent over there on that far side and
I come up this thing without any issues at all the other thing that I wish that I kind
of would have been warned about maybe just because I’m not a skateboarder so
I’m not used to this but man do the calves burn when I’m on this and you’re
balancing there’s a couple of things that are going on your core muscles are
working harder your calves are working harder your feet are working harder and
my legs were just jello after a couple of miles and what I can tell you is that
take some breaks don’t be afraid to step off the board shake your legs out a
little bit if you’re not an experienced skateboarder or snowboarder or surfer
and don’t have that leg stability yet just know that after about a mile or two
your legs are gonna be burning and that leads to fatigue and when you get to
fatigue if you hit any type of bump in the terrain your your legs are not gonna
be responsive and you’re mentally gonna have to focus more on putting the energy
to those legs to the feet and really put some focus to it or you’re gonna just
eat it you’re going to and that’s the reason I put in this description that
you will eat it on this board you will go down on this board so just be aware
of that that if you don’t take some precautions and don’t be afraid I mean I
consider myself to be a pretty athletic guy you know I’m huffing and puffing
just going around on this hill because you’re really exerting energy when
you’re on this board now after a while maybe I get used to it and I don’t
really exert as much energy because my body is just kind of responding but I’m
actually kind of working now feeling like I’m getting a little bit of an
exercise or a workout as silly as that might sound on this board so don’t be
afraid to step off the board once in a while shake your legs out give them a
rest but this board is a lot of fun I highly recommend picking one up it’s it
certainly could be considered a toy but in my book is really more of a serious
commuting motorized vehicle if you will it really is I can see people using it
for just in town commutes casual commutes and even just kind of like a
good get outdoors workout type of deal because you really are working your core
you’re working your legs you’re working your calves and it’s mental stimulation
as well because you’ve got to really think through some of the terrain that
you’re riding on so go pick up yourself a one wheel link in the description
below subscribe to my channel here I just throw my life out there and what
I do online and this is one of things I enjoy doing it’s kind of coming to you
guys I wish that I’d seen a video like this before jumping on one of these
because I wanted to really know some of the ins and outs that I experienced so
hopefully this has helped you guys has be sure to subscribe to my channel share
it with other people I really appreciate the likes as well and Happy New Year


At 1:53 you show an off road hoverboard leaning against a wall. What brand/model is that? In your links you do have a link to a boosted skateboard but not that hoverboard. Just curious…

I’m 52 and I demo’d a OneWheel at a car show and was immediately hooked. I had seen your video, and now that I have one, I just watched it again. Great information, and spot on. Today I’m going to try some more advanced shaping and see how my riding improves.

Hey Michael…I'm 43…love the video. If you desire to get rid of the plus or hoverboard, please consider blessing me 🙂 I want to get into it so bad.

Awesome vid!!!!!! Quick question , how is this board with back leg fatigue ? I've got a couple electric boards and have ridden a bunch ( haven't tried this one yet) and after longer rides ( like 12 miles plus) ,even on the evolve gtx bamboo with inflatable tires , my back leg and heel is dead, just from the vibration I guess .

Thanks for sharing your thoughtful analysis. I want one so bad but at 68 years old, I feel this former snow- and water-skier and avid skateboarder and bicyclist's active years are at an end. I might have a few years left for something like this but hate to drop $1800 just to find out I'm no longer fit enough. Damn, life just ain't fair. I wish they had these things 10 or 20 years ago. If you are under 50, and ever rode a skateboard, you NEED one of these.
P.S. I'm a goofy foot too.

Since you have bought a couple of things to test out and report on, could you please get a Ninebot c+ and then give a review on it. Maybe compare the Onewheel and the Ninebot. Thanks

Only in america are people concerned with buying overpriced, hyped up silly toys for leisure playtime. While the rest of the world is preparing for economic winter fellow americans are worried about fancy gadgets.

I'd like to send you a couple of our shinny DIYE Fenders for your and your subscribers just because I'm older(__45) than you but your better!! I personally suck at riding Onewheel, that's why stock with designing accessories. Shoot me a Facebook Page Message diye.trademark if any interest. cool video btw

Thanks a lot for this video man. Your awesome, much props doing all these awesome "extreme" sports if you would call it that.. At your age.

Stay safe and continue having fun brotha 👍

just got mine a couple days ago. Was practicing on mission and got the hang of it for 2 hours in the park riding it around the block on smooth concrete surfaces with no bumps (got 5 miles of riding time with no falls). With a boost of confidence I thought I was ready for the bike lane on the main road while cars were driving by next to me. Was going on mission mode about 11 miles an hour and there was a huge ditch in the ground and I lost my balance ended up landing on my feet but I couldn't keep up and did a running fall and landed on my shoulder. Thankfully I had all protective gear on (helmet, wrist guards, knee guards and elbow guards) but still hurt my shoulder for the past 2-3 days and it's still sore inside. Kinda scared to ride it again but I'm gonna practice more on smooth surfaces now for about 10-20 miles before I take it out on the streets.

Word of advice make sure you practice a lot before you take it off road or near cars or anything because its different when you ride by yourself when no one is around than riding with obstacles/pedistratons, cars, bumps and what not.

Always wear protective gear then starting off because you can get serious injuries if you do something dumb.

So we spend 90% of the time looking at this guy's face?
I would have liked to have learned something about the board…

Super helpful video as I'm in my 40's (never been a skater/surfer/snow boarder) also and have been looking at getting one of these. Well, the pint or XR. Thanks for sharing your experience. Greatly appreciated!

Lmao hey hilarious perspective. I’m in my 40s and grew up in Hawaii and SoCal. Surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding is second nature to me. So I have the complete opposite perspective. Thumbs up on the video because my wife agrees with you and we appreciate the video.

Great video! Provided a lot of points that lead to my first OneWheel purchase. Similar situation…taller, heavier, older guy with no board sports experience, but just love the feeling of flying on it.

Spot on with the calves hurting. Resting and stretching is key! Also, the OneWheel community is very supportive. Loving my purchase so far. Thanks for the help!

I would love to hear your perspective on the Segway Mini Plus. Having ridden one for a year as well as spent a good bit of time on OW and a bit on hoverboards, I can tell you that the Segway mini is a different class of device in the same way that the OW is different from the hoverboard. I find it much more pleasing for distance commutes because I get the comfort of being forward-facing with the stability that I appreciate from the one wheel. I think hoverboards are ridiculously dangerous and way too twitchy compared to the other two. I have spent an entire life skating though and that is why I'm finding your review very interesting. It will also help me what interacting with others less experienced. Thanks!

Humble brag much? Show your entire house, garage, weak weightlifting for a stupid review. Enjoy your 200k views. You’re gonna need the $ @michaelmansell

Exactly the video I’ve been looking for about this thing. I’m 6’6 and was wondering how tall people do on these.

Keep your garage door closed you fucking twat. Hope you smash your nose into that car with your onewheel

Do they still sell it at summithut? Wasn’t able to find it in their page and I can’t find your link here either.

My buddy has broken ribs and also a shattered hand not to mention scabs and bruises pretty much everywhere. I will get one but you got to where full protective gear. I plan on putting my mx gear on. And I’ll be practicing on the dry lake bed haha.

Great video. I'll be turning 34 this month and am definitely considering getting one. Can't decide between the Pint and XR. Want the XR, but not that price.

hi im Michael Mansell and i have a corvette. did you see it? its a corvette. let move the camera a millon times so you know its a corvetter. okay? thank you. its a corvette and i have it,. me and my corvette.

9:02. “Don’t know what the Goofy mode IOS button does…but anyway if I lift my front heel, it powers off the board”.

Think about it. You probably answered your own question less than five seconds later. 😉

I would say that sliding off is not the best move. A couple of times the one wheel would still be active and my ankle caught the blunt of it. Jumping off with both feet is the second best method aside from lifting the heel.

Amazing video. Just great. Nice house and nice car! Have you ever tried electric skateboards? Lots of fun as well.

I’m in a similar boat as you. About the same age and build. I was looking hard at the OneWheel but I’m going with an Electric Unicycle instead.

Michael – Been a year and half since you go your OW. Any other thoughts on it as a purchase? Are you still using it? And, beyond a helmet and wrist guards, what other padding would you recommend people getting. I'm thinking about getting one for my 55th b-day next week, and have been on boards all my life. But I want to avoid injuries as much as possible. Have had a lifetime supply of them!

Thanks for sharing, you not only covered a lot but came with details. Making major changes after my first nosedive. Click my face to check the footage 🤙

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