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Original 1989 Back To The Future II Shoes are Crumbling and Being Sold On EBAY

Original 1989 Back To The Future II Shoes are Crumbling and Being Sold On EBAY

all right what up – my people’s and
welcome back to retro crunch. A nostalgia show that is all about retro
and if you’re huge back to the future fan now is your chance to own a piece of
history the original Back to the Future sneaker worn by Marty McFly and used in
the movie is up for sale and you can bid on it right now on eBay but the bad news
is it’s only the left shoe and this shoe is disintegrating this isn’t a
knockoff that you can buy for a few hundred bucks or a commercial remake
it’s actually one of the shoes that was made specifically for the movie but this
shoe for sale on eBay is definitely the original it was worn by Michael J Fox in
the movie and there were only a handful of them made in 1989 so it is the Holy
Grail purchase for most sneaker lovers what’s just as interesting though is the
condition this sneaker is in even though it’s been kept in a glass display case
for all these years the fabric seems to be holding up okay but the rubber and
foam sections of the shoe are rotting away really really bad and the back heel
cup is so bad that it is just crumbling to pieces it can be handled only by
someone with museum level care so you’re gonna have the pick up the shoe in
Portland if you’re the winning bidder and shoes ium is the online name of the
shoe collector Jordan Geller who back in 2016 said that he was gonna sell off all
of his stash of sneakers and it looks like this is part of that collection the
airmax have been released by Nike a few times since 1989
most recently complete with an automatic lacing system and each time they’ve sold
for thousands of dollars so if you’re a bit too broke or squeamish like I am to
fork out eighty thousand dollars you can get some knockoffs off eBay for a few
hundred bucks I’ll post a link to the auction down below for you guys so happy
hunting all right my fellow retro heads hope you all enjoyed this retro news
update and I’ll catch y’all on the flipside and remember if it ain’t retro
it ain’t worth watching


Damn this shoe was my dream when this came out lol. Great video and a great channel. Found you via Nick Nimmins channel. As a video creator myself here on YouTube I always try and support my fellow creators with great content so you just earned yourself a new sub!

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