Outdoor quad skating: stagger and stop!

Hey! It is Sass here, and we’re to talk about going downhill and how to stop when outdoor skating. I’ve been using these toe stops – lemme sit down. I’ve been using these toe stops outdoors and the thing about toe stops outdoors is they get a lot of wear. I feel like the metal on this one’s about to poke through at any given second. Because you know, the surface is really rough. It just scrapes up all your stuff… including your gear. So! You want to not use your toe stops, as convenient or comfortable as it might be. So we’re gonna do a one-footed plow on our way down. If you’re going straight, going fast, and sometimes doing a full plow is really spooky-scary and you might hit something. Kind of like all outdoor skating, you want to be able to stagger. So if I’m going over a crack, all my wheels aren’t on the crack same time Because that’s how you trip and fall. You go, “Oh, no, the same time!” So the one for the plow is going to be My left foot is gonna go straight at all times. It’s just gonna roll. My right foot is going to go out for a plow And I’m just going to consistently do that. So, plow. Plow. Woo! Almost fell down ’cause I’m leaning backwards. Plow. And a good way to do this is… To only lift your FRONT wheels off the ground. So you don’t always have to actually be lifting your right foot – your plow foot. You can actually only lift your front wheels and Continue, like, skating on your back wheels, so you’re not likely to trip or just suddenly lose momentum. ‘Cause you’ve still got the momentum. You’re just gonna actively slow down. So! Going down this kind of scary hill – it’s not that big, but it’s enough to show you what I mean. So left leg is going, pick up some speed, it’s getting a little scary! Right leg, pick up Plow. Pick up, plow. Pick up, plow. Pick up, plow. The Sun is not helping me with this… So I just continue all the way down the hill. So I don’t have to do one big stop all at the same time when I freak out. You can do that, too But it’ll just use your toe stops a lot. So! Hopefully that helps, and skate safe! Watch up that, watch out for that… Watch out for that… It’s a good time with footwork. Let’s do it!

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