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Outside Lands 2019: Wallows Talk Skateboarding, New Album

Outside Lands 2019: Wallows Talk Skateboarding, New Album

b-sides on-air on location and Outside
Lands 2019 we are joined by the lovely gentlemen of wallows
yo reigning rule and Dylan a thread welcome back to San Francisco Golden
Gate Park this is typical you guys I know are you familiar with this weather
at all yeah I guess so yeah yeah I’ve been in this festival a couple times I
love it yeah yeah it’s great then today you see here saw Radiohead I
saw Whitney I saw a shot of Puppets gorillas they’ve seen so you can see
they sing a lot of people here yeah yeah nothing is more iconic than the fog
rolling in and the Minu new falling and flying around here at Golden Gate Park I
love it yeah I love big bitch sails like Sanford Sanford Misco is what I said oh
yeah he didn’t land but it’s very I like it I like it a lot I’m from Ohio like
Midwest so like this some mornings like this yeah I guess that low in wind fog
or something or something yeah like rain falls and yeah I know you guys are named
wallows because of their awesome skate spot in Honolulu correct and you’re the
Tony Hawk underground fan but uh but in pro skater for San Francisco what
happens later I was seriously at her for oh man I played one two three
underground oh wow so are you are you a skateboarder or do you only play so no
yeah I used to skateboard all the time like that was that was my main
my main thing when I was growing up like me and my friends in my neighborhood we
got skateboarding all the time and I’d like jump staircases and grind and do
all that you know the daily grind so so you need to come out here just to hang
out and skate the average so the way the avenues is like a skate so on
all the avenues come downhill they start off around Geary and come all the way
down toward the park all downhill so just an FYI next time you come sign on
let’s get to drag these guys do you skate it all Dylan or not really pushes
Mongo so he’s among those skaters skating crazy them very easy wow that’s
cool Congrats on this album a lot of
recognition and you know I think the first thing that people at least some
people that I’ve talked to you initially was man
they sound British to me they didn’t even know about you guys or anything
like that and you know how do you how do you react to that is that a good thing
or sounded finish that we sound British I think that’s cool I mean some of our
favorite music like the Beatles obviously we’re all huge Beatles fans so
like the whole British Invasion thing is sort of I guess important to us whether
we really realize it or not so I’m cool with that
yeah they’re cool with that yeah we met up with Reggie Watts a couple times we
played the Corden you know and he was there and I he told me it was like when
I first heard you guys I thought you were a 25 year old Australian band wow
that’s what he got that was the impression I was like huh couple years
younger and from yeah marika but obviously there’s some standout tracks
on there but one of my favorite is worlds apart
whoa I feel like I don’t know for whatever reason really spoke to me Wow
how did that song come together and who wrote it and where were you you know I
was I remember well I was sitting in my room and I was
like I was listening to some marine EP by Alex Turner the the you know Arctic
Monkeys singer he did a needed songs for the movie submarine and I was trying to
just write a song inspired by that like I was very inspired by that EP and I
this is one of the first things I did and I remember sending it to them and
basically we did it in the studio a totally different way than I was written
on acoustic and then we just kind of filled it out with with our producer
John Congleton and became what it is today and I’m very happy you like it
because I like that one as well I mean for me I selfishly hope that you release
it as a single and come up with some creative video or visual for it you
knock a little NAS acts off the charts with that one yeah do you do a mash-up
with Old Town Road or anything like that seems like that’s the thing now do all
town world hotel world map worlds apart final question I’m asking this of
everyone in my life not just artists but September 20th this Facebook group has
over 2 million people signed up to go rate area 51 yeah see what’s up with the
aliens are you down are you curious it actually goes to do that you’re so
stupid sane yeah apparent I’ve heard through the rumor mill that area 51 is
more of like a front that it is actually where they keep secret stuff Penley
there’s a place down in like Palm Desert where they actually do like spacecraft
like it’s very low-key but area 51 is kind of like oh yeah like area 51 like
it’s spooky in like there but everyone’s aware of that but of course it’s not
gonna be where they actually do stuff so especially know how they would
especially now good points yeah so you know there’s I like to believe I think
aliens are definitely real and all that but area 51 yeah yeah all right they’re probably
worlds apart from us anyway Oh on that note I really appreciate your time and
look forward to the set and that’s luck with everything
thank you thank you this guy’s wallows we’re outside lands 2019 b-sides on air
thank you


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