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Oxelo Sneak-In inline skates review 2016

Oxelo Sneak-In inline skates review 2016

I bought these new skates Called Sneak-in You can see it here, it’s made by OXELO I don’t know to speak that name anyway, it’s sold only in Europe as far as I know by DECATHLON which is a sports gear megastore of sorts I bought it in Moscow, Russia it was in sale, so I bought one just to try it out The thing is, these skates, you actually use your own shoes to wear them just like the Doops or the Xsjados but this is a little bit of a different design right? with the doop, this front part of the skate comes off off of here so you put your foot like this and in this (design) you have this lever and it just goes to the back it goes like that so you actually get your foot in through the back and then it goes up and you get like this right you can see I’m wearing just like here you have 3 points and one of the things I like in this is is that you have 2 points of adjustment right here in the middle of the foot you have the 45 buckle in each side even after you close the buckle put all the way forward you can’t put the buckle like this. you have to move it all the way forward to do it and then it easily locks in place and then you have just a normal classic skate with the 3 points of adjustment the notable thing about these skates are the bindings right? but the frame itself is not worth mentioning a lot it’s not a really sturdy frame the wheels are not that good they are 80mm 80A you can probably see it right here they are too soft for urban they have really good grip, but they will melt away in asphalt the frame has a standard 165mm mount right here and here and I just noticed it’s off-center you can see it’s not a one-piece aluminum frame it’s here, and here you can see you have screws here right these are not meant for tricks not at all but it’s good enough to move around to get to the subway, to get to work it’s confortable enough for workouts and I think it’s actually better than those fitness “soft boots” skates yeah, I could say that you can just change the wheels and bearings if you want to because it’s (the skates) so cheap, so inexpensive and you have this here it’s not fabric, it’s some kind of rubber here is fabric just like your usual skate but here it’s just rubber its surprisingly comfortable I don’t have any complaints here the thing about this skate is you have really cheap buckles you can’t change them it’s plastic and really thin it doesn’t feel sturdy at all it feels cheap it feels like it’s going to break if you abuse it this micro adjustment buckle here is really good but it feels it’s going to break but this part no, this part feels like it’s going to withstand, probably I’m wearing this kind of low cuff shoes these are futsal shoes made for actually playing futsal anyway, I think they are good skates I just bought them. I have them for a week now they are good for doing some errands around the city do some workout and they are good because you can they them off in the subway and you are already wearing your shoes you don’t have to carry a separate bag for the shoes you can carry them easily by these straps it’s a good alternative for fitness skates because you are alredy wearing your shoes your shoes are comfortable and it’s strong enough, you have good lateral support this is sturdy this is strong right you even have reflective tape here in the heel area you have this good grip tape just ike skateboard grip tape yeah, I think they are good enough for the price, they are awesome of course it doesn’t compare with a SEBA or a powerslide EVO but for a fraction of the cost, they are really good so if you intend to buy new skates and you are in Europe or you can have someone bring it to you I payed, like, 60 dollars (USD) for them so it’s really cheap the wheels are not that good, the bearings are average but it’s really practical and I think they are worth buying definitely but you know, they are not meant for tricks you are not going to do slalom freestyle (competitively at least, you can play around) they are not meant for aggressive of course they are just this light urban thing to commute or fitness it works with running shoes because I tested it worked with a little boot it works with various kinds of shoes and of course, comparing it to the Doop everything on the Doops are higher quality the buckles, the straps, the velcro (the bearings the wheels, the frame, the whole thing actually) everything but I actually prefer these kind of wrapings (bindings) instead of the doop Because I had many problems with my Doop and my Xsjado they actually hurt my feet and this didn’t (yet) even though it was a 60 dollars skate I bought the “M” which is 41/42 Europe sizing 26cm in Japan 8 or 8.5 in US 8 untill 9 (maybe 9.5) the M size could be good enough maybe if you wear 10 or 11 (or up) you should go with the Large L the doop actually changes (adjust) sizes they fit anyone but these don’t. they don’t have any adjustments to the size you have to buy it for the size as well it has a 250mm wheel base. it’s not bad, its really good. but I felt the frame is not in the right place for me I guess it’s too much forward you can see the toe is here and the axle is a little bit forward it was not easy to do one-wheel balancing I don’t know, I’m used to the 239mm wheelbase, so 250mm just felt to be a little too long i guess. I don’t know other than that those are really good skates I don’t have any major complaints don’t buy them thinking what they are not they are meant to be practical if you are looking for serious sport equipment like “I’m going to skate marathons” or “I’m going to skate every single day for 20km+ wearing those cool lycra skin tight” then go with the professional skates those are for those casual skaters that they are probably not going to skate only to skate maybe they are going on a date maybe they are just going for the park (walk the dog) maybe skate a couple kilometers and then get some ice-cream I think these are moeant for those people

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