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Ozzy Man Reviews: Excavator Fail

Ozzy Man Reviews: Excavator Fail

What a sensational day to transport industrial equipment. These fellas on the boat are looking to borrow their neighbors excavator. Which is fucken great. I wish I had a neighbor with an excavator. I’d borrow that shit all the time. You could build your own swimming pool on the weekend. Imagine that Yeah nah, my neighbors don’t have anything good to borrow. bunch of fucken povo wankers the only problem here Is that an excavator is quite cumbersome I think their strategy so far to get it on the rickety boat is good I’m sure they know what they’re doing Yeah of course they do if you’re the proud owner of an excavator you definitely know the best ways to transport it no one buys an excavator and takes unnecessary risks with it No way, Jose. this bloody thing is more expensive than a Tesla. You’d look after it! You would look after it. Ahh hello! I don’t want to jump the gun, but! Maybe they underestimated the weight. I don’t think the bridge was engineered for heavy vehicles. There’s no sign up with the weight limit written on it. Ahhh shit! Yeah, nah it’s not the driver’s fault, there was no sign. Or the excavator’s fault. It’s the bloody dodgy bridge engineers’ look at all the men rush in to use their muscles. Do they even lift, bro? How much can these dickheads bench? They seem confident they can pull an excavator onto a boat. Fuck me Or maybe they’re hoping their massive balls can balance the weight. I definitely would have abandoned ship by now. No one wants to be like those idiots in Titanic. Who took ages to get to a lifeboat. And then just died. Ahh there we go! All the smart people are fleeing. The excavator driver is not giving up though. He’s got a fucken idea! Have a look at this idea! He’s gonna use the bucket, AS A CLAW!!!!! And drag the bloody thing onto dry land. Oh, Wow!! It’s a creative idea. I reckon they’re in need of pragmatic ideas, but the creative ones are entertaining. Nah It’s not going to work. The driver says fuck this, I don’t even have a licence. And he manages to get out alive. That’s not a bad outcome! They had a crack, They gave it a fair dinkum crack, No one can take that away from them. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to be able to salvage anything here. They’ve lost the boat, the excavator. Their dignity. yup It’s all gone. The ocean has fucken swallowed it all. Oh well, No one said borrowing industrial equipment from your neighbor would be easy. Just bloody give the insurance company a ring, I reckon.


This is the kind of people being flooded into Europe through mass immigration that stupid they think they can hold a heavy plant vehicle down to stop it sinking at back talk about retarded God help Europe with millions of these backward dum fucks flood in next few years this lot paying your pension you are told don't make me laugh.

It wasn’t a good idea to start off with.
But if it was a must.
It could’ve been possible if they had a proper driver.
He didn’t know what he was doing.
No balancing out the vehicle whatsoever.

Laughed my ass off at this video. The narrator was hilarious at describing the events as they unfolded. "F" this, I don't even have a driver's license. CLASSIC!!!

You sound like a Australian, you used to be good at sport, when your sportspeople were professional and the rest of the sports world were amateur, now your a third world country, how about a bet on the outcome of the Ashes starting in August

It was the operators fault didn't know what he was doing if he did that machine would've been on the boat

What a waste of gear. I’d love to own that excavator. I’d dig a hole for those guys & bury them in it, ALIVE

This is why physics for rather engineering can be very helpful in letting you know if the boat could hold this massive fucking Excavator.

After a long laugh….

Ozzy jokes apart,

The ignoramus that suggested this boat transport knows nothing about physics or buoyancy.

Lucky they did not drop it with crane and set sail, they will be top heavy and just a little nudge by tiniest water wave they topple over with shore far away. Little time to react

This is least they got.

Музыка из терминатора должна была быть в конце))))))))Terminator)))

I am Indian and this man taught me English commentary in just 10 videos!!

Now all I can say is Wankers/Cheeky Bastards/Nah Fuck U/Bloody dickheads! 😂😅😂

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