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Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails

Ozzy Man Reviews: Gym Fails

OK, I’ll be clear from the beginning that I do not wish to shame people for going to the gym. My intention is to learn from these videos, because I need to start going. What we are witnessing here is that warming up is very important. I have some self-taught Kung Fu skills too, so I could do this one. Aw now he’s straight into it. You can’t spend the whole day warming up, can ya? Sooner or later ya have to pump the iron and pump it, fucken, hard. This looks like a great workout. You do need to know your limits at the gym. Of course ya wanna push the limits, we all do, but without the limits you can end up crushed, squashed, stretched, and panicking. If you go too hard, too soon, the equipment will punish you for it. I personally do like to avoid going arse over tits. Even though this fella seems pretty happy about it. I would argue working out is similar to love, only fools rush in. Perhaps observe the people around you first, see what they do right, what they do wrong. Or maybe there’s no right or wrong. You just be yourself. Don’t be yourself too much, not many people wanna see that, but yeah nah nah yeah be yourself. Don’t laugh at your friends. When you see them working hard and you laugh at them, you’ll shatter their confidence, so do not laugh. (- Farting under the pressure)
(- Lol) Remember to have fun. If you wanna be Spider-Man, then bloody well fucken practice being Spider-Man. He’s a popular hero and it’s more expensive trying to be Iron Man. Yeah, just pretend the gym equipment is a building and you can climb it. If anyone says “er you’re not using the machine properly”, tell ‘em to “get fucked.” They’re probably jealous because you’re a very good Spider-Man. And who knows? The original fitness routines you invent could turn out to be revolutionary. Everything looks stupid as fuck the first time it’s done, but then it catches on and everyone starts doing it. Sometimes. Maybe. Or not. As long as you get the blood pumping in the heart, that’s all that matters, that’s mostly all that matters really. I like the look of this routine. This seems like one that could help millions of wankers get very sexy beach bodies. Fit people always say there’s no shortcuts to losing weight. This looks like a shortcut to me. I don’t think I could do this one. I’m gonna call it now, I’m gonna cross this off. I also just don’t like the idea of being able to smell my own arsehole. It’s not appealing. Nah. Nah. This is my jam. I need to watch elliptical videos. This is like one of those little rides at the shopping center. You put 2 dollars in, you go round and round. It’s fun. Yeah this is inspirational. I would like to get to the stage where I can bench press women. Maybe not like this guy, but more like the legend Eddie Hall. Slow, steady, composed. The sheilas get to enjoy it. They know they’re in safe hands aaand you put them down nicely. Then everyone fucks off to the pub for a beer. Stay away from these bouncy balls. It never ends well. I have never seen a video where they make anyone healthy. Yep, I dunno, maybe this dog has got it right, just being at the gym is enough. You don’t need to get all sweaty and tired, being in that environment alone, makes you feel good. The most difficult part is showing up, so if you can do that you’re gonna be fucken golden I reckon.


Pretty much every gym has that Y shaped cable thing. There's a short girl at my gym who caps off her set by just letting the cables go at full tension. The weights come slamming down and the cable grips snap back into place at 200 mph. I like how she just throws the grips with an attitude like "I'm too short to put these back properly. I don't give a fuck". It's kind of hot.

The reason he can do this is because he’s spent to much time trying to suck he’s own dick 2:27

Everyone is so fuckin desperate to look cool….then they take that shit to the gym and make a fool out of themselves.

You sir are one of the funniest people on YouTube, IMO, and you fucking rock! I now start my day with a cup of coffee and a few laughs with Ozzy Man Reviews.

That one video with the people run at each other with the exercise balls, happened at my school lol. Fuck Kings High School. Great meme tho

A girl hires a personal trainer to help her boyfriend to get fit and he asks her "what machines would like to see you bf work on?" and she say " THE ATM 🏧 MACHINE PLEASE "

So today I was doing deadlifts maybe like 120 135 lbs .dude next to me was doing 300 lbs . How did I feel? Good I just started again. Used to do 245 too.

It’s really really reeeeeeeelly sad that all of these people are more fit than me……….by a lot. It’s also difficult to understand how they’ve lived this long.

I swear I better not see anyone doing this shit at my gym cus ima lose it and embarrass the shit out of them lol

Some of the "stuns" look cool, but if you were at the scene, or if you've been to gym.. you know how loud it can be when they fucking release it all the way down. I hate people dropping weights on hard surface in gym.

You went very easy on these stupid dickheads using gym equipment to do fucked flippies and spreadies.

Wear clean underwear if you're going to be at the gym fucking up. We don't want to see your shit stains while we're looking at the ladies.

Imagine being the guy who lost his pants at the treadmill and being right behind sex thrust machine guy. Just get that oil ready.

Pretty much every one in this video will go to Snap City eventually. I guess the only exception is the guy at 1:51. That shit was impressive and really hard to do. It's an unconventional way to use the machine like that but after 20 years going to the gym, I've seen some borderline crazy things and some original and some what cool exercises using machines.

Bloody hell! This bloke want me to hit the JOIN button to support him?!!! Get off your lazy bum and find a job, or find a rich bird with no brains. Bloody hell mate!

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