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okay guys so it is currently the next
morning and I haven’t even taken a look at the footage yet I’m really frightened
out right now because of the fact that late last night I woke up once again and
I still thought something touching my feet I looked over at Lizzie she was
completely asleep chris was sleeping still so I have no idea what the heck
keeps touching my foot and keeps waking me up but it’s pretty weird and it keeps
creeping me out what I’m gonna do is probably end up hitting the gym right
now and then I’m going to come back and actually look at that footage I just
want to get my mind off of that I want to try and go to the gym and get a good
workout in so I’m just going to take my pre-workout now get to the gym get a
good workout in and then directly after that we will sit down and watch the
footage and see what happens in what recorded over throughout the night
Lizzie’s rockin 210 gear that were going to be releasing students for girls
there Sophie pants and we got the tank top as well and Lizzie said it’s really
comfortable really comfortable I’m super flexible trying to do squats girl as she
falls Lizzie also made some pancakes this
morning Mickey Mouse pancakes I need it I ate it not to think I’m not
the Mickey Mouse one you made me other ones earlier going on a boy you know
summer they get him some camo merch I’ll be able to break it yeah would you smell
no you look at my mouth talking about licking mouth for some reason seal is
scared when I open my mouth is my breast now I don’t know I like I did this all
the time with the oh where I put like ciose mouth mean Gio Gio yeah I would
put like his face in my mouth I just like I don’t know but Gio would like it
I tried doing it the Pheo and now like all of a sudden he’s scared of it so
when I say your breath know this all the best it just sounds like a pre-workout
right that’s it let’s just scared you get huh yeah he’s getting scared see how
he’s pulling batty segments but watch what I do it when we think you’re gonna
eat him or something glad you get scared voice you get scared one more time oh did you get scared
I just chill my shoulder let’s go come on go go or gal see ya ma yeah that was a bad boy I got you little
cutie I destroyed it at the gym yesterday like I did a bicep workout I
feel amazing I’m definitely feeling sore but it’s a
good store feeling it’s not like one of the sewers feelings where I feel like I
can’t move my arm for the rest of the day it just just shows really good we’re
going to be hitting triceps today nice little pre-workout cookie but I didn’t
have anything to eat this you got a cookie too mm-hmm so Aidan isn’t working
out with us currently right now which is unfortunate because we don’t have a
speaker Aidan’s usually the person who brings the speaker all the time so I’m
going to try and play it through my phone but it’s not going to be nearly as
loud I feel like I’m not nearly as motivated when I’m not listening to
music like if I’m listening to some hard music that like pumps me up and gets me
ready for the gym it’s always motivating me way more than just coming to the gym
and working out with no music on absolutely whatsoever
I try my best to work with what we got I actually did order speaker the other
night that should be coming in in a couple of days so I’ll just use that
from now on if Aiden does not come with us at the time my boy Adan came in and
he bought a sneaker let’s go let’s get it now now we can work out real hard
this is killer workout today do we be going in these past couple days it’s
almost like Patsy like every day I feel like great so you know it was fine for
now so no we got to check that footage dude I feel like I’m gonna be paranoid
the rest of the day after watching I know it alright guys so this is the
footage I’m probably gonna be ended up skimming through it because it is about
like 30 minutes of footage for some reason my camera died I guess it only
recorded about 30 minutes of it so let’s check to see if anything actually
happened so here’s me trying to talk and I guess
my camera microphone wasn’t on or either was on and it just wasn’t working
so let’s skim through this is just me trying to like get cozy trying to fall
asleep turning I might have been I think I was out right here yeah I passed out
pretty quick I remember then you got turned slightly here one that’s a weird turn it almost looked
like I didn’t even turn myself it was really slow but it’s my hand done am I
like going to grab you or something what what that’s weird I think I was out at
this point oh yeah yeah look at you Lizzie you’re
forgetting your mouth a doughnut I can brand my nose before I was what was my
hand is doing yo that was weird I don’t think I like I
don’t think I usually move in my sleep I know like talking my sleep do I do I
move in my sleep like that I guess I’m still like passed out it’s getting
forward oh I move play it from that point why am i turning so slow why my Chinese
don’t flow ha ha I was outside a push you automated alright sleeping sleeping
sleeping sleeping breathing okay here’s hand movement going on let
me pull it back or not but don’t we just see it moving
oh right oh right there where’s my hand doing do I usually do
that when I sleep I’m usually sleeping else thank you the real question
it’ll finger pointing at the cabin is it not find us
that’s really weird I don’t think I usually move money here what I don’t even understand what my hand is
doing Oh get away from me looks like in the picture I don’t know I
don’t normally do stuff like that like I know I’ve got a long talk in my sleep I
don’t know I might think like that my finger just like switch that’s like
that’s like me normally moving though like the movements before where my whole
body was just stiff as I turned it almost looked like somebody pulled it or
I don’t know if I called him on camera but I know 100% I woke up last night in
the middle of the night and something was like grabbing my leg again because
it’s happened the other day and you were dead asleep and so is Chris I can’t do
something I like this so let’s skim through a little more on what is that
this was like 3:00 a.m. when I recorded this I was like extremely tired I waited
like I just have to pass out so definitely normally turning like that’s
how normally I would turn but I’m creeped out about the beginning because
if you guys saw the beginning like here I’m going to skim backward we had almost
20 minutes watch this watch how I turn I turn here hold up watch how like slow I
turn almost like I’m being pulled your arm yeah and then there was another like
the arm just goes up out of nowhere that’s kind of freaky let’s see if
anything else happens in the video so we’re at about 19 minutes
that’s why turn yes guys we know it’s normally moving you’re safe we’re just
looking for any meters in all spots yeah any like weird any like weird
unusual movement that’s one last second and then I guess my camera died so let
me play from like the last couple seconds
like there’s only like five seconds left yeah I think that’s where my camera just
shut off okay so I don’t really know what to make out of that because I
remember late last night once again somebody I did wake up and I don’t know
if my timer were supporting a sign if you guys see this bright light around it
I had like a little like a little LED light that I set off so you guys could
see because they’re super dark in the room so that’s the light that you guys
see behind it but I can we did it again tonight
do it again I’m doing it all right let’s see if I can get a camera maybe that’ll
stay on like the entire night if possible maybe I can plug something in
I’m not sure could it go to our value I could record on my laptop one of my labs
talking reported that’s freaky though that like my hand just like went up like
that that’s really weird and how I moved really slow alright guys I’m going to
set it up again tonight and see if I can record throughout the night because I I
swear I wish I got it on camera or something with like grabbing my light
because that was really bad well we’re reporting tonight lucky and tomorrow’s
video yeah so you guys will have to see that tomorrow all right um well that’s
where I’m gonna keep watching this but we’ll see what happens later on tonight
I guess Chris you’re humming what song no you tired you get more sleep from
ticket all right let’s do want to open some of these packages we got a fan
package right here oh we also got this last night and I didn’t get a chance to
show you guys yet but somebody actually sent us over these marshmallows that
have our faces on it look how cool this looks so if all these pictures put on
actual marshmallows that you can eat so cute it’s really cool so we’re going to
open up that package and we also have another package that was sent to us from
this company that is pretty cool so we trying those things out you know it’s
funny all these packages that we got today that one has been your computer
yet I know I ordered a computer I told you guys this that’s the whole reason we
have that desk over there now but we should be getting that computer at some
point today I’m going to set it up gonna be really quick which would help a lot
with my editing too all right so the other package actually wasn’t a fan
package it was something I ordered online but
this we actually have some merch right here that I didn’t show you guys yet so
these are some more yoga pants for girls that we will be releasing pretty soon
and then we also have the shorts for the guys that I told you guys about and then
we got some more Sophie shorts and leggings and and stuff like that and
then we have a tank top the tank tops we have I said the gray tank top for drove
my mom was rocking this the one time I’m on the blossom or tank tops and more
merchandise I’m trying to see if there’s anything else in here did I show you
guys yet another gray one and that oh we didn’t show you guys this Lindsey was
rocking to see other night it’s kind of like what is it like booty shorts I
don’t know poppy I could tell you these like coffee booty
shorts I don’t know so you guys will see that I think we’re going to be releasing
those around like June 8th and then let’s check out the other thing that we
got which is over here alright this company sent over this thing it’s called
a jazzy now it’s pretty much like if you guys have ever played what are those
things called Lizzie where you would bossed each other with it and they blew
up I know walking in that yeah you would blow up these little things and they’re
almost like on your fin yeah and you would pause before remember yeah but
that was like a different very yeah I know but it I just play with them when I
was a little kid and they were really fun so it’s like a boxing glove and you
hold the grip and you push out and just like it almost like extent so I’m just
gonna have to show you guys whoa we got helmets too all they got LED
lights on it what I can figure out how to turn it on oh maybe if you get hit it
turns on whoa they hook this up see you guys you get to work out whoo how do you
do it is that you have to do thanks I think I stick my hand through here and
then oh that’s cool hey yeah let’s get hurt oh it’s like a
little boxing game ah video ah man I’m just chasing it with a so scary my turn
all right here gonna try it out let’s see if you can do it here hit me with it
oh it’s not bad at all that’s pretty cool I want to you want to
try and play it like an actual going with it you’re so terrified of it wow
that hurt so now Chris is finally awake so Milla’s you’re gonna fly yeah what’s
going on here oh my gosh I’m down I’m done hungry not an energy for always all
my energy in the gym now I’m Lizzy oh I guess he gets jabbed a couple times now
he’s hungry yeah oh my god we’re about to make some cheesesteaks right now I
love these things it’s like this whole tip that you can get and we got to throw
the rolls in the oven these rolls are really good I love them hey I think I
got my neck hey guys set this up right now and leave Jesus goes there you know
Lizzy is currently making some cheese steak yong-seok cider right now we
should focus up it’s alive what’s funny is that I ordered the iMac before you
guys probably know if you want the older vlogs but I messed up I got a fusion
drive instead of the last Drive which is where I went wrong if you guys never get
an iMac or something get the flash drive because
fusion drivers terrible and everything like my final cut wasn’t rendering as my
videos as fast as they should have because of that fact so this is loaded
out the way I needed it to and I shouldn’t have any issues hopefully
screen so a movie make it one let’s go that’s why maker yeah alright well is he
set up the hunger bug and this is what it looks like let’s try it out alright
when you try to help I don’t think we have it all the way I’m supposed to be it looks like an old granny what are you
doing the bad wheel got stuck oh my gosh Lizzy broke it
she didn’t put it together correctly so one piece isn’t even stayin he’s coming
he’s coming oh he’s each trap okay yeah oh yeah okay first off I want
try this these two isn’t even sex position
this keeps going down and if you’re going to pop up Lizzie didn’t create any
of the voltage we don’t have anything to paint with what are you doing I don’t
think it’s fixable to ride it that’s why I suppose you two move out of the way popped off entirely by gosh dude you can
just do it like that for now want to have somebody sit on the back you get so
now it’s like a two-seater see how this work is gonna work you’re supposed to
help me okay okay we need to place this tell you that
put that back on decision mess yeah I was just trying to get back on if you
can’t tell it’s official inside out tonight
I thought I just picked it and try it up now Jesus Oh
that does not say I think the Hakurei show okay c’mon boys okay oh I just so happen to walk around
the bend as you fell I think yo I’m not going to take off chopsticks I want to
try it in your open oh I don’t trust it I don’t see where I messed up I want top
see you soon exactly trying to cater don’t hey mini yeah
we’re done with this oh man down you couldn’t stop your okay she’s insane are
you okay I knew this thing is not a good idea
well that’s what happened dang yeah not a good idea let’s put this
thing back I told Lindsay I was like see this is what happened to me a car going
full-speed and I couldn’t stop and she’s like did you at least record it all but
yeah I just called them very end of this clip I was like there’s no way I’m too
far back there’s no I could possibly help Lizzie at this time so I might as
well record it and I just barely caught it like you could just barely see it
happen she was going quick Theo has been acting
surprisingly like really really good the past couple days but what we’ve also
noticed too is that like when his food comes out he really rushes right over to
it to devour it but his food just came out he just went
over there smelled it and walked away so I don’t know if he’s trying to like save
it for later I don’t really know you’re not feeling
off video great response we talked the dog sometimes would expect to reply even
though like we know we’re not going to get one why are you eating baby food
banana baby sis but it’s still baby food but it baby bows through I swear guys I
have like the weirdest girlfriend regardless we’re going to be going again
pretty soon a is a 10 in Vytas overpriced okay what’s up with that
what’s up did that happen how did that happen
stop stop seriously help it happen quick great oh my god I’m freaking out my son
how did that happen how there’s no way that could have opened on its own you’re
done Oliver my that’s it that’s it we’re getting a priest to come to my house
there’s no way dude there is no way that happens dude I can’t I cannot do this
I’ve done I’m so freakin all about this row you know where were you at right now
I’m in extra play zombies dude I swear to God on my life there was just a
freakin cabinet that opened up behind me and a bunch of stuff flew out of it as I
was talking I swear to God do it frankly no no no I swear this is a
prank Chris I have it on video dude I literally just re-watched it I have it
on video I swear dude there’s something we shall have a video there’s something
to mention in this house I’m sweating out who were freaking out right now
the cabinet opens up behind me and a bunch of stuff flew out of it dude come
on right now I want to show you please please come here video please come here
please I want to show you alright just give me my alright I’ll see
ya so what do you think huh dude I told you I swear to God there is
no prank doll on here Chris that was real if you’re pranking me dude I really
want you to go fuck yourself there is no reason I would be pranking
you right now I need you to understand that Chris okay this is not Iraq me do
you understand this is your fault do you understand and your fault as well
you want to know my heart is in my stomach right now why I don’t do this
this is why I don’t play that game because things like this are said to
happen well what are we doing what do we do I don’t know I don’t know like do I
legitimately get a priest to come on my place like I have no idea what to do I’m
freaking out right now I wish you could see what we had staged
I don’t know what happened to it I threw it out
stunk up that drawer and everything and I was ruined my god this isn’t I swear
to god I’m not pranking you I’m not pranking you dude I’m freaking out right
now man lazier headed over to 8-inch right
now we just need to try and get our minds off of the situation and try and
clear our head we were just in the apartment for like another 15 minutes
and no matter what noise we heard we were just turned with the entire time it
could be the tiniest creak and we’re just like just eyes wide open and just
like freaking out the entire time so yeah so we’re going to head over to a
tent ophélie this helps clear our minds and gets our mind set straight and just
like not thinking about it anymore Hayden I don’t yes I got it really want
you coming to my apartment right now I don’t feel like Aiden’s going to believe
me once I show them this dude I literally have footage of my cabinet
door opening up as I’m speaking it like anything shot out of it look I know you
wouldn’t believe it I knew it I’m gonna show him the footage I’m gonna do right
now I’m not gonna put it past you because I many guys would put some
creepy pardon my language but that’s what I said I wasn’t going to the
graveyard let Lance literally call me he was like you were to do a Ouija board I
was like yeah sure it’s like we’re going to a graveyard
hell no I did not trust that yeah I wonder the best idea I knew did I not
say like it’s gonna mess with whatever’s there yeah so all right let me I’m gonna
show him the footage real quick what do you think there’s no way I swear to God
all my life I don’t even know what to say David Brown’s insane I told you like
I was not kidding Chris Chris watch the footage to any things I’m pranking him
like he still thinks I’m pregnant I mean there’s no way to explain that that’s
all I gotta say yo I didn’t even do that what is that mousetrap don’t you realize
I didn’t even do yeah okay hold on what’s up Wow let’s see Valkyrie Alex
why did you do that I’m kidding I didn’t actually do it wait
but Aiden why do you live here then Oh Daniel it feels amazing here
tacos my boy we got what do we got I need some food after this whole look
here it’s going on yeah agent I think I’m just going to sleep at your house
tonight I’m gonna have to bro I’ll bake myself just that home right
here so this is new only because I haven’t done this before I’ve you yes
this is ground turkey beef instead of regular beef leaner and high person
awesome I’m gonna try it out again so see this is it
I actually like the turkey beef I was pretty good good ball I don’t elfia
headed out now Nia was falling asleep the whole time he’s been a good boy I
know he’s gonna fall sleep with students gets back on the maintenance in yep he’s
like my seed you see this I picked him up all like oh he smells so bad he
farted again when did that alligator gardening dude
sister something villa I don’t know he doesn’t eat anything bad like literally
our others all Gio had been fed table food and like everything in the world
and he doesn’t fart this bed isn’t all that bad
we don’t feed him any table food he eats correctly how we supposed to people I
know I heard was like yes it was just like the tiniest thing but it smells
delish silent but deadly back to the gate this held my apartment okay guys so
it is that time of the night where I have to end the vlog I’m actually about
to start my next video which is I told you guys that I’m gonna have to prop up
a camera again tonight and record and see if anything weird happens as I sleep
because that opening right there earlier today freaked the hell out of me and I
don’t really know what to expect I’m almost out like a loss for words though
right now it I’m like my heart is pounding out of my chest right now the
fact that I’m back in this apartment I don’t really know I think I’m standing
my video here hopefully you guys enjoyed I will see you guys tomorrow if you guys
are interested in any of our 210 merchandise make sure to click the link
down below the very top is free and check it out over there make sure to
hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notification and you haven’t
already make sure to check out yesterday’s video as well




This was uploaded right after the went to the cemetery and zozo said he would haunt and kill them 🧐

I got the point because that hand thing happens me do you know i squeeze my dad nech in sleep do you believe that thing that why i say hand moving is normal,and box is falling is prank and cabinet open is happen if falling something to the cabinet door..this is all normal things….

Ok guys remember if your pets starts to go crazy barking at something that's not there meaning get the fuck out!!!💯💯💯😇😇😇

WTF go to 11 minutes and 15 seconds and you'll see a tissue box slide across a table and fall on the ground

While they’re watching the footage lance was laughing while lizzy and the guy (I forgot your name sorry!) was so scared

Can you imagine sharing an apartment block with these guys…. the only good thing would be Theo….

You should use a GoPro or night vision cameras and put them in different parts of your house to see if anything happens in the bedrooms, kitchen, living room , and hallways

Baby food taste good it's not that weird to eat it

You should watch back the footage because the white box in the back of tissue box and felt on cuz it start moving


Lance, If this happens again say it out loud and hold the bible and say "I beseech you Satan" 3 times in a row. Thats what we do if we are scared.

If everybody's not getting on camera the little pink box just little ladies off the table and it's like no word on the edge of it Izzy's like something moving it there's a ghost in your house

11:13–11:16 that box on the table in the back. Did anyone notice that? Don’t know how they didn’t notice 😮

Lance: that's how I would normally turn looks like a baby that's screaming for a bottle
Me: how does lizzy not wake up?!

Lance if there's a ghost your dog could be barking dogs can smell and I think see ghosts since all I see is black and white

is it me o did the tissue box move off the table then once lance got his computer the tissue box was back on the table

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