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Patins em Linha (Inline Skating) no Porto – Matosinhos à Foz

Patins em Linha (Inline Skating) no Porto – Matosinhos à Foz

We start our walk on the beach of Matosinhos and follow along the AV. Norton de Matos The sidewalk is very wide. Even with a lot of people there’s plenty of space to skate You can increase your speed as long as you watch out for some slabs that are not leveled On the way back and no camera on my hand we did that. Just keep your focus on the imperfections of the ground and you’ll not have any incidents This is the area where you must have to be more careful. The pavement is in poor condition with many slabs not levelled When you get to the ascent to Castelo do Queijo (Castle of the cheese) just accelerate a bit to give you some boost (I can’t do that unless you offer me a GoPro!) Fort São Francisco Xavier (known as Castle of the Cheese, ’cause it was built on a granite rock in the shape of a cheese. Yep, I’m not kidding!) Montevideo Avenue Gardens Despite the bike path, we can make our journey always along the sidewalk Molhe’s Beach Congratulations to the bride and groom If you’re not used to descents, this one can make you some apprehensive Do not worry about it. If you have space take advantage of all the width to descend in an S shape Occupy the space. Slide to the left, then to the right. Again to the left. You’ll never gain speed! If you have people around you, then shorten the space to the sides Make S’s shorter. Continuing like this you’ll never gain speed. Be careful with the grill at the end of the descent that runs through the whole floor

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