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Person on scooter fatally struck by vehicle in Fort Lauderdale

Person on scooter fatally struck by vehicle in Fort Lauderdale

and new at noon a deadly crash happening overnight in Fort Lauderdale involving a scooter right now we have local 10 News reporter talked augen he’s live at the scene with the latest details Todd this accident happened late last night here on busy Federal Highway and even though it was about 11:30 p.m. we all know this is still can be a very busy roadway why that scooter was actually in the roadway at that time still a mystery but orange paint does mark the spot where that of the 500 block of Federal Highway here in Fort Lauderdale with that car fatally hit a 27 year old man on that scooter Fort Lauderdale police confirmed the man was riding one of those Dhokla scooters you know the kind that are rented around the city through an app the accident happened in the northbound lanes of federal last night as I said just before 11:30 p.m. and today the city of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue truck showed up to wash some of the blood from the roadway now police say the driver did stay on that scene and no charges are pending the name of the man riding that scooter that was hit and killed was apparently from out of town and so police are still trying to contact family members so his name has not yet been released Fort Lauderdale police still conducting their investigation there is a scooter here right next to where the accident occurred there are four different companies that are charged with being able to rent these scooters around town that’s the most popular one lime we don’t know which company he rented that scooter from as I said Fort Lauderdale police still investigating for now we’re in Fort Lauderdale top dog and local 10 News

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