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Pigeon Skates Official Channel Teaser!

Pigeon Skates Official Channel Teaser!

What’s up you guys?! Pigeon here! You might
have seen me before on Planet Roller Skate with my good friend Indy Jamma Jones but this
channel is about, ME. I am a mulit-business owner. I own a roller derby league and I skate roller derby competitively. “I got a penalty.” I own two roller skate shops here in the Los
Angeles area. I love skating on Planet Roller Skate and traveling the world. On top
of that, I’m a new wife and a new mom. Join me on these crazy adventures. “She won’t take
it” They need underwear for women who have kids. Ok they have those new underwears for
girls on their period right? The Thinx underwear where it kind of absorbs into the underwear
instead of having to wear an additional pad or put a tampon in. But what about… like…
I piddle all the time. What about some underwear that absorbs the piddles right? In a like,
in a way where I don’t have to wear that like plasitcy pad that absorbs my motherly piddles.
Just sayin. It’s a market out there and *shrug* I don’t have the resources but I’d buy it.


I would love a part 2 to both your previous videos…ramp skating and seeing if you guys were happy after the house clean up?
Also, I strained/sprained my thigh skating and a video on how to deal with injuries would be amazing! Something like how best to warm up/down, keep a look out for injury and what to do when you are in recovery and all you want to do is skate but you really shouldn’t.

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