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Playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with MARIO!

Playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with MARIO!

– [Justine] Today, we are
waiting for a surprise from Nintendo and I
have absolutely no idea what it is, they wouldn’t tell me. They said bring some friends,
so I’ve got my friends. I’ve got Ed. I’ve got Jenna. There’s Matt’s computer. – He’s getting a haircut. – [Justine] What do you see? – I don’t see anything. – There’s a big van.
– Yeah. – There’s a big van.
– Big, big van. – Are we having a party? – Well, hopefully there’s
friends in that van. – Yeah, I hope so. – Do you want me to go investigate? Maybe they want you to come out. – [Ed] Wait a minute. – Hence the text.
– Should I come outside? – Do you want me to go
investigate what it is? – [Justine] No. – Do we? Do I?
– Oh dude! (laughing) – It’s exactly what I said it was. (laughing) – [Jenna] It’s killing you, huh? – [Justine] What? Oh my gosh, I’m so nervous. (laughing) (gasping) – Are you ready?
– [Jenna] Oh Matty. – I think so. – [Jenna] Matty is not
gonna be so thrilled about what’s happening right now. – [Justine] Matty come here honey. – [Ed] Matty. – Should I put him up in the bathroom? – Go in the bathroom.
– He’s not gonna like it. – Oh no.
– He’s not gonna like it. – Okay I’m closing my eyes. (laughs) – [Jenna] Oh gosh! – Oh hello.
(laughs) – Tell me when I can open them. – [Jenna] You can open ’em. (electronic laser)
(techno music) – Mario’s in my house! – Oh my!
(giggling) – We brought you a present! – Oh my gosh, hi, how are you? I’ll give you a hug. Thanks for coming! Oh my gosh this is incredible. – Oh man.
– Wow! – Mario’s also in shock.
(laughs) – [Justine] I’ve got to open it up. – [Ed] Oh yeah there ya go. – [Justine] Mario do you
want to watch it cut open? Come on over! Yay! Oh boy! (laughing) More balloons, oh my goodness! (gasping) Guys look! This is so cute! A princess tiara? This is incredible. – [Ed] Perfect. – Trophies?
– That’s incredible. – Oh man we’re having
a tournament tonight. Oh my goodness little flags, yes! Oh this is gonna be great, guys we’re having a Mario party today. Here’s a crown for you Jenn. – [Jenna] Thank you. – This is like a Mario Kart
party in a box, essentially. Wow, oh and these have mustaches too? – [Jenna] I wonder what
Matty thinks about Mario? – This is incredible. Oh yeah I had to put
the dog in the bathroom. Let’s see what he thinks about Mario. What is that Matty? – It’s a friend.
– Is this your friend Matty? – [Jenna] He’s like, I have no idea. – [Women] He’s so excited. – [Ed] Pretty excited. – [Jenna] Can we get a picture with Mario? – Yes gotta get a picture with Mario. – [Jenna] Okay. Yay. Alright ready? One, two, three. I’ll just take a bunch. – Guys this is by far the
most incredible surprise ever. Mario is here playing on my couch! We’re playing Mario Kart with Mario. Wow wow wow, this is so cool. I think Mario has to go home because he’s got to go, he’s got a big day. He’s got the launch of Mario Kart 8. So we’ll see you later Mario. Which that means now it’s me,
Jenna, and Ed versus battle. – [Ed] Oh yeah battle, we’ll play battle. – [Justine] Thanks for coming Mario, yay. – Alright guys we are going to be playing some Mario Kart 8 right now. Mario just left and Matt
you just missed Mario. – I know
– Just missed him. – I’m very disappointed about it. – So here, I’m playing
the blue controller, Matt’s playing with the two, Jenna’s playing with the two blue, you’re playing with the half. – [Ed] Mmm-hmm.
– So I guess let’s roll. Matt and I have been playing and ah, he beat me like 16 games in a row. – [Matt] 16 races in a row. – [Justine] Oh I think I’m
happy with our choices. Alright what are we going to play first? What do you guys want to play? – I’m up for whatever, what-ev-a. – Should we do a nice
little, I like this one. Uh, Ed do you have a preference? – Anything that has Shy Guy in it. – Moo Moo Meadows? So I’m top left, Matt. – Oh I’m good It’s basically, I can steer. That was really strange. – Oh God. – I got dizzy so I don’t know. I’m comin’ for you Mr. Blump. Oh, ah what’s up? – Blump, oh what’s up? – Blump, oh what’s up?
– I’m used to hearing it. – I got inked, I can’t see a thing. – Okay I lost, oh my god there’s a cow. Oh my goodness. – I can’t see anything. – Moo moo. – Moo moo who, who’s in first place? – Ed. – What? – Haven’t played Mario Kart in a year. – I haven’t played in a long time. – And you’re playing sideways controller. – Since Justine’s birthday. – I know. – Two to three years ago.
– Is that three birthdays ago? – That’s the last time that I played yeah. – That’s when this game came out. – You were so much younger then. – Oh, I was 21. – Classic Mario Kart. – Yo Matt, what’s up over there homie? – I just had to make sure I won, sorry. – Oh, you’re a pig. You’re a actual pig. – I had to, I’m sorry. – God, I could, slap you. – I can’t lose, my
reputation is on the line. (groaning) – At least you don’t have much to lose. – What did you get? (laughing) – Boy oh boy. – Oh wow I’m going backwards! Well I pressed the wrong button, my bad. – I didn’t know you could go backwards. – Yeah, me either well
guess what you can do? – [Jenna And Justine]
You can go backwards. – I was pressing the uh, oh– – Why can you?
– The more you know. – Because you get stuck on the wall. I go backwards quite
often when I hit walls. – I’m never backwards. – Really? – Yep, items with the Joy-Con sideways. New to me but I’m learning. – Well that’s good
because you like learning. – That’s all I do.
– All I do is, oh my gosh, all I do is learn learn
learn no matter what. (group groaning) – Whoever just lightninged just
saved me so much, thank you. – You did I was comin for you.
– Saved you? – Yeah I got saved by that
because there was a red shell on my butt.
– Butt. And it slowed everybody down and I didn’t get hit by a red shell anymore. Alright well eat it. – Well, I basically haven’t used anything because I don’t even know what I’m doing. – Are, are you guys still racing? – Shut up Matt. – I got it inked, I got inked. (Justine groans) – Everyone is still racing what– (groaning) – And by inked I mean I went into myself. Oh I had a very bad lap. – I mean, that’s why I
don’t have a controller. – I had a very bad lap. – Do you think it’s hard to
play with a half controller? – No, only when you go to use items. Look at the way Link sits in the kart. – Yeah his knees are all pressed up. – That’s like the Squatch mobile. – Oh gosh, I’ve been
trying to get rid of that. Does somebody want it, do
you want my Squatch mobile? – Matt has room in his belt. – I planned it I’m swimming, I’m swimming. – Alright, well I’m in fourth
that I’m just swimming my way. – What the Hell, somebody already go that far ahead and dropped bananas? – Me, I shot ’em forward. – I’m playing a special game where I– – Oh that’s how it works I forgot. – Turning the controller
does fine tune turning. – Really? – Oh. – Yeah, and that might
have been why I was– – So finely tuned? – So finely tuned into eight place. – Computer princess. – Computer Princess? That sounds like a nice screen name. – I am getting so unlucky. – Well I’m in ninth,
so I’m basically last. – He like, stole my wallet. (chuckles) – He stole your wallet.
– He’s so mean to me. I just go inked and
fell off that big jump. – Wait till he unleashes it. – Why did everyone just pass me up? I don’t have my sand tires on. – I didn’t even know
there’s an eleventh place until I got into it just now. (chuckles) – I need my sand tires. Mommy, are you still racin’? – Finally. – Let the final scores tally up. – 17 times. – Wait me and you are tied. – Oh shoot. – I need you– – Going into the last race. – I need you to not post
this video on YouTube because I feel like people
are gonna to start calling me and telling me how bad I am at Mario Kart. – Ed. – Don’t answer. – I saw that video. – Well. – Don’t answer, you’re playing with half a controller. – Everyone be quiet, it’s
down to this, me and Justine. – I’m gonna come and beat
you guys, bo countdown. I came in ninth so I’m basically just fighting for my reputation. – Yeah I can just turn the controllers. – I was wondering if I have that too. – This is like driving in Los Angeles. I like to, throw things out the window. – What? – I’m just kidding. I have no idea what I’m
even saying, I’m delusional. – Who did it? – Who did it?
– I think the computer. – Don’t give him the– – Don’t give him the stick. – Give him the stick,
don’t give him the stick. – Don’t give him the stick. – Hey kid, I’m a computer. – Alright well, I just accidentally– – Help computer. – Stop all the–
– Well that’s cold-hearted. – I’m super slow with my little kart. Oh my god I just spun out. Because I am so oh geeze. The stick. – Oh wow it didn’t give me the jump. – Aw I’m sorry. (Justine groans) Are you guys still racing? – Nice one. – I’m sweaty, I’m sweaty, I’m sweaty. – Shoot.
– I gave him the stick. – This is gonna propel me
all the way up to last place. – Aw nice Jenna. – Aw guys I didn’t win. – I did horrible. – Why did you speed past the leader board? In which it showed me winning? – I wanted to go as quick as I could. – Did you PB? – Except in the race. (Justine groans) – Alright guys well that’s the Grand Prix that we just played now
let’s play some battle. How about it? – Bat-tle. – Let’s look at Matt win. – Hello last place, nice to meet you. – Are we ready? To come and get it na na na na. – Oh you can switch your
steering right here. – Wait, you can switch
your steering into what? – See if I press the Y button or the sideways B button on mine. – Oo Urchin Underpass,
should we do that one? – Yep. – Oo, it’s like a wait a minute
– Splitoons. – Yeah, oh my god, everyone
is gonna get splatted. Splat.
– Splat splat. – We’re Splitoonin? – Don’t go backwards Jenna. Good girl. Splat. – Oh wow. – Oh my god I almost splatted myself. – Remember how good I was
at battle mode at the– – No I don’t remember. – But do you remember I was also good? So I would like to make
sure you all remember. – As long as we both remember
that we were both good. – We both were good. – But do you remember when I was good. – Shoot who did that to me? – Me.
– Me. It was me. – It was me. – I had fire balls. – Oh. – What did you have? – Fire, shells.
– Aw I got split splat. – Split splat.
– Split splat. – Oo how many balloons do y’all got left? – Five. – Oh, I seem to have
lost two in my mission. – I’m not doing well. – Well if I lose again then
I think that I am the loser. – Yep, I just took somebody out. Wario it looked like. – I just don’t seem to know the map. – Wow was that perfect timing. – Wow that was me trying to get you too. – Well how about you go get someone else? – I’ll get you. Alright I’ll go for Luigi next. – No that’s me, I’m uige. – Alright, then I’ll go for Luigi. – That’s me. – His brother, Luigi. Oh no banana. – Huh, whoa whoa oh no. – Wait a minute how did I lose one? – Oh my god, wait can I steal balloons? – You can. – How did you just steal my balloon? – Do you have a black
one? Oh yeah you can. – Did you just steal mine? – Look how many balloons you’ve got. There all different people’s balloons. You stole one from me. – Yeah but how?
– How do you steal them? – I think you do like a crash
into them and it takes them. – Because someone just crashed
into me and I lost a balloon. – Me, I’ve got a crown on. – Yeah that’s how I lost it. – Well I don’t like this game anymore. – Aw I just wrecked my (mumbles). I just wrecked my vocabulary. – Wait you came back? – You get three balloons on your second. – So wait so– – And then it tells you how
many you earned I think. – Huh. – I’m super confused. – Who’s dated Luigi? – Oh boy oh boy Toad. – Who’s Toad?
– Wait what happened I’m Toad. – Yeah, and you’ve got six points. – We could do that.
– It’s a little late now. – Let’s do Lunar Colony. – We’re already deep inside
the belly of the beast. – This looks like a Star Wars map. – It’s Lunar Colony. – What I’ve gathered, is that
there’s other people in here. (laughing)
– Yep. – And it took me that long to realize. – Forensics degree. – Loving my degree. – I only like saw you guys. – Open your eyes. – Loving intelligence. – Yeah you guys are blind. – That’s a tiny screen. I’ve only got like at
least 32 inches to look at. (chuckling) – You alright there? – No, I’m not. – Well I want to go for you guys. – Stop that. – I am Link. – Okay well Bowser hit
me, so Bowser’s hit me. – I’m just sending off green
shells as fast as I can. – Me too, going after. – Oh wait what’s this feather do? – You jump. – What? – Yeah, its like a big jump for escaping. – What a dumb power-up. – Oh no that’s incredible. – Alright wait so how do
you take the balloons? Does that keep going?
– Oh I hit a banana. (phone dings) – I have a crown. – I think if you really ram into somebody, it takes their balloon.
– What does the feather do? – It makes you jump. – Oh duh. – Sorry Matty you didn’t like that noise, I didn’t like it either. – Peach, eat my bleach. (Justine gasps) – Well I seem to not be– – Aw crap, I’m not doin’ so hot. – What am I gonna wanna speed up for? – Oh I found a pile of boulders. – Toad get wrecked. – That was mean. – That’s what I was shootin’ for. – There’s no root. – There’s no direction. – Everyone’s going the other way. – I’m going the other way. – Well then turn around and go get him. – Oo I want to go here. – See I’m a do a youie. – Who keeps hitting me? – Is it friends? Is it foe? Is it the computer? – Oh my god I just ran
into World War Three. – I don’t know I have a crown too. – You just took it from me then. – Oh no I’m dead. – Oh me too I got dead. – Aw they take your balloons back and then they put you back in the game. – I thought I was dead. – I’m not very good at Battle. – Battle. Honestly I’m just like
hoping that someone… Wait I sidelined you. Somethin’ just happened. – Oh I did so bad.
– I made fifth place. – Oh shoot what happened, we
didn’t even get the score. – Doin’ items is actually kinda– – Who won? – You did you crushed, you got 12 kills. – Wow, let’s play Sweet Sweet Kingdom. – I’m gonna sweet– – I hate this color of happiness. – I love pastels. – All I see is black. (game pings) – Real into the pastels. – Is that what these are called pastels? – Yeah. – Well I’ve got green
shells and I’m off punting. – Matt you didn’t know what pastels were? – Nah I don’t know much. – All I know is breathing and fine dining. – Breathing? – [Justine and Jenna] Wait fine dining? – Yeah you might wanna change your bio. – Oh I got dry bones. – Well apparently none of
you guys have ever seen Sponge Bob Square Pants
– No. so I guess that reference went
right over you guys’ heads. – That means you’re old, all of you. – He knows Sponge Bob. – Sponge Bob has been around for 20 years. – He does not know pastel colors. – Sponge Bob had not been around
for 20 years because I saw the premier of Sponge Bob
Square Pants and I’m 24. – Yeah well if you relate
to something it doesn’t mean it just started when you saw it. – Yes it does. – The premier? – I remember, I remember the premier. – You went to the premier?
– The premier? – No the first episode ever aired. All I did was watch Nickelodeon
as a kid, I had no friends. – I died, oh, man I didn’t do well. (groaning) – Oh gosh, ah, I just killed myself. – I’m not sure are you gonna be happy? – You gonna bring me back? – Yeah what am I gonna do?
– More ballons balls. – Hang out with Matt more? – I’m gonna be real happy. (laughing) – Matt’ll be like check out this cool pastel jacket I just got. – That part where I put the
three shells right in the wall. – I finish. – Finish.
– Wait. – Goose egg. – Did I win and I died twice?
– I’m not very good at battle. – Oh gosh. – I died twice. – Look at the. – Who got 17? – Me.
– Justine. – And I
(mumbling) I think I’m good at, I
think U’m good at batt-le. – Batt-le. – When did Sponge Bob
Square Pants premiere? May 1st, 1999. I said I was maybe
– I was ten. nine or ten, I was actually seven. – So you were wrong and
she was closer cause you were three years off,
she was two years off. – Three? No. – I said 20 years ago. – She said 20 years ago
so she’s two years off, you said you were nine, you were six, you were three years off. – Oh wise. – I won.
– Good job. – Okay let’s play one
more, one more, one more. – Oh wow you can.
– Computer, no com. – No com. – Oh yeah okay what should we play? Which one do we want? – Is it we’re playing
with everyone or just us? – Just us four. – We did Battle Stadium. We didn’t do Dragon Palace, Luigi Mansion. – Let’s do dragon Palace. (game chiming) – Let’s go.
– Yup. (upbeat music) – Alight.
– In success. – In success? – Matty you can’t go back
there, my body is there. – Oh wow there’s a map, I
didn’t know there was a map. – There’s a map? – Yeah look in the middle. – Has that been here the whole time? – I thought that was an outlet. – I’m gonna do one continuous
drift in the center. (gasps) – Gold sparks the entire
time, and when I unleash it I’m only unleashing it for the next racer. – I’m just gonna send off green shells for everyone to deal with eventually. – That’s what I was doing Ed. – Boom. – My controller’s messed up again. – Anyone who’s been watching my screen, scrub back and watch my amazingness. – Anyone that’s been watching mine, don’t bother I’m awful.
– Awful. – I’m behind somebody. – One continuation.
– Shy Guy. (controller clicking) – Shy away from that. – Get away from me, yeah
see I unleashed my drift. – Is the door gonna open? – Aw this door better open dudes. – Can you go like that? – Aw you drive right through it, nice. (laughing)
– Wow. – I was like, why isn’t the door opening? Did you get my balloon? – I did and I got kinged.
– Oh my gosh. I got king business for it too. (chuckling) – Shy guy. I’m getting snubbed.
– Where’s Shy Guy at? – King Shy Guy. Oh no banana. – That was my banana.
(gasping) – I avoided that. (cheering) – Another one boy If you don’t I’m snakin. – I haven’t killed anyone yet. (high pitched mocking)
– Me Either. – I threw out some green shells, have fun. – Deal with the
repercussions of my actions. – Oh yeah, I’m outside, you guys are all stuck inside being dumbos. – Yeah I haven’t actually
gotten any points. – Well I went outside
and ya’ll went inside. – I’m going outside now. – I need to find a person. (whining) – Well I have boomerang doom. – I have zero, see Jenn has one. – I do? – Are you Luigi? – Yeah it must be recent though. – Matt’s peeking at the map. – Yeah no map. – Oh I’m sorry I’m using the
resources to my advantage. Of which the game is supplying to me. – Who wants this flicker,
flicker flame baby? – I’m doing absolutely awful. – Trash. – Maybe I should just stop this video. (laughing) – I’m getting my butt kicked. – Oh I did terrible. (game chiming) – Ed’s gonna win. – Shoot Toad. – C-G Ed. – Oh snap. – We tied.
– Great game. – Awfulness. (uplifting music) – Trash. I’m sweating. – Alight well I guess that’s it. – Alight guys thanks so much for watching. – Thank you. – If you enjoy Mario Kart thumbs up. Okay bye.
(laughing) That’s all I’ve got. See ya. (electronic music)


Woah! That is adorable! Supper cool ijustine. Mario is playing video games with you?! Lol. Good luck





Justine I want U 2 be the best at Mario Kart Because Iโ€™m Always in 1st Place and I want you to be the best โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Just try I didnโ€™t mean to force you but Just keep trying if you keep trying youโ€™ll do good.

Hey I would love if mario had a new enemy. Like bowser is dead and daisy returnes to kill peach the popular one mwhahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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