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PLF Product Launch Blueprint Explained

PLF Product Launch Blueprint Explained

hello Veit here with a quick
overview or insight into the product launch blueprint Jeff Walker just
released today. so what we’ve got here on the screen is his blueprint it’s a big
PDF there’s a ton of content in it and a lot of people look at product launch
formula as something that is basically based around this one thing here which
we see here the mental triggers okay and I have to admit I’ve been in that camp
for a long time myself kind of saw that as the main point of product launch
formula what it is it’s basically a form of Cialdini. You’ve got reciprocity
you’ve got anticipation you’ve got social proof you’ve got scarcity all
these things that basically is Cialdini in a nutshell what makes people pay
attention to you and then take action these are hard-wired responses there’s
nothing you can do about it and as a result they are very very effective and
a lot of people have that as a criticism of product launches in general and then
product launch formula but they say well you know it’s basically exploiting these
types of triggers and you shouldn’t be doing that and again I used to be in
that camp, not specifically to product launch formula but in general I you know
suggested that a lot of people might be better off not doing product launches
simply because they focus on purely these triggers so I’d like to highlight
to you is that’s page six page set a page eight all right this one here
although it’s not stated explicitly encapsulates quite nicely how you really should be using a launch. A launch in my opinion and okay maybe as a side note what a lot of people see
happening in the marketplace is the big JV style launches where everyone mails
for an offer and says you must go check this out and there are massive
massive bonuses and this closes in three days and urgency and scarcity and
bonuses blah blah blah blah blah and that is what we’ve come to despise and
that’s why a lot of people associate launches with this kind of big JV style
thing the essence of a good launch is very very I can be very very
different if you choose to do it very very differently and what he talks about
later on the the different types of launches I’ll get back to this page in a
second because that really is the essence you can and should do different
launches for example a seed launch or an internal launch these launches are about
figuring out how to best serve your audience when you do this right there
are enormously powerful because you it works for two reasons one is you take
care of your audience and you interact with them and that’s something that is
used as a as a tactic you know mentioned above a tactic in launches where you go
and create that level of engagement and interaction so you can truly find out
how to best serve your audience and that is one of the key things here the the
main reason I mentioned this as the central part of what you should be doing
as a central part in launches because it lets you do very important things for
example figure out what bonuses really make a difference to your clients lives
or go away what kind of guarantee oh look a
misspelling there and how to really create craft a guarantee let me give you
an example I remember Chris Cardell telling a great story he was at a
seminar where when a multi speaker event the speaker goes up on stage before the
break and says look I’ve got these you know this course here and there’s a
30-day money-back guarantee so you if you buy it now and you take the Box home
you don’t like it the figure days gonna we’ll only charge you at the end of 30 days
ah no, we’re charging now and then you have 30 days to ask for your money back
and there was a handful of takers now after the break he came back and said
well I tell you what you know I don’t want to schlepp these big boxes back home
so what I’m gonna do is you can grab your box now and you give me your credit
card details and if I don’t hear from you within 30 days I will you know
charge you the full amount and apparently this thing was sold out in
there was a more less a stampede to the back of the room people wanted to get
this thing there’s virtually no difference I mean okay yeah in terms of
cash flow there’s a 30-day delay but really then
there is no real difference in terms of the business however in terms of the
perception and and this case was risk from the people in the room it was a
massive difference and that’s basically what this thing is about that’s why I’m
saying this central part here is essential or that’s really what you
should be using launches for to figure out these kind of things how to best to
serve your market and I’ll highlight this here at the top because I’ve known
this I’ve experienced this so many times if you go out and give the market what
it NEEDS you will fall flat on your face however
if you give the market what it WANTS and then deliver what it NEEDS on the back
end you make all the difference that is a key insight here and that’s why it’s
right at the very top of this page I promise there was would be a second part
to this one here so I said there are two reasons why these launches are great one
is because you can go and figure out how best to serve your market and how to get
them to stampede to the back of the room instead of them you know sitting again
well okay I’ll think about it the second reason is by doing these simple launches,
the seed launch and the internal launch before you do anything big is because it
helps you overcome your own whatever the reason is for your procrastination you
know we have our own insecurities we all do my the first time I launched a big
product I wasn’t quite sure is it good enough and are people are going to like
it are they going to like me are they going to refund and as a result I
procrastinated for absolutely ever why absolutely ever was I think six or eight
weeks before I actually opened the cart to the product I already had and yet you
know as a result a lot lost a lot of people who were interested six weeks
earlier but then didn’t buy because they’d lost interest and those
insecurities is my stuff good enough then the resulting perfectionism
trying to create the ultimate product that’s what you overcome by following
these formulas by doing a seed launch first and then doing an internal launch
you’re getting feedback you can now already you know what people want and as
a result you can confidently deliver and you don’t have
to speculate what might work what not but it might not work and then go out
and try to do everything in one go so there you go that is just a small
snippet from this product launch blueprint there’s a lot of stuff and the
official term stuff in there a lot of outlines on what tactics to use what
strategy to use the different types of launches you can and should use but in
my opinion if so far you’ve been thinking about launches are all about
this high pressure high you know the the pressure cooker thing exploiting urgency
and scarcity because you’ve only been exposed to JV style launches then you’re
doing yourself and your audience a big disservice because if you have something
worth getting out into the real world and the reasons are well, you don’t
want launch because it seems explosive and secondly while you’re not quite sure
what it is people really really want and how to give it to them then you would
really benefit from the seed launch and the internal launch and to some extent
they’re already explained some to some degree in the previous videos Jeff has
brought out so go and have a look out the product launch blueprint and the
various videos Jeff has brought out it’s really worth looking at from the
perspective of hey how can I serve a best serve my audience. Alrighty, bye!

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