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POOP CHARGER and more TECH GIFTS — The 12 Days Of LÜT

POOP CHARGER and more TECH GIFTS  — The 12 Days Of LÜT

Eggplant, unicorn and poop your way to power with Emoji Chargers Or fill batteries with your head thanks to
the SOLSOL Solar Charging hat. These are tech gifts. So Happy HoLÜTdays because this is LÜT. Wake up to the sweet sense of smell by *sniff* sniffing
sensorwake, The Olfactory Alarm Clock. Choose from seven scent capsules that last
30 awakenings and include chocolate, espresso and croissant. The gradually progressing smells gently wake
you up within two minutes. If you’re tired of taking a minute fumbling
with keys or remembering combinations which who can do that? there’s the Nokē Padlock. By connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth
it wirelessly recognizes its owner and opens with a click. Click these electric light blocks into place
to build a glowing structure. Available in a 32 or 102 block set, the illuminated
construction blocks light up when connected. Then light up the world on your desk with the Age Of Discovery Globe Light. Or discover how to make your toilet glow in
the night thanks to Illuminbowl – the motion activated, colorful toilet night light. Ahh, so relaxing. I’m just going to stare at this toilet forever. Instead of lighting up a toilet, how about you just light up yourself by wearing
LED clothes. The LED Clothing Studio has jackets, costumes,
dresses, shoes, t-shirts, accessories, and even custom luminous clothing creations. So you can finally fulfill your destiny of
becoming an LED Cyborg. *singing* Realistic food phone cases from
Japan. Shrimp and noodles and whatever this is! *singing* Now that your mouth is watering, store your
food-y phone in the phone storage workout bottle. It’ll help you stay hydrated while provided
a safe place to stash your phone, credit card or cash between two water compartments. Then say holo to HOLO Cardboard. A clear pyramid display and cardboard casing
that turns your toys into a holographic visual extravaganza. There are several figures that have specific animations designed to react to the system including Pikachu’s thunderbolt, Takumi’s
car from Initial D and some Dragonball GT power leveling. Level your artistic skills upon this DIY headphone
customization kit. Putting your art on your skull. Listen to sounds out of a skull with the AeroSkull
Nano. A tiny portable speaker with 6 to 8 hours
of battery life pumping out of pretty sweet shades. Keep it tiny and awesome when you project
high-definition images from The UO Smart Beam Laser. This small cube features a built-in speaker
or can output to external audio and delivers over 100 inches of HD video. Which is pretty cool. “I was water before it was cool!” Alright, hipster ice cube. And as always – thanks for watching.


On the second day of LÜTmas…my D.O.N.G. gave to meeeeee! Wait..that doesn't sound right… ENJOY THESE TECH GIFTS. Happy HoLÜTdays!

You do know that you can't buy that UO Smart Beam Laser NX Projector, and that it is either an obvious or is going to be a giant failure when it comes out. The people behind it can't even figure out how to CGI the damn thing into their marketing video, nevertheless actually make the damn thing.

Year-round I have LED christmas lights on the ceiling in my bathroom, and now you show me this MAGICAL TOILET LIGHT?! AND IT'S LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS. HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS

People lose their sense of smell when asleep so those alarm clocks are worthless.
Surely you must have known that, you know everything else.

The UO Smart is something you should have been smart enough to know it's a fake…
NO handheld device is that stable in any handheld scenario. You have to put the unit down on something stationary.

This has been SO helpful, thank you! I've been having trouble coming up with ideas for cool Christmas gifts for my friends 🙂

Noke padlock looks less secure than a normal padlock. It relies on the smartphone. Imagine if your phone was stolen or if somebody figured out how to forge your electronic signature. Combinations may be frustrating, but nobody can pull a memory from your head and it takes a lot longer to figure out a combination than to hack something wirelessly.

"Whatever this is" at 1:30 is curry. It's just a dish called curry rice (or カレーライス). It's kind of a staple food there, which they got from the British. It's to Japan what a sandwich is to Americans. We think nothing of it, but it's filling, and it doesn't taste horrible. Except, for curry rice, it has flavor and isn't loaded with meat, synthetic chemicals, fats, or other low-quality ingredients that aren't fit for human consumption, unlike American food.

Whatever this is? That was rice and some sort of gravy… you've never seen rice before? Either that or he records these things before editing the video and literally just didn't know what he was going to be on screen at that point.

It'd be pretty cool if we had one frugal LÜT episode for christmas. We have a secret santa tradition where we buy gifts around ~5 euro. All these lüt items are cool but way out of the price range

Warning: The Noke padlock will not work to your advantage if it gets wet according to many, many reviews. Maybe great choice for indoor but don't use it for bike or outdoor shed etc 🙂

On the food phone cases website, everything is in Japanese. So, naturally, I translated it with Google. This is what I got:
【Atelier cook】 food sample store's rice terror accessories / iPhone case
● Terrorism ● I tried to reduce the quality of shops.
Atelier Cook dealt with goods of food samples that make you enjoy just by watching, gifts that are pleasing to send to important people.
Please enjoy foods sample goods of small but elaborate construction, use convenient kitchen miscellaneous goods, please enjoy slowly!
Rice terrorist smart case, released in limited quantity.

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