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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Victor and Monty’s Magnet Invention | Episode 19 “Helping Hand”

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Victor and Monty’s Magnet Invention | Episode 19 “Helping Hand”

Ladies and gentlemen,
we’re gonna be rich. This is our metal magnet
entitled the Mighty Mag. It can find and retrieve
any kind of metal. We’re gonna use it to
find hidden treasures. Uh, it can detect and attract metal? Uh huh. Okay, how does that work? Well, Mr. M, we’ll
show you on this hub cap. Hub cap, hub cap, hub cap. Hub cap! Oh. Got it. Back off, back off! Ready! (beeping) Retrieve metal. (zapping) It worked! (laughs) I can’t believe it. That was actually impressive. Wow. Are we geniuses or what? You’re right, that is pretty impressive. (zapping) Uh-oh, watch out guys. (gasping) (shouting) Ouchie. Whoa. Fincher, Monty? Are you okay? You see, it worked like a dream. (laughing) More like a nightmare. Let’s go! So, did anyone else do a
project for extra credit? Sarah? Uh… Yes! Hi. Mom. Hi, what did you… What are you doing here? I made you this super charger to power up your new battery. It’ll give it 10 times as much power. 10 times, Mom, that’s too much. No no no no. Hi. (laughing) Hi. Sarah designed the battery
and I made the charger. (clears throat) Help me. It’s already charged. I’m gonna personally show you how well her hoverboard works, right now. We’re gonna get that
extra credit, sweetie. Hope it goes well. In goes the battery. Hold onto your hats, everyone. And away I go! Whoa! No, my board! How did that happen? No. No no no no no. Mom. Why would you even do this? I told you it was too powerful. I didn’t mean for your
hoverboard to crash, honey, I was just trying to help. I don’t want your help, Mom. You always have to jump
into the middle of things. Sarah. Hmm.


THE RANGERS SHOW INITIAL CONCERN FOR MONTY AND VICTOR? What a shock! The woman who plays Sarah’s mon IS SO…good actually.

I'm seeing a lot of special FX in this season, it's such a waste of budget for a terrible season like Ninja Steel

Super Charger? I wonder if this is a hint at a team up with Dino Charge and how they are going to use the "Super" term for next season using this devise to create Super Steel.

How ironic? Victor and Monty invent a device that detects and attracts metal. And yet, they are in the the yard where they are surrounded by metal.

Sarah was a little mean to her mother i feel bad it reminds me of my grandpa who died from a heart attack

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