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Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Returning the Speed Trophy | Episode 7 “The Need for Speed”

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Returning the Speed Trophy | Episode 7 “The Need for Speed”

Hey guys, where is Victor? Isn’t he about to try to
break my record again? Yep, he’s due any second now. Great, there’s something
I gotta do first. Sorry, uh, excuse me? Hi, I have something I wanna say. Okay, this trophy is for being the fastest hoverboard rider in history. It’s an honor just to hold it, but I’m not proud of how I
made my hoverboard go faster. Technically, I didn’t
break any rules, but, I was just so obsessed
with being the best that I put myself, and my friends in danger. I did things that were, just plain wrong. So what are you saying? I’m giving the trophy back. That was really brave Sarah. We’re proud of you. Thank you guys. Alright, well, I guess
the trophy goes to– Me! It goes to me! It goes to me, right? Um, what are you wearing? Oh, uh, they’re pajamas. Sorry we’re late! Victor was just turbo
charging his hoverboard, but he’s ready to race
now, aren’t ya buddy? What?
Whoa. Get back! Victor, what are you doing? I’m, don’t you guys know I’m so fast I can be in two places at once, whoa! No. It’s a fake! Huh, so that’s how you went so fast! That mannequin doesn’t weigh anything. So it wasn’t you on
the hoverboard at all? You’re a big phony, give me that! What’s this? It’s a remote control. Better run boys! No, no, no! No, stay back, stay back! Well, Victor’s record
seems to have fizzled Perhaps you’d like to try again? Yeah, that’d be… Actually, I think I got a little over excited
about beating the record. I will some other time, but, for now, I’m just gonna enjoy
hanging out with my friends. Yeah, let’s go! Yeah!
Yeah. Oh yeah! (rangers laugh)


Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 7 "The Need for Speed" Clips

Aww. That was so sweet that you abandoned the trophy, i'll say it again, Kasumi/Momoninger would be proud of you Sarah.😊

Victor and Monty, What a cheaters. 😑

There is no point to victor and Monty. What one of the rangers try, Victor always has to be better and turns out to be cheating. How have they not noticed that pattern yet.

* got to this after the first scene where victor "wins " the trophy and commented a bet that he cheated * knew it

Sarah didn’t even cheat. It was a technological race. She even stated that she didn’t cheat! And what’s the point of Victor being a jock if he’s cheated? Seriously, I give Victor and Monty credit as they’re the only main characters with goals, but if Victor keeps cheating, how do we know that Victor’s other 49 victories were legit. And Sarah could try again, it would only take 2 minutes without the speed Star!

I would have done the same thing too I won't choose my friends instead but we getting any kind of trophy you don't need that to you know that you're a winner that's how you play the game

Okay, even though Victor and Monty were in the wrong, I also feel the woman who pressed the remote to send the dummy at them is also at the wrong. God damn it, just really?

To tell the truth, I knew victor was cheating this whole time. Because he only wants trophies and attention.

It takes great confidence to admit you got something you didn't truly earn. Sarah did the right thing in the end

In MY opinion, I think that Sarah would spend some time with her cousins Queen Elsa Brown and Princess Anna Brown (from the movie "Frozen") until Easter Week is over right now since she was the first Ninja Steel Ranger to forgive Queen Elsa for what she did to their powers even though it was an accident while the other Rangers followed in kind.

What so Sarah isn't the only one who cheating in the race? Victor cheat just because he want a trophy for His Collection.

Victor is like the lamest retarded guy in this show dude he always have to cheat bc he can't do things himself he's the best yeah right

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