Powerfull Electric Off-road Skateboard

Welcome to the very first episode of Test-o-rama.
In this episode we will be trying out the ‘Skatey 800’, a motorized offroad skateboard
that’s way too fast for its own good. And it’s huge. The skateboard comes with a manual,
which we will obviously not be reading, as well as a charger, a toolkit to set up the
board, and a remote control which has 2 settings; beginner and pro. The Skatey 800 can reach up to 20 MPH or 32
KMH. Charging the board takes around 4 hours, after which you will be able to ride it for
approximately 15 miles or 24 kilometers, depending on the surface you ride it on. The only downside is the size and weight of
the Skatey 800. The approximate weight of 35 kg or 77 lbs makes the board not exactly
easy to take along with you, unless you ride it of course 😉 So don’t look at it as a
last-mile transportation device, but more so as a cool toy for loads of on- and offroad
fun! And now it’s time for the fun part;….
riding it! Epic shots in 3, 2, 1 The Skatey boards come in different versions.
This particular board, the Skatey 800 costs €669,-. Also available is, for example,
the Skatey 1300. The Skatey 1300 is faster and has a more powerfull battery. However,
pricewise it’s more extreme as well, you’re looking at a loose €1600,-. Than there’s
also the Skatey 250, more of a downtown board. It’s a more compact size with regular sized
wheels. These are just a few of the boards Skatey offers. The boards are available in
various online and offline stores. Check their website for the latest versions! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to
stay in the loop for our upcoming video’s. See you next week!

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