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Powerslide Doop Swift Edge offroad skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Doop Swift Edge offroad skates – Speaking Specs

Hey welcome to Powerslide TV and today
we present you the Doop line and for the model it’s the SUV one Doop is all
about transportation so it will bring you from any place to any other place
especially with the SUV basically wherever you live
take these skates on and go to the place you want to go if it’s offroad if it’s
gravel if it’s like you know you’re living in the woods almost this will
take you anywhere even like cobblestones in the city that’s perfect for
everything the air tires they’re made out of rubber so even if it’s wet
outside they will have a nice grip and will be really good as well as
rust-proof bearings so even there’s a little bit getting moisture or wet inside
the bearings they won’t rust and will guide you for the next you know hours
and skating the actually the setup it’s a 2 x 150 millimeter air tire setup so
it’s quite light because not too many wheels and it’s also quite short so it’s
easy to maneuver and when you put enough air actually in the tires they are also
quite fast and you can roll really nicely with it they all made to put your
shoes inside so you always come with your own shoes inside the Doops and it’s
similar to a snowboard binding so you just fix in your shoes and then you have
a really snug fit you have different options to tighten and adjust it here so
there’s different options where you can adjust the angles of the position so you
make sure it fits perfectly to your skate right now this model is made for a
low-cut boot so for a low-cut sneaker or any other type we’re having actually a
very very new shell right now first time we have the Doop with the Trinity so
it’s lower and it’s stronger transfers the power much better and it’s
also very low-profile especially for the bigger wheels for the 150 millimeter wheels obviously it’s a little bit higher and
for normal inline wheels but the actually the frame can be adjusted front
to back and side to side so you can find your perfect balance and your perfect
stride and also the Doops come only in two sizes so you can adjust the position
of the cuff actually and find the right size for your skate so normally the
small size fits up to a European 43 around and the big size basically goes up
to almost like a 49 and 48 size so what is new too for the Doop we made it
stronger the lower cuff now has an aluminium plate inside so the contact
point it’s very big and there’s no more movement between the cuff and the lower
plate so this is also making it stronger and transfers the power much better than
before and all the sizes can be adjusted directly from the bottom so once you
screw in the frame screw it connects directly to the lower cuff so this is a
perfect system to make it really strong and really durable little features again
we have like a Flyknit material on top so really nice and stylish we have the
carrying strap so you can unhook it and then you can hook it to the other skate
actually and connect it so it’s easier to carry it so you don’t have to carry
every single one but you can connect them both and then the new Doop line comes
also with the new lights so they have three motions one solid and then you
have the blinking options as well so this is basically for people who come
you know after work and it’s dark already or they want to go for a skate night too so this is just a little bit added feature for security at night the
same as this we have also the printing it’s also reflective also a little bit
added security and this is all coming inside the package for the SUV Doop
skate so enjoy this skate perfect transportation if you look for economy
friendly transportation don’t go for the bus don’t go for the car go for Doop
skate thanks for watching!


Who else is waiting to experiment and put these frames to their freeskste with 125 mm wheels? Only me? Well…

I just bought these skates from Pro Skaters Place. Any extra parts I should have handy when using them? An air pump? Extra tires? Bearings?

I’m excited about this new design to skate off-road but I need to see them in action before purchasing

To really make these urban transportation on pavement, drop in the 150mm Road Runner wheels. They fit any frame the 150mm air tires do.

hey powerslide why is there no riding videos or anything. that 2 wheel dream i want 2 see in aktion.. im just a week in 2 skates and didnt skate maybe 15 years first i found a doop skate that i wanted 4 daily life =) later i saw the suv skates and fall in love… im planing my holidays on wheels now i found about this one would love 2 see some clips cant wait 2 get any suv skate =D

Can you do powerslide on asphalt with it or the tire are going to blow up? Can you make a video on how to take care of poncture?

How do you get the wheels to roll? Skating on my pair is like trying to pull a goat when its in a bad mood. Im freaking standing still in a downward slope when i stop pushing with my legs

Really nice transportation skates 🤔 One of the kind in terms of soft and smooth ride 😉 I have them already for a 6 months and there were nothing to complain about and my knees are really happy with them 👍

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