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Powerslide Next 110 Blackout skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Next 110 Blackout skates – Speaking Specs

hello and welcome back to another episode of Power TV today we are talking about the next 110 next as we described already is the first of its kind it’s the first hard shell boot coming with a 22 mounting the Trinity is giving you a lot of benefits you stay low on the ground you have more balance more stability you have much made a better power transfer and it’s taken away or the vibration so the next hundred basically I think you watched our tutorial about the next in channel already so the next nice hard boot with the cuff the height adjustable function lower and higher for more support and also the canting function which we now mounted here so you can see it’s not straight but it’s in an angle to support you more on the inside and then we have also the adjustable 45 degree flap we have nicely waxed laces we have the toe protector that adjustable and interchangeable we have the my fit reco liner which is more durable of course and also has a memory foam fitting so it’s really really comfortable we have the elite casted frames so it’s aluminium casted frames very very durable once was a design it has because it really has a sweet d design wrapping around the wheels and such giving really well support and also especially heat treated so it’s basically the same material on the same heat treatment like skateboard trucks are getting so it’s really strong and durable comes with single axle systems and then the wheels obviously are really good too there are spinner wheels in high quality of course with a very good grip and very fast we have added nine wicked pairings so also really smooth and fast running bearings and of course the the Trinity frame can be adjusted in like in front back but also sidewards so if you want to customize the frame position under your foot just moocs unscrew the three screws and then you offer go and adjust the frame and the spinner wheels actually there in the bigger wheels they have a little bit different radius and the speed wheels so it has a more like urban round radius for more stability and then also for the urban and a little bit aggressive use and chomping we have a shock absorber under the liner and we have a nice inner sole which is also shock absorbing function and really nice 3d fitting and anatomically fitting so that’s basically the whole spec this case it’s coming out really soon so it will be highly in demand so if you want to pair make sure you get these beauties and brings you to the next generation of skating thanks for watching and remember we love to skate [Music] you


I would love to try some Powerslide skates, they look amazing. But I can't find any Powerslide skates in my size anywhere on the web 🙁 .

They should do for the next generation of the Next, a mixture between plastic and carbon fiber to have hardness, agility for less weight and style.

Looks great! About the sizing: It only seems to come in size 42-43 and 44-45 , but not 43-44. What if I am on the bigger end of size 43 and I think 43-44 would be my ideal fit? Could I still make size 42-43 work? I am almost certain that size 44-45 would be too big

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