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Ola YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m
a wheel addict I’ve been waiting for this video and I can do it get a whole
lot of different ways I can make a sound quacking sounds slow I can make a sound
anyway I wanted to like for instance in this video I’m going to show you the
power slide next 125 mega Cruiser Pro I first saw these skates about I would say
almost like two years ago I first saw them when I was in Barcelona just and a
project on a computer then I guess like almost 11 10 months ago when I was in
Barcelona filming with mean when I first tried him I had some samples on my feet
and I really enjoyed him but I couldn’t do anything with him I it took a few
months until I get the first sample and I got the skates that I’m going to show
you today in February but we are in July I’ve been keeping these skates since
February to be able to show you guys so that’s what we are going to do today
without further ado let’s open these ones these well these skates right here something that you should know is that
they might not even come in this box but I did use the box where this case came
so I just did one okay these things look seriously good god we
don’t need this let’s get this empty this is what we need right here right
now the best looking try skate on the market
yes I love this date it looks good so how am I going to do this I’m gonna
start I’m gonna start from the bottom so thing that rolls in the ground to start
these kids come with undercover 125 wheels they are 86a which means that
there are two different hardnesses of the undercover 125 wheels usually
there’s 88 and 86 these are the 86 is they just look too
good I love their undercover wheels and these
ones really really look good it is like it’s not really a pointy profile it’s
not really point it’s more like a round profile it’s a radius profile I would
say it’s like them have you seen the Python will from undercover it’s a red
wheel with the black cup well I guess this is the exact same I guess that’s
what there is this desert do we know what that I don’t know what burns
innocent ears checked let’s check the nice yeah a make nine weaken barracks they
don’t seem like they have a bad crisping they’re going nothing is stopping them
so doesn’t seem like it’s a problem so Eric nine bearings on Undercover 125
with a round radius profile 86 a the frame well this is a cast its frame it’s
different from what I was expecting because it’s the pro version and it
doesn’t come with a CNC frame but I’ve been skating this framed for a while in
other skates and I can’t complain in fact one of my last videos was was about
Trinity frame options and that’s one of the friends that I’ve been skating more
often I’ve been skating this frame with 125s I’ve been skating this frame with
100 times I just like how stiff it is so I really like this frame I can’t really
complain and it’s a 255 millimeters which means that it’s super super short
there’s barely I don’t know if you can see it but there’s like I wasn’t like a
millimeter in between in between the wheels so it’s just like it’s the
shortest you can get for 125 that’s for sure so that’s awesome now the boot
until here I’ve been talking about some things that you would be able to find on
other skates but the boot is what makes this case special it’s the powerslides
say it’s the first of its kind and I guess when they say that it’s the first
art boot she’ll wait Trinity system by Trinity I mean one
screw here one screw here and then if I take the back wheel let’s just do it
real fast this is easy then you have another’s
true there so adjustments that you can do which these are a little bit less
then you will be able to do on a 165 but you can still move the back of the frame
quite a bit and the front a little bit but if you think of it if you move the
back of your skate enough you’ll be able to point the frame to where you want
which is going to make a huge difference on the way that you skate so the
adjustments that you can do with these I think they’re good enough I think
they’re awesome now these boot like I said before I
first scared him while when I was in Barcelona and I couldn’t show them and
it felts I felt so bad because I really really loved them I know that some
things were changed since then but something which is awesome is ah dammit we’re gonna have the same that’s
something that I don’t like I need to get there I don’t like this ok so they
have these toe protector that they call the 272 protector it’s an amazing idea
so instead of just having a slider there’s like a piece of plastic that
goes all the way around the boot protecting that’s it protecting the
booty can also give it like a custom look and change colors in the future I
know there’s there’s going to be a white one I’m sure that powerslide is going to
make different colors of these so that’s cool now a bummer is that the same tool
that you change the frame you’re not able to change it to protect that would
be a cool thing also will be cool I’m now looking at the back of the 45 degree
buckle would be also cool if you’d be the same tool here as it is for the cuff
but well it is what it is I don’t know if you can see it but check this the
wheels go so so close it feels like the wheels the front wheel is digging in the
boot so it’s really really low for what when you look from the side you see that
the middle wheel is actually yeah look it feels like your feet is sitting
lowered and it will obviously it’s not because otherwise they will touch your
food but it way to look at it it just looks so sick there’s no wasted space
here feels like everything is used for something it’s amazing now let’s see
what else can we do yeah it has a 45-degree ratchet buckle one of those
that you just do these and it packs more and more and more on top is a regular
buckle it does come with oh that’s good laces
that’s really good so the longer it says Fat Boy I think I read somewhere there
was a I think I read somewhere there was a it’s a dual feet
yeah it’s dual feet because it’s expandable and I think I read somewhere
that it was the recall line and which means that it’s a different type of foam
from the original Fat Boy so the foams on the recall liner is actually the
multi of food just with the temperature of your food basically yes there’s still
eat moldable but imagine this foam technology came from the from Salomon
skates so when it just put them on with the temperature of your body the the
liner molds to your food but if you need some major adjustments then you put it
in the oven I think it’s three minute and they say five minutes any degrees
but I always say start at three minutes eighty degrees I made a video also about
it so you can just go around and look for that one and then you put it back in
the in escape tight it and you can turn it a lot because these liner as the lace
loops whatever you call these things that you
can actually type the skate and the liner all together
the collar is sigmund just black and brown I love these colors really really
simple really really basic insole no bullshit shock absorbers
just simple I don’t think you need shock absorbers there’s one thing that I keep
saying I don’t know if they change on the final version again this is a simple
I believe that the final version might be different but there’s a thing that I
do on skates when they are dual dual fit the material used for a dual feed skate
it’s kind of like lycra Sh it’s like a lycra so it’s more slippery so what I do
is I advise you to you know that silicone glue or that art glue if you
just put some dots here you’re gonna make these a lot to grip here in the
boots so that the the toe area of your skate stays in the right place but
that’s cool liner it’s nothing you hear – then this is cool
check this the cups let me see the cuff right now is lower but I can just take
it out and then there’s a little piece here something here check this Boop
there’s a a rocker thing and now as anything on the inner part I rocket it
different so here you see the the cuff is sitting lower here is sitting higher
so when you look from the back the cuff is actually turning a little bit like
these these would make your food girl like kind of like a Royale position like
if you want to put your feet like if you want to bend them on the outside but you
could obviously also do it the other way around I could if you feel like your
food good too much like that you can play with your cuff doing the exact
opposite of what I’ve just done here and the cuffs will help you correct the
position of your feet so in theory this is amazing I really think it’s going to
work well and my goal is this is the only skate that I’m going to skate for
the next 30 days I’m not going to skate any other skate
I’m not going to skip any roller skate not going to skate any aggressive skate
I’m not going to skate any other skate this just like it is it’s the only skate
it might be a pretty normal thing for everyone but for me that I scare with
all types of skates it’s a completely new thing so it’s it’s a big thing for
me a skate it for 30 days and you’re
turning it from now I’ll make a full review and I’m going to let you know
exactly what I feel about this skate and we’re not gonna talk about theory
anymore if you want to see the full review of this skate my full opinion
about this Cantwell subscribe to this channel there’s the little bell on the
side press on that bell once you press on that bell you’ll get notifications
every time I upload videos which you know already they’re going to be about
these skates now important meanwhile I might get other skates of course but I
will skate them every single day okay I might escape just work I might do
something else I still need to skate other states I’m sorry I can’t just do
what I never sent anyway if you didn’t like this video do not forget to give me
some thumbs up if you didn’t like it give me some thumbs down let me know
what I didn’t like about this video and more important than anything else just
don’t forget the lights just fell anyway just don’t forget why we all started
skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and so first of all by me
just having a super close glance at this case I really think this is a really
really beautiful piece my personal opinion is that it reminds me of Robocop
because just of this little front piece as you know a little thinner of his art
I really love it as you guys can see something that kind of in unmentioned
that yeah is real it’ll be those on the side I personally love that because it
allows air flow through the boot and the more your food stays dry the more
conflict comfortable it will of course field it will of course be
super super legit as is a hard boot the Manford liner of course is always a good
thing in a skate rocketing of the cuff I think that would be really really
amazing and actually adjust much more on a scale than just a frame or wheels or
anything of the sort it is super light even though it looks
super bulky it is very very light and a little chrome touches Anya it’s actually
quite elegant I really really love the skate his coldly know and get 10%
discount on all the products that you want related to skating you can go on
blade wheels calm or head and skate calm Cheers


i like these. lookin good, trinity mount, hardboot and not too expensive. probably gonna get the imperial flour though as my cruiserblade. im afraid of the biiiiig wheels xD

loving these skates! I've been looking to get triskate for a long time and will definitely get a pair. Thank you for the skate review Ricardo. Do you know when are they going to be released?

Hello, I am loving ur channel. Wanted to show some love !
But also I’m having a hard time finding size 12US triskate (anything with trinity) help ?


Im all about the white ones..they look so sick. Its really cool that powerslide are making the larger sizes finally. Looking forward to your 30 day next challenge..

Looking forward to seeing these skates in action. Powerslide are definitely continuing to innovate which is great for skating.

I agree it looks awesome. As an unboxing video this hits all the marks, covers everything about the skate, very nice! Great to see a trinity frame on a hard boot. And a short frame too! Cool video Lino, (and Moe!) and happy rolling!

It looks jus sick!! been waiting for soooo long to get a pair!! the only question i have is, what is the difference between the MC Pro version vs the MC? I'm deciding which one to get, thanks!!

nice video, i really liked it! But the sound of your voices is quite flat and you have some hall effect in the room. maybe you have to put up some sound foam somewhere or put in more furniture so the sound doesnt hall anymore.

Nice skate. It looks like the ankle pain issue is being tackled here. I am just worried I might need a forefoot adjustment with an additional buckle in the front…

That's a proper initial skate overview. You took out off the wheels to show the bearings and the mounting and you took out the lining to show that; far more than pretty much anyone else does! I always want to see a skate deconstructed to show everything from the frame mounting blocks or points, to the inside of the shell and the cuff removed. It would be cool to see that done with new or existing skates to truly show and compare skates that are out today.

I'm impressed with what Powerslide has been doing and they've introduced some new features on this skate, such as the toe/slider protection, as well as designed this skate with such an impressive deck height. I'm pretty picky about frame alignment, so that seems like the only potential downside. Nice video, no B.S.

To get a bunch of subscribers and help boost your channel you should have regular skate giveaways. Try to get your sponsors to send additional sizes and try to develop a cult following a people in your size. Right now I would suck it for a good pair of blades

Ola Lino antes demais quero te dar os parabens pelo excelente canal e os videos sao top, acabei agora por comprar uns Powerslide Swell 110, embora nunca tenha andado mas acredito que irei aprender rapido! Um abraco e continua.
(Now a translation for those who do not speak Portuguese) I want congratulate you for the awesome content and videos which are top, I just ordered a Powerslide Swell 110, although I never have skated before but I am sure I will learn fast!!
Actually I wanted the Evo that you recommend but I am sure that when I finally learned to properly skate on them they would be ruined and they are $$!
Keep on and take care

I just ordered my Powerslide Imperial Supercruiser 110s then they post a video on their youtube channel showing the NEXT, lol.

Hey nice video bro!
i can't wait for my powerslide swell white edition 110m i just ordered. hope i will get back easy cuz its been 5 years since i last skated :D..

u sir have a new subscriber 🙂

I've got some Swell Black City 125s but the boot is crushing my ankle. Maybe the Next would be better for me. I can see why the Swell is a fitness skate (light weight, big wheels etc.) What is the Next optimised for? It seems like a much heavier Swell which might be more comfortable due to a proper separate liner, but is it a good replacement for the Swell?

The best skates would be a trinity 3 x 100, middle wheel spaced back a bit like the Imperial frame except spaced at 10 and 1/2 inches! this would allow the ball of the foot to get much lower! And you have a wide frame wheelbase which would be much faster and it would be the lightest frame and lightest wheel setup we've ever seen! The 'NINJA' frame! 3×[email protected]" is too short too slow! We want a 'super low' 3 X 100mm @ 10.5''/260mm TRINITY FRAME!!! Lino we a want 'mid size commuter frame', drop a line for us!! -Thanks

I think this slider should be a little bit more up on the toe. The tip is not protected that much. Should ve increced the overall widthю Only concern.

do you have a direct link for the powerslide next 110's available for shipment to the U.S.???????? and a discount code??

What do you think about the 2017 K2 unnatural skates? Have you used them? Did you like them? What would make them a better skate?

I just got these today. The power transfer was incredible !! they are so high performance. By the end of my 30 mile trip I was in so much pain. The hard shell caused me to feel every little bump. I wonder if they will break in at all ?

Sub en spanish plis!!!! Mas suscriptores tendrías, por favor piensa en la comunidad que no sabemos ingles

I'm new to rollerblading. I want to buy a pair, I travel a lot, and would like to use my roller blades to cruise around different cities in the world instead of renting bikes. I love speed so bigger wheels are my end goal such as the triskates 125mm. I love the Powerslide Next Megacruiser's look and design for speed, but I don't want to spend that much, and am most likely going for the Powerslide Next Blackout. Being that they are 110mm it's good for me as a beginner. But when I get better, me buying the 125mm frame would there be a difference between the blackout and the megacruiser in performance?

Woooow woooow woooow that is perfect skate for me,i will test Drive in the downhill road…….yes …went got it…i do know

Hi Ricardo! Nice channel! 
I've been searching for a great urban roller's, and find that there are these models: 
Powerslide Next 125 pro
Rollerblade Twister Edge 3wd 110
Seba FR 325
(Maybe? Adapt Gto 3)
But! Never seen a comparison of these HighEnd products on the web! I will deeply appreciate it if you'll make such a clip with your professional opinion and pros and cons!
Keep your content going! Good like!

Hola Ricardo! Could you help me with sizing? Lately I’ve bought the PS zoom80 size EU 44-45 and they gave huge blisters on my arch. Thus I had to send them back.
For my next skates I would like to buy the next 3×100 but I don’t know what size.
My feet are 256mm in length and 100mm wide.

Thanks in advance, been loving the videos!

Selling mine with extra wheels, extra set of trinity frames, and accessories , hardly used great condition:

Hello, did u try rollerblade ? I want to buy between imperial basic or RB 80. I just want to know advantages and disadvantages between RB and Powerslide.

I don't like hard shoes. Years ago I worked on an ice rink. I was riding ice skates with a hard plastic shoe. I had to wear them for 10 days at 7 hours a day (No, I was not an instructor, I was just helping people get up, children not crying, adults not pushing children, and so on). I used three pairs of thick socks. However, my toenails turned blue, then began to bleed, and after a month, one of them fell. It never grew again. When buying roller skates, I chose a model without shoes so I could ride with comfortable shoes. They are not very stable, but they do not harm the feet and the feet.

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