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Powerslide Next 125 Pro skates – Rolling Reviews

Powerslide Next 125 Pro skates – Rolling Reviews

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s for the first time ever in a long long time there is a brand new revolution in hardshell free skates and that’s the power slide next it’s a three point mounting that makes pretty much everything better it means it’s a lot lot lower than a normal frame so you have better control you’re closer to the ground basically better balance in all kinds of ways you’ve got two hundred fifty five millimeter frame on this model which is a hundred and twenty five millimeter wheel so it’s big you know even a someone that’s very used to 110 can get used to 125 very quickly thanks to the Trinity it’s got a liner that memorizes the shape of your foot memory foam you can lace up the boot alongside the liner so that really means that makes them work great in collaboration you’ve got a back nine bearings so they’re super speedy they’re also really light it’s got a nice wide fit especially around the toe area and it goes up to size 49 whoo that feels superfast thanks to the undercover wheels which is the best urban wheel in the world probably the superfast wheels poured in America they got a good anti shock and thanks for the stability of three-point mounting you really don’t notice any bumps on the ground so what do you think now I’ll tell you what else is good where most shells share a similar size range these will be great for people with half sizes for example 42.5 44.5 because they share a different boot shelter the majority of skates so if you always had problems try it finding your size this is probably the perfect skate for you that is the power slide next free skate 125 [Music] you


Any Way you gonna make a Giveaway or so ? 😮 really wanna have some Triskates ( to be honest i would take every sort of ) but i cant afford the money for thoose skates for at least next 8 months ._.

Объясните уже людям, что фрискейт – это не кататься чуть быстрее, чем на обычных фск ролах. Чет ни одного ролика с 540 с пары метров на таких роликах не видел. Имхо, хрень пиарят.

I want to try them out 👍 I done a flow skate of the powerslide doop freestyle IV on my channel📹 🇬🇧 check it out

Meh, they look pretty bad imo, way too clunky and for that price tag you'd think they'd look a little more visually pleasing. Plus who releases a skate in mid to late September? Lol, no one is going to buy it until next Spring if at all.

I've got a full review of NEXT 110 blackout model on my channel. so you're welcome. And as a spoiler: They are GREAT!

I've been getting some severe rubbing/pressure points on the insides of both feet with these skates, below the cuff/ankle. It was bearable for about an hour of skating, but became excrutiating on the way home. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has any advice/suggestions? I am thinking a slimmer liner like the intuitions might help, but I'm a little hesitant to throw more money at a set up that may not work. I am a UK10 and got the UK9-10, btw.

Thanks I'm getting these in March! Still love my bright orange Swells… But these just take it up a notch… Or three!

Woooow…… from long long time,i hope can buy this item but must be patient first because cost not cheap but i am sure some day……i really got it

While introducing 3-point trinity mount Powerslide should also produce adapters for 165mm (for both boots and frames) (and without having to screw it through the plastic of the boot). The problem of trinity mount is that with its introduction customers did not gain too much, but in turn have lost ability to recombine components (== have lost a big bit of freedom).

my wide foot does not fit in the powerslide next 100 but the length is fine. Can I heat mold the hardshell to make it wider or should I replace the liner with compressed socks?

When will this be sold in South Florida!? Been looking to get new skates for a while now and Kaze and Next are on top of my list but there's no stores that sell this so I can try them on. I have wide feet.

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