Powerslide Next 80 skates – Rolling Reviews

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] right now we’re rolling on the next 80 it is the next gate which is the new hardshell free skate from powerslide it’s the first free skate in the world with the next I mean with the Trinity system turnkey system is a three point mounting that helps you give better push is good against vibrations and the main thing is it also makes the frame lower keeping you really close to the ground which improves your center of balance other good things about this skate is it’s got an all-round toe protector as in toe inside and outside most skates only have an outside protector the inside means that it’s also great to protect against checks like power slides and all kinds of slides where you would usually scratch the boot and it would be unprotected it’s got a height adjustable cuff so you can measure out the how much support you want you know whether you’re in a higher car for a lower cuff you’ve got our 4 x 80 millimeter frame with spinner wheels 85 a 80 millimeters which are great for cruising and also great for slides they’ve also got lace holes right up to the top which is a amuse you can really you really got a good grip if your foot inside the skate it’s got a super comfortable heat moldable my fit liner and ratchet buckles up there at the mid strap which means that your ankles always firmly kept in obviously with this being the first skate with a trinity mounted some it’s a game changer because there every other skates pretty much the same in free skate but this one with the extra support extra protectors sliders and a three-point mount along with the heat moldable liners really combines all the best things available now and on free skates obviously don’t worry the trinity mounts has a ton of different setup so if you want to change to three one tens or three 120 fires or whatever you want really you can slap them on this gate they also have an inner shock so protects you when you’re jumping keeps your heel nice and not bruised what else do you want from a skate like this well this has it all done it [Music] you

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