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Powerslide NEXT Inline Skates REVIEW

Powerslide NEXT Inline Skates REVIEW

ola youtube, my name is ricardo Lino and I’m a
wheel addict this is finally this is finally the next review it’s been a few
months it’s been a few months since I said on this channel that I was going to
skip the next for 30 days and then after I would make the review well that was my
initial plan and that’s what I really really wanted to do the problem was I
didn’t add the final version of the next case basically before I got these boots
forget these skates I had three pairs of next samples and
each one of those three were feeling different so I ended up contacting
powerslide and they told me that none of the versions that I add was the final
version so it would not make sense for this channel it would not make sense for
you that I would make a review of a product that wasn’t the final product so
that’s why I waited these long and now we finally have a review of the product
that you will be able to buy so since this week you will be able to find the
boot of the next just the boot if you already if any of these frames that I
have around here like the 4 1 x or the 3 125 the long one for racing I think this
is a 12-point 12.5 3 1 x 3 125 but the non casted frame not like this or even
the 80 millimeter ones I have to tell you that this is completely different
from what I was skating what did I do with my samples well my samples are made
pieces like this these were the liners from some of them take
you should know that before I do this review I actually tried D skate this
boot with basically almost all the sizes that you can imagine from the 80
millimeters that I have on ds1 to the 125 I also have off-road frame but will
get 10 in a minute so let me just take this out and let’s talk about the neck
so there’s a few different next in the market at the moment we are going to
talk like I said before about these boot what’s different from this boot to every
other art boot skate on the market maybe I should explain what a hard booties for
those of you that don’t know hard boot is usually a boot that has a plastic
construction and usually you have a removable liner which is this little foamy thing that you have inside a
plastic that will make the skate more comfortable so the reason why this art
boot skate is different from the others it’s the system used to mount the frame
to the boot it’s called Trinity and it has three screws basically there’s two
screws in the front on the outside and one in the back on the ill the reason
why this is usually an advantage is as I told you before the screws in front are
outside the frame creating a space in the middle right here for the second
wheel especially if you use four wheel skates if you use three wheel skates
that would be a big problem because the screw would be somewhere around here and
there wouldn’t be that much of a problem but usually Tribble skates are already
really tall so you want them to be as low as possible so that’s when these
system ends up being an advantage so that’s the main advantage also by having
a Trinity skate again the three screws that will also make you have a little
bit more control why well imagine instead of having only one line under
your food you have a little base they call it Trinity
because you have a triangle under your food so this is your food instead of
having one line you have basically a triangle there will be a lot more
connection between the frame and the boot and that extra connection will make
you have a little bit more control on the skate and when there’s impact that
wider area in front will also help you because it’s going to spread the
vibration through the whole foot instead of coming only in one line so for that
reason it’s already amazing but now imagine instead of having two points
connecting because you have three it’s also going to be a bit safer in case one
of these screws get loose then you know that you have two other screws of course
you don’t want these to happen but it can happen and it can be a situation so
we can also say that it’s a bit safer other than that there’s other things
about this skate of course this is not the only treaty skate on the market but
this is the only art booth Trinity skate by our do it again like I said means
that it’s a plastic construction main advantages of having a plastic
construction it’s that it’s usually stronger and it’s usually can take more
abuse you can just scrap it on the floor you it’s it’s made I would say made for
Destruction it should it’s supposed to be a stronger skate but is the next a
lot stronger I don’t know I can tell you that I’ve been skating a lot the evo
trinity skate and I keep saying the same the evo trinity skate is by far the best
skate I’ve ever had I will not compare it to digits I think
it’s incomparable the Evo trinity skate is just the best skate on the market in
my opinion and this case is a really amazing skate but let’s not forget that
the other skate is almost double the price of this one
this can be escaped that can be used for fitness if if you’re looking for a skate
that you can cruise around the city for for commuting this is also an amazing
skate it can be used for tricks and that’s what I’ve been using these
skate a lot especially with 80 millimeters these are my second wheels
because the other wheels that just killed them over the weekend but they do
feel amazing for urban skin like if you want to go downstairs if you want to do
slides it does work amazingly good now if you’re gonna be using a taller frame
like a 125 this skate it’s not as supportive as if you are using an 80
millimeters I would say that in my opinion as an 80 millimeter skate it’s
amazing it works perfect for all these tricks all these urban skating that I
was saying but if I want to do everything with a 125 I didn’t felt it
as supportive as a carbon boot but that’s perfectly normal because it’s a
it’s a plastic boot now if I didn’t feel the skate as supported there’s other
things that I can do on this skate that can actually help me making it more
supportive stuff like you can raise this cuff and if I raise the cuff making the
cuff higher making the cuffs taller there will help me a lot
also these kids come with a liner that adds some space for the laces they have
some lacing lace loops whatever it’s basically the laces come all the way
from the boot and can type the the liner on top and I have to admit that that
made a massive difference so when I was skating on the taller frame if I would
type my liner on top really really tight and if I would type the buckle really
nice that would make a huge difference so yes it’s not as supportive obviously
as a 125 as it is as a 80 millimeters but
it does work really really good as a 125 skate I would use it more for like
commuting tricking – but it just doesn’t feel the same as a carbon skate it
doesn’t feel the same as a carbon skate it feels really good I would say it’s
comparable to what the Imperial would feel and most of the people used to love
the Imperial Magna Cruiser it’s basically the non trinity art boots
skate from power slide now comfort wise because performance wise I kind of just
told you that it does work it does do everything that you need basically
comfort wise yes it is really really comfortable but and yes there is a but
the front area of the skate it’s a bit wider and a bit taller it can work
perfectly for your foot but I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone so the
thing which is different from this cake to the other art boot skates on the
market that I know at least is the sizing basically every scale on the
market I’m going to talk about European sizes will be something like a 41 42 43
44 45 46 and this it’s kind of like the in-between sizes will be something like
a 42 43 44 45 so for me I actually like it because I’m used to use the 43 44 and
on this one I’m using a 42 43 making me look down and look like I have a much
smaller foot but even with the smaller shell boot it feels like I have more
space inside which is weird it is weird but it does feel super super comfortable
now because the liners are dual size and a little bit like it’s lighter in the
end if your foot is really tiny if you’re like the smaller side like if
you’re a 42 I believe that you might feel your toes a little bit too loose of
course there are things that you can do and I said it before he
you can just put some some dots of the hot glue on that front part of the skate
so that your food don’t move or you can use another liner if you feel like it’s
going to be better I do like this liner I think it works really really good but
I think that sometimes it feels like there’s a little bit too much space in
front even if the final version is different from the previous samples that
I had it does work amazing I can’t like especially when I use it as asked as the
80 millimeter boot just like this is a 80 millimeter skate it doesn’t work
really really good but again I am a size 43 and some people can use the same
skate using a size 42 so I believe that the space might be a bit too big for
some people but again there’s things that you can do for that you can fill
the space a lot of things something which is amazing about these skates
which is really really basic is the laces the laces are really really good
they’re like I don’t know if they’re single or if they’re double waxed laces
but they are really really good the liner is the liner that you might have
already seen on other powerslide skates yes it’s the Fat Boy but it’s the one
that has the funny name that everyone always says oh it’s it’s a stupid name
which is the recall liner the reason why it’s called recall it’s because the foam
used for this liner it’s called recall foam I think it’s basically because it’s
some memory foam I think that’s it and these memory foam has some properties
that will mold to your foot just with the temperature of your body while
you’re skating something like that basically yes they are it moldable I did
not need to eat mold them but you could that’s it
no again what else can we do with this guy something that I found a bit word
and I wish it was different so here I have one two here here and here I have
another two and then usually the frames use the torques tools so basically for
the same skate I would need to have three tools it’s usually to differ
cruisin on this one you’re gonna have three one two three so that’s another
thing so something that you might not know is on the inside if you want you
can make this gate more flexible is it there’s these little wings here these
little wings this little basically it’s the top part and the back part of the
shell can be cutted they have some marks in there and you can just I think you
can even just cut them with a scissor making the skate feel a bit more soft I
don’t think it’s needed but if you do think that you would like to see to fill
this skate a little bit more soft so that you can maneuver a little bit
better well you can do it with this skate taking this again maybe just I
know that some people that order this skate had some problem that was because
the skate didn’t came with a hard enough insole this is how the skate is this is
just the base of the skate and then you know these on top and because these
insole that came on the first case that came out wasn’t hard enough somehow the
liner was feeling through these holes these holes are used mainly to get a
little bit more space for the wheels which means that the wheels are going to
be really really close to your insole but if this insole wasn’t there somehow
the wheels were touching the liner on some skates especially on the bigger
sizes because it was just easier for the liner to get in here I know that this is
fixed now that’s not a problem anymore but if you heard of that problem that’s
what happened I did it at this problem with none of my skates not even with the
samples so just wanted to let you know what it is on the advertise of this
skate you hear you see a lot of stuff but the air the hair flow on this Cape
air would go in the front here and we just flow inside this gate
let me tell you I did not feel any air coming through my feet that’s that’s
obvious I did not feel but I felt that my foot was usually fresh
I didn’t felt my foot getting like you know that’s some scared to just feel
like you put your foot in you’re like right away starting to sweat
I didn’t felt this with this case so yes the airflow system of this Kate you
don’t feel the wind going through the skate like crazy but it does take longer
for your food to start sweating so that’s a good thing
well can I rate it should I rate it so let me write it but I’m going to write
it this way eighty millimeter skate and I’m going to write it as a 125 as though
80 millimeter skate it’s a straight 9 maybe even a 9.5 it’s amazing I would
say it’s what if I never add art kuriboh I would say that this is one of the best
if not the best 80 millimeter skate that I ever had that’s it no as a 125 I would
give it like a for the type of skating that I do I would give it an 8 88.5
mainly because especially coming from a carbon skate it doesn’t feel the same it
just feels super comfortable but it doesn’t it doesn’t offer me the support
that I want now if I’m going to compare these to the Kazi which I said it before
that after a while wasn’t as supportive as it was in the beginning this is a
much more supportive scape than the cousin it’s a much more supportive skate
it’s just not as supportive as a carbon boot that’s why I’m giving it an 8.5
because already Kate skate every single day I guess that’s it
I didn’t get like super super geeky I think I spoke about most of the things
my opinions and what I felt when I skated the next and what I’m feeling
when I skate the next and I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you guys
enjoyed this review this experience that I’ve been having with my next case well
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel drop me a comment let me know if you
have any doubts if there was anything that I said that wasn’t clear enough or
if you have any doubts that I can help you with drop me a comment I’ll try to
help you weed whatever I can and if you like this video well thumbs up if you
didn’t like it you can give me a thumbs down but please let me know what it
didn’t like about this video I’ll try to change for the next time other than it
what I always say is don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because
it’s fun Cheers and see you soon


It is nice to hear your explanation of the advantages of a Trinity mounting system. I had never quite investigated the reasons to make this system potentially beneficial versus other frames. That makes sense having that wider "connection" between your foot and the skate. It certainly sounds like a boost in power transfer with more precision-like control.

As an owner and also a reviewer of the 110 version that you didn't mention here, I will give the 110 version strong 9.
Talking about the ventilation: i've been skating in them in temperatures near 0 degree celcium last few days and its' a little bit cold in them, btw. 😉

I was thinking about getting these skates. And then POW your video is here! I'm gonna get them because you could explan all the stuff so well, really nice review you made! Cheers

Hey lino what can you say about that little soul at the back of the skate? Is it of any use for stalls or even grinds?

Thanks for this review Ricardo!
Will you check out the 243mm 3X110 frame later? (Supercruiser 110)

Here are the other Next models:

I'm no promoter of the brand, just a fan.😁

Remember, you helped me choosing the right size with the Next. (I have narrow feet and normally 45-46) I have the 44-45 now and on one side it was really tight, but after some gentle heat treatment it is just perfect. But in search for the ultimate boot fitting for my weird feet I have also tried Imperial boots and in combination with the Intuition liners. The Imperial is of course different in sizing but with the Intuition (size L) I have the most supportive skate with the 43-44 shell. So the down-sizing really worked. I have also tried the Intuition liners in the Next, but the heel lock is missing there. The Next shell and liner also doesn't have the expressed shape of the heel. But I think the Next version of Fat Boy is really better than on the Imperial.
What I have also noticed is that my 3×125 Katana frame couldn't be moved enough to the inside on the Next. No such problem with the same frame on other boots though.
And it was quite easy to loose a cuff screw and the corresponding rocker insert 😉

Good honest review Lino, thanks! I considered these with the SUV frame for the, frankly, sh!tty country roads at home, (and off road, of course) but I'm not sure yet. First, because I have a wider foot, and also, I'm not sure it gives enough support on big wheels. Still thinking about it.

Hi Lino, ur fan from Singapore. I’m using a China brand hard boots for well over 6 months now and I wish I could have some upgrades. My wheels size now are 84. I was thinking of increase it to 110 or 125. I just do skate for leisure n fitness, what do u recommend about my next purchases. I was looking at powerslides Next 110 or 125 and rollerblade twister 1103WD. Pls help me

Good honest review! I really like the features of the next, but yea, there's no going back from carbon boots. I hope I can get evo2 one day!

Ricardo, should we take for granted your statements of better power transfer and vibration distribution comparing to other skates? Are there any credible trials or it’s your own guesses based on nothing more than so called ‘common sense’ which can be quite misleading? Otherwise it sounds like a fishy marketing stuff.

Thank you for the review on the next been waiting for it. Not sold on it though. Is it because it is not the evo so my question is Is there a good long use cruising skate 125 that not as pricey as the evo

Nice review Mario, i like your honesty even talking about complaints some people had. It shows you care about your fellow skaters. These skates look like an awesome addition to my collection 🙂 cheers.

But what about off-road, I was hoping to get your input maybe 125 or 150's. My roads are useless but there is plenty of gravel pathes and trails to choose from.

What about Vibration in these skates ?
Because the most thing i heard about it These skates have more Vibration then the others skates
is that truth ?

How does the Liner compare against the one built in into the Swell? My problem is that my Swell is really tight on my right, outter ankle (my ankle gets pretty swollen after a while), and I figure I might need a more comfy liner. Could this skate be a proper replacement for my Swell? I do 20 to 40 Km cruising. Could you imagine this skate as a fitness skate?

edit: I was really waiting for this review, I just love how this skate looks.

Thank you. Two Questions: 1. What's about the Next Renegade 125, do you even advise carbon boot for SUV Skates?
2. Do you know from powerslide why they delay to produce the Next Renegade 125 in size 48/49 again and again?

Thanks for the review. I liked it a lot but you had completely different frames than what you get when you buy them. Your frames are much better than the originals.

Nice video ricardo , what about 100 or 110 i would like to know if you tried that configuration on this skates, and what do you think what can make better the Next skates something like a possitive feedback to improve them? cheers

Nice honest and interesting review. This skate certainly seems to be the 'in' skate at the moment. Lots of different reviews and footage on youtube etc. Powerslide have been very clever with the styling as it appeals to the aggressive skater as well with its chunky looks.

Thank you for all you do in the skating community. I love your style of reviews, super honest and informative. I have just started a new inline channel to help spread the good word. I really look to channels like yours for inspiration! Cheers!

My foot is size 8. I have a black 110mm Next size 7.5 and I use them with some intuition liners instead oficial the regular Myfit. It feels amazing, maybe the best skates I ever had. I used to skate a rollerblade Twister (the older version) with pleasure tool frames and the Intuitions. But my corrent setup is way more better.

Is there a benefit or disadvantage to a cast frame vs other types of frames? I noticed you mentioned cast frames and I recently purchased a 310 Seba frame for my iGor boot which I believe is cast..

Very nice Lino also I wear size 10 and a half us vans ultra cush lite what size should I get of the nexts would be great if you could help 👍👍

Great review Ricardo… Thanks!
But damn! I was really interested on these skates, specially with a 3×100 or 3×110 setup… until I heard about the dual sizing that goes 44-45 as I wear size 44 and like the skates to fit as snug as possible. I'm afraid the Next would be too big for my feet. My FR1's feel perfect in length but I do feel them a bit wide for me. Will Powerslide ever renew the Imperial boot and add a Trinity mount on them? If yes… I'm pretty sure those would be my perfect skates.

You mentioned the room in the toe, that doesn't translate to any sloppiness does it? Like when you're turning or something, do you feel like you're moving around inside at all?

I found these to fit narrow towards the back half of the skate. Plenty of wiggle room for the toes, but I got intense pressure points on the inner sides of both feet. This resulted in unbearable pain after skating for an hour or so. Bummer. Most people say these boots are roomy, but in my case I should have probably sized up. I decided to just bang some 125mm GC frames on my Xsjados instead. lol.

hey Ricardo , Nice review , I got the 110 s and I got 40/41. I size 42 normally , massive mistake , they were way too small !!! , i measured my foot according to the site's (where i bought them) sizing chart and it was wrong, so I sent them back and I am now waiting for 42/43 that i hope will be ok !! So if anyone is looking to buy these skates be carefully not to go smaller than your shoe size !! ( I must admit when i did get them on they felt really stable !! iIm used to 84 wheels and didn't feel any difference in Height -)

how do they fit compared to the imperial boot? i have the 43-44 imperial and find it pretty tight almost to much so. id love to get a pair. i also just got the new rollerblade twister model. but those are much wider for me then the imperial is.

Could you tell me what is the other frame with 4x wheels but bigger then the 80mm is it trinity? The problem is if you buying 44-45 the 243 frame is to short it could be 255mm for bigger size. Thanks

I noticed that the 4×80 frame you used here is different from the 4×80 frame the Next 80 is sold with. can you explain the differences, which frame is better?

Lino – I saw your farewell video… Will def be watching!

Back to the subject here… I started skating in 92’ with Rollerblade Aeroblades with 4×80’s. Went through the aggro scene etc. and have been off and on over the years but have always preferred a flat setup.

I now have Razors SL’s that feel the most comfy with my very wide feet. Considering a Tri setup and these Next blades look nice. I may do a 4×80 or 3x(?)… Just haven’t decided yet. I intend to keep the Razors for the park setup.

I am torn between rolling the dice with Next or something like the Razors Cosmos since it can swap around easily also with the GC frames. I’ve read that they aren’t as wide as SL’s though.

Any input from anybody is greatly appreciated.

Cheers from South Carolina, USA.

well im going to have my first inline skate in my entire life and it will be the Next Supercruiser 110
i really thank you fro your specific information concerning the Next but i'm worry 'bout the size cos on the mat it shows that my accurate size is 41 but the seller told me that i've to get it at the size of 42 the issue here that im still waiting for the shipping and also its my first time to have an inline skate so if you please just let me know more about the 110mm

I have a Kaze with 3x100mm and Iam thinking of changing it to the next skate. I have to try them first to feel the difference if I can find any i will switch them.

Hi Ricardo, Powerslide does have a Next 80 skate. Released not long ago. They also have a Next 100. You probably have skated all 3. Can you share with us the experience of the Next 100? If you were to pick one of the 3, which will you pick? 80, 100 or 125?

Ive skated my whole life inline/ice hockey…skated aggressive a little bit too…i am 31 now and want some good skates i can do anything with(hockey, street,indoor,skatepark….etc.) SO should i spend the extra 150 and get these for around $280 USD, OR do u guys think i should just get the powerslide zoom models?(for around $180 USD…..?!?!

Which Trinity skates did you mentioned in this video, which were the best for you? I heard evil trinity skates, but I could not find them anywhere

I was thinking about getting these for everyday transportation!
Taking my kid to kindergarten! 2km. Going from there to work, 2 KM more, and back again after work!
i would get the 80 versions, to also be able to play when riding home from work!
Would you suggest any other skate?
i have a Seba C.J. Wellsmore boot i could use for a setup with a frame! BUt which?

love the videos Lino!!!

Just got mines today and was not satisfied with the skates speed. What bearings and wheels do you recomend to improve the speed?

Really good skates. My normal size is 42 slim ,bought 42-43 and fits perfect. The skates are fast with great steering capabilities, good cornering. I like boot adjustement and design. Frame doesn't look strong. Highly recommended if you can afford.

don't buy this skate online ,the sizing are suck. it to loose for me,and when i try tighten more for it.then the pains come.sent email to powerslide and no response at all from powerslide .

Shud i get the next 100 or the next 80? Or the zooms? I have wider feet and am a bigger guy(over 200lbs) i have skated my whole life tho and am not a beginner…i just want a solid pair of skates that i can cruise and play hockey in and skatepark…i have always had the 4/80mm setup my whole life but am interested in the speed of the three wheel like the 3/100mm. But i am just not sure…please respond on what you think please!

You didnt say anything about the canting adjustment screw. I was hopping to hear something about that because i am bow legged and i need a boot with cant adjustment like ski boots.

Dear Ricardo!
Would you kindly to get your opinion about size of NEXT skates?
I have foot 275mm.
NEXT have sizes 42-43 (271-278mm) and 44-45 (286-293mm).
How do you think – which size will be better for me?

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