Powerslide NEXT skate analysis

hello and welcome to another episode of Power TV today we are talking about the next skate why is it called next because it’s a next in evolution it’s the first of its kind as a hardwood with Trinity so we call it really next in line so we thought next would be a really good name it’s the next in evolution for try skates the next in evolution for Trinity so it’s really the first of its kind with a hard boot with Trinity and a lot of people have been waiting for it and it took a little bit longer as planned because we’ve made in quite some changes and want to make sure it really when it comes out is like perfect right out of the box so the design wise when we designed it we also wanted to give a rather clean look not have the you know fancy holes everywhere like a lot of urban and free skates have these days so you want to take a little bit back between really a nice and stylish design clean looking not too much ventilation but still like inside and outside and the bottom ventilated and so this why we came out with a quite clean and nice look the next of us a lot of customization options to you which we want to demonstrate it right right now the first of all you can for example which is very common is the cutting of the wings we have in the in the cup showing it here and it here so extra cuff here it nicely overlaps and then you can cut actually on the inside there some marks we can cut this out so this is a customization of the top cuff yeah another nice option to customize the skate is the height adjustment of your cuff you can you see some rocker spaces Matthias is holding them up so they are oval and you can switch somewhere hundred eighty degrees and then you can lift the cuff up or down so with a higher cuff or for sure we have more support and with a lower cuff you have more flex especially for over leg for aggressive skating you might need more higher cuff for getting more support in orders so taking the cuff off here too because it’s not only the height on both sides because you can have change it also on on one side only yes it’s like you know from ski boots for exam then you can’t in the tough floor what are the inside or more to the outside depending on how your legs are formed so you can move it like this or like this so it also works a little bit like a strike control so when you fall to the inside or to the outside you can also kind of correct it extra with a cuff and then you have a better support a better power transfer and stand more correctly inside their skates another option to customize the skate is flex in the shell here you see some some cutting marks again so here and here you can cut your your skate so you should you see a high cut boot and the low cut here the lower it is the more flex you have the height is the most important I’ve again this is another kind of customization when you just stepping in when you’re doing it make sure you go step by step because we have like 3/4 cutting lines at different spots so when you cut it start with the top and still see hey if it’s good now it’s still good enough for the support I want and do I need more flex if you want more flex and cut it down more but don’t cut it really to the bottom first time because you cannot edit on anymore so go step by step and then test it basically another way to cut your strip is this one here the 45 degree strap so if it’s too long for you just cut it a little bit there’s also some marks inside and then our Trinity system has a customization option it’s called the X slot so you can move your frame up and down left and right so depending what you need if you fall a little bit too inside to the outside if you need more support just customize your frame and also here was a the Trinity channel we call it and then the bars on the outside the mounting platform as they raised up it’s super super stiff and really solid because it’s like torsion bars will give more rigidity and a better power transfer to make it even a more direct and better push that you ever experienced before in the last point to customize your skate is your lacing system so you see you have a lacing option here on the shell itself but also separately on the line of example so you have different options to lace up your skates if you want to have more support later to the top unless you just don’t go as high just in a simple way let’s say there’s basically tons of some different options you can lace a bottom here so maybe only allows you to here and then an extra lace on the top and then an extra lace on the liner so you have three different laces but you can adjust each part separately so you can really adjust the forward flex control and power transfer or you take out the laces of the liner and actually connect the eyelets and the laces of the shell together with a liner this will give you a much more direct control and it really locks your foot in there’s no movement at all between the liner and then the shell anymore and it also lied you can really well it just like the forward flex and the whole control so there are tons of options in like the next catalog will show you give you a little bit more options but it’s just like trying yourself and you find out there will it’s quite a big difference really how you lace up this the shell and we made it especially so we made really the eyelets high to the top so you get view if we give you really a lot of options to customize and lace up your skates differently so talking about the next one of the big advantage of the next is a Trinity system and what does 22 you it gives you a lot of benefits like for example their center of gravity is going much much lower so you have a better balance better stability you have a much better power transfer thanks to the three mounting points you have less vibration coming from the road so really a lot of benefits which other skates can’t offer you at the moment especially in skating I think this is really important we said to monix on front because you know a lot of the frames are just too mountings and when you do some gaps when you do some slides there’s too much torsion to the side on the frame especially when using the bigger wheels as three wheels so now with the three points you’re much more stable and have more control and so the connection between the boot and the frame is just more solid and so when we’re talking about chumps we have also on the inside we have a shock absorber a PU shock absorber with the extra inner sole we have the top part which is actually also replaceable and a little bit of chess table so you can move it a little bit front and forward and it sets nicely into a channel so wouldn’t look too bulky but it’s well protect where it’s needed so it’s all the way around from from inside to outside so yeah really 270 degree protection of your of your skate also a little bit unique also one of the feature when you looked at the design which we want to do different not just a little piece here and a little bit here but we want to have like one unique looking and also like one of the when you look at the front you see it’s a it’s a next skate because it’s like unique nobody else has it on the market like a one-piece toe protector and for sure when you skate you are looking for comfort also as well so we put quite a lot of effort into our we call liner which is a dual size liner the toe part here is stretchable in four ways so it always goes with your foot and really fits like like a sock yeah then we have a lot of other little features like we have a silicone print on the bottom and on the heel so it’s even better connected to the shell so even if you don’t lace the liner and the shell together it’s very well connected and there is no up-and-down movement we have the protection against the hinge true and the 45 degree strap we have the stretchable toward you what you can said we have a nice and thick liner and especially the tongue is quite sick so we have a lot of front movement and a lot of flex also coming from the liner itself we have the new top lacing where you cannot just like all the Flex like we said and the control and the memory foam which is part of the recoil system it will always adjust to your to your foot so when your foot gets warm or your foot you put your foot inside given some seconds and it will adjust really because a memory foam I trust was a temperature around your foot so that’s basically a really nice liner lightweight great fitting and we have a nice inner sole with some shock absorber function inside too and we should not forget that this line is also heat moldable we have the memory foam and there recall fitting inside but it’s still he model at 80 degrees so even if you have pressure points or whatever this can be adjusted like perfectly the next becoming plenty different skate setups so for we scare you off a different scale up setups we offer some SUV skates so watch all the tutorials and see more about next right so also we have a 3d actually coming animated 3d where you see all the parts again so then you can link a little bit our talking to really more visual looking and this should help you to give a really good overview of the next project which we think is one of the coolest powerslide has done in the recent years thanks for watching stay tuned and love to skate [Music]

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