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Powerslide One Joker Kids skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide One Joker Kids skates – Speaking Specs

Hello welcome to another episode of
Powerslide TV today we are talking about Powerslide One Joker skates for boys
and for girls the Powerslide Joker is a nice entry level soft boot for kids
coming with three wheels already so we as the pioneer of tri-skates
we thought we should bring out kids skates with three wheels also not only in the smaller size but in all sizes to have more fun and to learn skating easier
because the center wheel we have here is acting as a pivot point so it’s much
easier to handle and to maneuver and it’s much easier to learn skating for the
kids and the skate is also lightweight with the three wheels only and with the shell which is very rigid and very strong it gives you a lot of support and then we
have a nicely padded liner and an easily adjustable function which is really
solid so it’s easy there’s no shaky front part so it’s really strong and
connected and the 45 degree strap gives you another you know good lock and also
the laces go up quite high under the buckle so you can lace it up to the top so
you have a good control and a good performance out of a really good solid
skate here and for extra safety we have our height adjustable brake system so
you can easily adjust with just one screw the height of the brake so you can
adjust the brake if it’s worn down or you can adjust it even to get a
different breaking point so we learned from some cooperation with some Swiss
company that the straighter your leg is when you try to brake the better you can
put your weight or the more weight you can put on your brake and the easier you
can brake in the end the frame is actually a stamped aluminium frame so
it’s very strong and very solid already for this price point’s kids skate and the
wheels coming in the smallest size with 76 millimeter wheels then we have 80
millimeters wheels and in the biggest size we come with 84 millimeter wheels
and all the skates actually have an ABEC 5 carbon bearing a super comfortable kids
skate really an entry level skate for a good price the best you can buy yeah great skate great performance Powerslide One stay
tuned and see you soon!

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