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Powerslide One Wave skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide One Wave skates – Speaking Specs

hi welcome back to powerslide TV again
two heads one brain so today we talk about the new powerslide wave skates
the wave skate were designed to be an entry level skate with a lot of support
and you know for great performance too so we choose a three wheel skate setup
which is very low and very lightweight but offers really really great support
with a unibody system the whole shell is made out of one piece so the frame and the
shell are linked together and the wheels basically sit inside the boot so as you
can see here it’s very very low and it can be also adjusted with this skate
so the wave skate in all the sizes is adjustable over three sizes so that’s a
unique thing it is very strong very stable and very stiff it’s kind of a
retro looking skate at the first view but if you take a closer look it’s
really packed with some modern and state-of-the-art features like Matthias
already said the unibody construction is quite unique on the market especially in
this kind of category that is something you won’t find on the market so we reduce
the weight drastically by just saving the weight because we don’t need all the hardware anymore the frame is connected to the shell the shell is
connected to the cuff so there’s no more hardware to connect all the different
parts so we save a lot of weight by doing this but still with a
strong construction we are adding a lot of stability so even with the bigger wheels
and all the wheel sizes actually matched to the frame sizes so the kids start up
with 84 millimeters and 90 and it goes up to 110 millimeters for the men
sizes and the adult sizes and the support is also added by the 45 degree
strap which has a ratchet buckle known from free skating and from the urban
section which really wraps around your foot well and locks your heel in and the
front strap and the top velcro strap really wrap around your foot also
really well and we reduced the weight and also they don’t look so bulky so they
make the whole skate look slim and lightweight too – what is really unique is the size adjustable function even for adult skates you can always cover two or three sizes
so whatever you are looking for you won’t get the wrong size anymore so the liner like
Jurgen was saying is adjustable but it’s a one-piece liner so it actually
stretches and adjusts perfectly to the size you need and it’s not floating
around and lose in the boot it’s very simple and nice but very nice and
comfortable with a dual density padding and a nice thick tongue so you have
more forward flex and good control over the skate let’s talk about the wheel
size per shoe size the women´s model comes in three different sizes starting from
35 to 38 with 90 millimeter wheels then we have the 39 to 41 with 100 millimeter
wheels and last but not least 42 up to 44 with 110 millimeter wheels yeah
actually and with the men’s sizes we only have the two big sizes so we only
have big size from 42 to 44 with 110 and the smaller size with 100 millimeter
wheels and they all come with wicked ABEC 5 bearings so with the big wheels
and the fast bearings it will always roll fast and bring you everywhere you
want the skate also features the height adjustable brake system so you can
always adjust the braking point bring it low or higher so you have more power or
can stop more controlled also when you wear the brake pad down you can bring it down
so you always have the same braking angle and the braking power you need in case sorry to interrupt you in case you don’t need to break anymore just
take it off take the extra screws that you find in the box and off you go the
wave is really a perfect skate from entry level to intermediate skaters and
for leisurely speed up to normal and higher speeds with the bigger wheels and
will get you everywhere and over any obstacle and really is a perfect triskate to start with thanks for watching and see you next time on Powerslide TV
and remember we love to skate


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