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Powerslide Phuzion Argon skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Phuzion Argon skates – Speaking Specs

welcome back to powerslide TV today we
talk about a very special project I think and for me it’s the best fitness
skate on the market it’s the powerslide phuzion argon and sorry for just jumping
in for me it’s actually the most comfortable fitness skate on the market
just did some skating in it myself and it´s super super comfortable so yeah that’s
probably coming from the construction the front is a flyknit
material which wraps around your foot perfectly it’s super soft but it still
has some reinforcement inside and also on the toe so it keeps it´s shape
perfectly and the padding actually is a very nice and thick padding we call
recall padding so it comes with a memory foam which always adjusts to your foot
perfectly and always wraps around perfectly and then the whole control
comes from the traditional lacing system on the front the 45-degree ratchet
buckle which actually comes from the urban free skating section which gives
you really really great support and locks in your heel perfectly and then
the top buckle and it features Trinity mounting so Trinity mounting is
obviously a massive project for us at powerslide and maybe for people who are
looking to jump into a new fitness skate Trinity mounting is really really good
because it offers a lot of support and help with those basic fundamental
technique exercises which maybe you don’t 100% have mastered yet so it
improves balance and it improves stability and if you plan to skate a
little bit longer dampens a lot of the vibration too and it puts you very low
on the ground so it gives you a low center of gravity and stability stability i already said that; yeah I know that’s why we are two heads one brain but it really no it’s a great skate and
it’s a perfect length for cruising comes with 110 millimeter wheels which are actually fast and long-lasting and comes with wicked abec 9 bearings and it seems
Matthias forgot to talk about the frame it’s actually again our elite casted
frame and it uses a lot of the same technology that goes into our racing
skate frames so you may have seen a couple of our pro team skaters
racing on an elite casted frame obviously for them it’s a little bit
longer because they need that wider wheel base but it’s essentially
very much the same technology so you can be sure when you’re buying this skate
that it has this kind of technology that is tested right up to the very top level
and then it kind of flows down to all all the segments right now I’m holding
the men´s model so the last is a little bit wider on the front and it’s a little
bit lower here actually and it also has a little bit different shape on the heel and on the achilis heel also because the women´s last
actually is more narrow it has a little bit different shape also on the back to
fit more the lower muscle of the women on the cuff and also has a higher arch
here in the mounting and in the lacing area so it is actually a full specific
woman´s skate it’s not only just different colors it is a 100% woman´s
skate design more tailored to a woman’s foot and also it comes with a height
adjustable brake so it’s easy for you to find your perfect braking position and
the perfect braking angle and it can be adjusted up and down when it’s
worn down and you know makes it longer-lasting also which is unique we
have a flex cut on the back and the flex cut on the front so actually the cuff
always moves together with the boot and so it always stays connected all the
time and gives you a perfect power transfer and a perfect wrap so summing
this up you know a soft boot with flyknit memory foam padding with a perfect
recall fit and the whole setup with an aluminium frame the Trinity mounting and
the wheels and bearings for me the best skate on the fitness market right now
hands down thanks for watching and try it you will enjoy we love to skate too –


Both of skates looks very good. Only that I don't agree with the color. Grey seems to me impossible for skates. Black is a perfect color, white too. The rest can be a question of combination of various colors. I find, the left's model should be orange, for the boot, and black or red, for the wheels. My first two inline pairs had soft green — like an apple — wheels, and I bought after that a pair with red transparent wheels, of a model with a frame that I used only one time, transfering afterwards the red wheels on the other model….

I rode these today – my first try on Powerslide and Triskate – didn't ride since my teens about 18 years ago and it took me only about 5 minutes to get used to it again (I used to be quite an advanced rider back then) – very nice! One question: are these softer than your other boots? My last boots were Roces Majestic 12 back in the days – quite stiff in comparison I guess – and I packed on a lot of weight (at around 98kg now). The fit was perfect – also the width – I'd just like to try something a little stiffer before I buy them. What would you recommend? (Size EU 47, tall rider)

Are the frames adjustable? As my right boot frame / front wheel seems to point slightly inwards. and it feels very weird.

I just purchased the 2017 Phuzion Bionic 110mm skates today, which were on clearance at $174 U.S. Not a bad deal at all in my opinion.
I was curious as to why there are not any videos on this particular model by you guys. I do see other Phuzion model videos though.
Come to think of it, I didn't see many videos (throughout YouTube) on the Bionic model.
I would really appreciate an in depth video on the Bionic model.
Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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