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Powerslide Phuzion Universe kids skates – Speaking Specs

Powerslide Phuzion Universe kids skates – Speaking Specs

Hello welcome to a new episode of powerslide TV today we are talking about the kids universe skate we have two different
color versions as you can see the white one and the red one as a pioneer of triskates we obviously wanted to give three wheel skates to kids also you may have
seen them before but only for the really small sizes but we at powerslide
offer three wheel skates for all the sizes of kids skates so why do we do it we get a lot of questions if it’s easier or more difficult to skate on three
wheels especially if they’re a little bit bigger but indeed it’s
easier for the kids why because the skate is more lightweight they’re a little bit
faster so they have more fun with a triskate they are more handy more
agile so it’s easier to skate with them easier to learn the skate techniques so
the kids have more fun and go on skating yeah like Jurgen says the middle wheel
really acts like a pivot point so it’s easier to turn around especially in
corners and when kids do some little tricks like slalom they’re easier to
maneuver and easier to handle and also with the new models we reinforced the shell
for the three wheels as you are little bit higher with the bigger wheels so we
reinforced the shell to make it stronger and the cuff too so now you have a very
very solid and strong shell and cuff you have soft flex cuts on the front so it adjusts perfectly to all the sizes of the kids but also gives you a lot of
stability on the side and on the front so it’s hit resistant so the kids can
go play hockey do a little bit of urban skating with it and make some little
jumps it is size adjustable in four sizes so it’s easy to put and then it
adjusts clicks in and then you have a traditional lacing 45-degree power strap
and you have the actual top buckle and for the safety reasons we have the
height adjustable brake system which you can adjust in height so when it’s worn
down you just adjust it again or if you want to have a different braking angle
then you put it into the right position for you and if you want to take it off
there’s an additional axle inside the box so you can even take it off if you
want and the liner actually is a one-piece liner so it’s adjusting on the front so there are no overlapping parts causing pain
or problems so it’s really like a sock and adjusted to all the different sizes
and the skate comes in three different shell sizes which is actually; and to the
three different shell sizes our wheel sizes match so we started with 29 to 32 and
this size comes with 80 millimeter wheels then we have the 33 to 36 comes with 84 millimeter wheels and last but not least we have the big size 37 to
40 coming with 90 millimeter wheels a small tip if you think your kid is too
fast at the beginning take out the little spacers of the wheels and this will
slow them down and also I think a big point for kids the skates are really
really comfortable they have like a sbr neoprene collar on the top but have a very nice and thick padding which also wraps around
the kids foot perfectly and gives them a lot of control but also a lot of comfort
so perfect skates for kids to start with but also if you want to have some action
already back to the wheels and the bearings so these wheels are made by
powerslide it’s the famous infinity wheel really fast wheels very good
compound and we are using the wicked abec 7 bearings so really fast bearings very good quality bearings so all the kids will dream of their first pair of skates so we love to skate and for sure in these skates kids love to
skate too see you next time

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