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Powerslide R2 Powerskating skates – Powerslide Speaking Specs

Powerslide R2 Powerskating skates – Powerslide Speaking Specs

welcome to another episode of powerslide TV today we’re going to talk about a racing skate and probably one of our
oldest racing skates in the collection the Powerslide R2 it’s really so famous
because it’s got a plastic shell which really isn’t very common for racing
skates but the plastic shell just offers that little bit more comfort while at
the same time maintaining support so really designed for the let’s say entry-level
skaters or older skaters looking for just skating out on roads and bike paths
and things like that so not necessarily you’re gonna see Bart Swings booning
around the track on an R2 skate but someone like Matthias old man going fast perfect for an R2 this model features a massive upgrade for this year
you know it features out trinity mounting system so all those benefits which skaters are looking for in the marathon’s so more
stability lower vibration better power transfer is all highlighted by the
trinity mounting system the other one which it has which is really really nice
is the magnesium casted elite frame so it’s a really unique construction
process it’s not extruded or anything like that like a normal frame what that
allows us to do is obviously we get a really unique design but the frame
itself because it’s magnesium is very lightweight but it’s super comfortable
actually for this season our racing skater Kathi Rumpus is going to be racing
on this frame in particular so it also holds up to the best in
professional racing the skate is finished with Powerslides infinity
super-high rebound or racing performance wheels and wicked ABEC 7 bearings powerslide we love to skate any questions or comments drop them down below and hit us up

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I have been skating for 5 years now on the R4 with 105 mm wheels.I also LT ice speed skate with low cuff boots. How easy/hard would you say it would be for me, to skate with the new R2?

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